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Articulation is basic for the ladies in the line. Everything we’ve come to expect from the 2.0 buck is present: ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, & hips, hinges at the elbows & knees, swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, & thighs, and some rocker ankles. One thing I don’t like on the girls is the lack of boot swivel to save some tooling. It looks fine, but the articulation would be better with an extra swivel at the boot. The wings are on ball-joints plugged into her back (They’re unattached in package) and have the range you would expect. There is some conflict with the hair that blocks the wings and neck, but the hair sculpt splits into three pieces to get some of that articulation back.

On a figure like this paint is supremely important. On my figure, it could be better, but it’s certainly not bad. The paint details are sharp on the figure, the face especially. The wings are really good, but there is some slop here & there, most notably in areas where the thicker purple paint is glopped on or where the thinner yellow paints shows through. The amount of slop compared to the surface area is still great though and the figure looks great on my shelf.

Flutterina has two accessories, both reused, but it’s all good. There’s the now standard shield in a new orange color that harkens back to the vintage figure and because you can’ attack with butterflies all the time, a new offensive weapon has bene added: Battleground Teela’s sword. It’s a great fit for her and she looks sharp when readied for battle.

Overall, I think this might be one of the best POP figures yet. She’s a great update to the original, I particular love the crazy wings and how they’re based on the vintage toy. And the figure itself lives up those wings. The great sculpt, the articulation, the and paintwork. I could go a little negative here – this figure is great because she doesn’t suffer from so many of the flaws the past ladies have suffered. I’ll just close out with the high hopes I have that the upcoming batch of POP ladies – Sweet Bee, NA She-Ra, Spinnerella, Mermista, and not to mention Peekablue, Perfuma, & whoever else we can snag are this good. That’d be fantastic.

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  1. Great review, pics, and comics. As per.

    This is largely a nicely-done figure, but I’m just not a huge fan of the wings. They’re a bit too bulky thanks to the multi-tiered patterns, and in order to have her on-model, you have to put the wings on inside-out. (Butterfly wings put the pretty pattern on the dorsal side, and the underside is the plain one. I’m a biologist. This matters to me.)

    1. Thanks! Maybe Etherian Butterflies are different? 😉

      I kinda wish they’d gone for the four blue dots on the reverse for her animated look as an alternative, but I prefer the toy wings.

  2. After a string of “so-so” figures, I really liked this one.
    I didn’t love the preview pictures, so this was an added bonus 😀

    But I’m not a fan of her accessories (like with most POP figures’), so I plan on getting her these from

    (And, as always, great review!)

      1. Holy crap, those are awesome!! thank the maker for evil mike!

        man, this figure is so close to awesome for me, i like her a lot better than i did scorpia, who i wanted to love, but don’t… but the hair and is entangles the wings makes me mad. all we had to do was tie back the hair a little and there’d have been no restrictions. the girls of eternia have never heard of a scrunci?

      1. They all have unique head sculpts! No cost saving there. They did largely have similar animation faces and Treadaway has a certain style too, but when you have the figures collected on your shelf they look plenty varied despite the similarities.

        1. I understand that they are sticking to the animation but a bit of variety would be nice compared to all the super model looking cheeks and large lips.

          Regardless though I enjoyed you review and pics.

  3. Final Pic made my sides hurt.
    I dislike the wings. They look more like bad Arts and Crafts No-Budget Flutterina Cosplay than her wings. I just wish they looked more like real Butterfly wings.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve been looking at pics of the original. I wouldn’t have wanted then to go off-model and I wouldn’t want them flat either. It’s tough.

  4. I like POP quite a bit but Flutterina definitely wasn’t one of my most anticipated figures. That being said, she really surprised me. I really enjoy just how fun and colorful she is and the fact that she comes with a sword. I know it’s just a repaint, but darn is it nice to have an actual weapon for a POP gal.

    Good review, Noisy!

  5. This is not meant to be a knock, but at this point in the MOTUC line it’s rare to be surprised by anything, but occasionally a figure comes along and really impresses.

    Flutterina is not one of those figures, but I like her. What I’m essentially trying to say is that like a good police procedural drama on network television (insert any CSI, NCIS, Law & Order,et al. shows here), you’re pretty much gauranteed to be entertained — I’ll liken figures like Flutterina to a procedural: there’s nothing surprising going on here but she’s satisfying.

    I like the wings and can appreciate the “layered” effect going on. I’m glad they’re not just paint apps. I took Flutterina right out of the box and hooked her up with a flight stand!

  6. She looks good, sculpt-wise.
    I’m not crazy for those wings (“blank” side is screaming for more paint!), and that center swipe in her hair looks like an unpainted comb/headdress thingymabob. Kinda like Zatanna’s bug head comb.

    1. Between this post and the comment on her wings looking like they come from a 1970s game show background, I just had a Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In flashback:

      This compilation, a tribute to Henry Gibson’s poetry, contains “The Beautiful Butterfly,” but gets interrupted by Sammy Davis, Jr. Also, witness John Wayne’s stirring poetry rendition:

  7. Great review, pics, and comics. (That poor horde trooper) Was late to get but yep on my list to buy. (Blame is on this guy from the 70s, aka something) Though know will be looking, web and hopefully next years toy show.

  8. In line with your not expecting much and being surprised I actually really like her. I think that for what ever reason she has a warrior vibe about her, and I really like her skin tone I don’t know if she’s meant to be Black, Latino or just well tanned but it really works well.

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