Checklist Update!
MOTUClassics.Com is Ready For SDCC!

If you’re an IAT reader, chances are you enjoy our checklists. I love making them and it seems folks love looking at them as they generate a huge chunk of daily traffic here at the site. The problem, at times, is that while I love making them, updating them is another matter. 2014 has proven extraordinarily busy, challenging me to keep up the review schedule, let alone get some checklist updates in there.

With SDCC set to kick off in just a few days, the site’s checklists will need to be updated – but to keep that manageable, they also need to be updated now. For the next couple days, I’ll be devoted to making sure we’re all up-to-date before SDCC starts, so they can be immediately out-of-date when I’m done. It’s a great plan!

Some will be easy, I think I just need to add Surf’s Up Joker to the Classic Batman Checklist, stick a fork in it, and call that one “complete” – but only in the “no more are coming” sense of the word (I’d love to be wrong!). Others will be time consuming, I’m looking at you Marvel Universe! And while the last thing I should do is make another checklist when the 13 I have are behind is add another… well, don’t be surprised.

For today, we’ve given a huge update to our big He-Man checklist, which can always be easily accessed at! On the Upcoming Releases page, we’ve got spots ready and waiting for the reveals which will hopefully go through March/April of 2015. The 2014 Page has been updated with this year’s previously released figures, and a HUGE update to the Bios Page with over 60 Bios added (I was very behind!). That Bio page doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but I think it’s a sleeper hit thanks to the searching & sorting feature. When you load the page, you can see all the current bios, but type Marzo in the search box and the list narrows to the bios that feature Marzo (did you know he’s mentioned in SIX bios!?). It’s fun for me to play with.

There are still a few things to do. That Bio page will need the character images from the file cards added (and some proofreading wouldn’t hurt). The 2013 & 2014 Pages still need a fun picture for the top of the “Card”. I’m thinking about running a contest for reader-submitted pictures to fill those spots. And, as always, any little things I missed that readers can alert me of via e-mail.

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24 thoughts on “Checklist Update!
MOTUClassics.Com is Ready For SDCC!

  1. As always, thank you for your hard work in making this site such a comprehensive and invaluable source of information for all collectors. It’s greatly appreciated!

    1. Thirded (is that a weird) easily one of the best. Not just saying cause I check each day for anything new.

      1. Heh. When learning how to build websites with HTML (back in 1997), our instructor gave us one vital piece of information that was boiled down to an almost-universally true maxim: “You probably left out a quotation mark.”

        1. That happens too. And it’s okay about 1997 HTML – I kinda still rely on it. LOL And it’s still the tables that vex me.

  2. i’m trying to conceive of what could possibly by offered this year for motuc that would intrigue me enough to feel like i was missing something by not subbing up… and i just don’t see it. don’t get me wrong, there are like three names that i would love to see get made, but the list is nary so long or thorough as to fill out the majority of a year’s worth of product. at this point, the snake men feel very uneven for me, so if i miss ssqqquueeze, or tung lashor, i kind of don’t care. blast attak i would care about… so there’s one figure.

    i’d love to see lodar, but he’s mini-comics only, and not a vintage figure…

    never really cared about ninjor, and given the engineering issues of the last two years, i have no faith that he wouldn’t come out bloated looking thanks to the ludicrous chub overlay issue… i need a fat ninja about as much as i need a dedicated line of allan arkin action figures.

    i’d love to see huntara, and that would be one more character i would disappointed not to see get made, or done properly… so there’s two.

    skeleton warriors for skeletor… that would be the third thing they could offer that would be very tempting, but they’re not vintage, so the likelihood seems pretty thin.

    aside from that, i’ve never been as attached to gwildor or saurod as some people are, and i feel let down by the vintage-update branch of this line, and that will be the bulk of what we’re being offered… the beast/two-pack slot is really the only SKU i could see yielding something really surprising in a pleasant way, but given the precedents we have for the line, i just flat out don’t see that happening. for those who think there are intrigues ahead, great, more power to you, but truth be told, i won’t get intrigued by motu again until the rebrand, and maybe not even then. it’s not that i love the property any less, i am just fatigued to exhaustion with the tedium of dealing with the line. one of the things i’ve run into this year trying the sub was how much it bothers me to have to buy toys i friggin hate, like hydron or glimmer… i don’t mind them in the sense that i can mod them into something more interesting, but the base figure, for the cost, is just nothing i would have bought had i not had to. same for the upcoming flogg, and therein lies the low point for the quarterly sub, when you open that long-desired box, and half the entries in it are pieces you resent having to buy, it takes the shine completely off the pieces you were looking forward to. like the last box, i was really excited about extendar, kind of excited about scorpia, not really excited about blade (cuz i’d bought an extra and already had one, not cuz i didn’t like the figure), and then completely unexcited about battle lion… and of course, he ate the bulk of the box. opening him didn’t make me any happier, he is kind of cute, but three quarters of the artic is useless because the figure is heavy and the articulation is shit (in construction) why can marvel select made a juggernaut who has HUGE arms that each outweigh the entire battle lion model, but when posed with his arms upright, they don’ sag, but you can’t get battle lion into a paw-up swiping pose and keep it there long enough to even snag a photo? bugs the crap out of me, and why i would have skipped the figure, after battle cat, i knew what the cat’s were about… and i hate that he’s too friggin small. it was a travesty not giving him a proper figure.

    1. I tend to be in the same boat with the vintage ones not really doing it for me. And I’m a little jaded at the moment because Rio Blast turned out so awful in that first look on the Fwoosh. That was one of a handful they had to get right and they appear to have blew it.

      Things I’m excited for, or at least hopeful they turn out well. Mermista for some strange reason. I’m excited to see a possible NA She-Ra before the end of the year and see if she’s cool. Next year, I’m hopeful that one of those $52 2pks will be hella cool and something no one expects. I want to play with Multi-Bot. I do kinda want to see Saurod. I think my biggest chance for excitement/disappointment will be the mini-sub, if one is offered. Vintage doesn’t need one, Filmation & POP have had theirs, NA is the red-headed stepchild, so there’s not a lot of themes out there left for a mini-sub, y’know. I’ll be eager to see if a guy like me has any luck at Toy Fair.

      1. Really? What don’t you like about Rio Blast? I was disappointed by the lack of cavities for his guns to fit into, but I can live with it. I love the new wind-blown hair and spurs and all that other new detail stuff.

        As for Saurod, I’ve always loved reptilian characters, and a new, more slender scaled dude would provide buck [pieces for Lizard Man and Lizorr. Bring ’em on!

        1. It’s all the armor. The base is good, but the Rubenized armor is bulky. The pic that kills me is a three quarters view at Fwoosh wher you can see that the chest flap conforms in no way to the chest armor. It sits straight up, sticking out & away from the chest.

          1. Multi Bot was the third name that would intrigue me. 🙂

            Yeah, rio’s armor bugs me, but so does the head… I LOVE djordje’s heads but this one came out soft… And you can’t take a detailed sculpt and soften it and then fail to pain it properly… If I had to wager, I bet the figure is black plastic, hence the softening of the sculpt. And paint less guns bugs me. I thought the price increase was to avoid these cheapening tricks?

  3. I like Rio Blast. I love figures with tons of new tooling and he’s just bizarre enough to catch my interest. I’m also looking forward to NA Skeletor, Eldor and Light Hope. The rest of the year is looking pretty good from where I’m sitting.

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