DC Collectibles Earth 2
Wonder Woman Review

The Earth-2 figures have not been great. It’s disappointing because we’ve seen some great figures coming out of DCC for the Arkham figures and the Capullo figures, but it seems that some of the old DCD is still around. The Earth-2 Batman looks like a figure from a decade ago. The Flash doesn’t even look that good. I saw them before Wonder Woman and was worried. It was almost rightfully so, she was almost crappy. The problem with her was mostly paint though. Her mascara was painted 75% of the way around her whole eye, leaving only the section from the pupil to the inner part of the eye free. Had this been left alone, she might have been okay, but DCC added a pinkish inner eyelid skintone there. The result was a bug-eyed, insomniac Wonder Woman. Or maybe even a hungover one? It did not look good. I passed on it the first time I saw it. By the second time, I figured I could salvage it. She was never going to look as good as the presell, but it would work. I was planning on some custom work anyway.*

* – In the original teaser, WW was all silver. In the book interior her traditional gold elements resurfaced. The figure matches those.

Sculptwise, the figure is well done; the best in the wave easily. She’s an all-new sculpt and her armored look gives for a nicer figure than simple spandex-fare. The armor could be a might more detailed, but this works as a comic-based figure to be sure. The non-armored areas also feature nice touches like the lace on the bodice and the head sculpt is well done too. The proportions seem a little more Victorian, but it could just be the pale skintone and large eyes throwing me off. I like it though. It’s also well served by the hair being close enough to the neck that it looks like it’s hanging naturally, but far enough to keep it from fully impeding the neck articulation.

The paintwork obviously had one glaring issue that nearly took the figure down, but the eyes were at least sharply done if not smartly done. There was a little slop on the silver/blue areas on the boots, but the line work was pretty agreeable. I might like to see the figure a little less pale, but it works.

As has been true in most recent DCC releases, articulation is a key feature on the action figure instead of being a hindrance like olden days. WW features a ball-jointed neck with some great range despite the long hair. The hips and shoulders are also ball-jointed. They don’t have as great range as we’re used to seeing these days, but they work. The limb articulation is interesting just for how it’s hidden. The bare right arm is what we’d expect: a bicep swivel, hinged elbow, and wrist swivel (above the gauntlet). The left arm though uses the layers in the armor to hide a mid-bicep and forearm-swivel on either side of a standard hinge joint. Like a MOTUC figure, the skirt hides the ball-joint hips and again, layers in the armor are used to hide the single-hinge knees and a low thigh swivel. The figure finishes off with hinged ankles. I would like to see a little more, as always. Mostly, rocker ankles in place of the simple hinges as that would be the most bang for the buck.

Wonder Woman includes one accessory, her sword from the comic. It looks oversized, but this is Wonder Woman. She speaks softly and carries a big stick; it’s just her nature. It’s also a nice sculpt, though, like the armor, I wish the details could be a little sharper. And, hey, a loop or scabbard on the figure wouldn’t hurt either. It just doesn’t look right to tuck it into the lasso (cause you’re not supposed to, I know).

Overall, it feels weird buying a figure to be something other than it is. It’s silly to feel that way, I know. I make modifications and customizations all the time. It could just be how my interest level in the figure came about. When I thought it was Donna, I wanted to read the comic. I wanted the figure. When I found out Earth-2 wasn’t the comic I wanted, the need for this figure kinda went with it. But yet, I can cheat the system here it seems and so I have. I’ve got a decent figure of Wonder Woman with a sharp sculpt and some fun articulation. I did have to take an x-acto the eyes to flesh out the nice head sculpt underneath, but that’s the least of what’s going to happen when I got get my silver paints out here after the review is published…

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15 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Earth 2
Wonder Woman Review

  1. She looks good. I didn’t even realize she was coming. I do recall seeing Flash and GL, but not WW. Not a fan of the nu52 Jay, but Alan looks good. on paper. I think I need to see his figure in person before making a final call.

    As for WW, aside from the goth mascara issue and the over-sized tiara, I think this could pass for the movie costume. Even then, I think the left arm guard could be toned down a little on screen, but for this figure, it looks good.

    (maybe I need to poke Kenny about getting this wave in to his shop?)

    1. I didn’t know about she was out soon either. I think DCC changed how they release stuff while I was distracted by DCUC. Her companion Superman and Batman should be out next month it seems!

  2. I was so excited when they announced that Earth 2 book but that faded faster than I could buy a second issue. It wasn’t at all what I wanted it to be.

    1. Absolutely. There are still things going on in that I like – I kinda want a figure of the adopted Superman, but then the stuff going on with the “real” Superman and Red Tornado? Stupid.

  3. I’ve actually heard rumblings that the Pre-New52 universe is coming back, in something called the “Multiversity” or somethin’ like that.

    1. “Multiversity” is the Grant Morrison multiple Earths book that he has been working on for years, since deep within the pre-New 52 years. From what I gather it won’t be tied to closely, if at all, to the New 52 continuity. Just an old book that has taken way too long to come out. Plus it’s Grant Morrison so it’s not like anyone will understand what the hell its all about anyway.

      1. I’m looking forward to Multiversity!

        It’d be nice if that was some vehicle for the original characters, but I don’t think they can come back. I think we’re at the point where, even if they just set one title in the old universe, it wouldn’t sell enough and they would just stand on that to pat themselves on the back.

    2. That’s what I heard a few months ago, but fairly recently, in last few weeks, someone said that it’s more of a multiple-Elseworld’s Finest, with little to NO pre-nu52 involvement? As Stranger said, it’s been brewing for years, since before nu52/Flashpoint and we’re only now getting to the point where it will be solicited soon.

      and now they’re saying Donna Troy may be back in it???? (piece of art with woman in red/blue outfit?)
      they best not be getting my hopes up!

  4. When I saw the new Commissioner Gordon I really thought his head sculpt really brought out Capullo’s style.

  5. How did you remove the ugly paint on the bottom eyelid? Multiple coats of alcohol?

  6. so, was the pic at the bottom of page 1 the extent of her hip movement? cuz yeah, that leaves a lot to be desired. it’s hard not to look at superwoman as enormous triumph when compared to some of the other releases out or soon coming, for the women. i just hate her damned high heels!

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