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Superwoman Review

As I sorta touched on, the paint is a highlight for the figure, particularly on the face details. The color palette on the costume is pretty simple, but DCC kept things looking sharp by mixing the finish, a matte black on the base costume and a glossy gray on the gloves, boots, and cape. All together, it’s just really well done. Looking at it, I’m surprised I was able to leave it at the store the first time I saw it.

Unlike sculpt, articulation is not traditionally DCC’s strong suit. Judging by Talon & Superwoman, they’re obviously out to change that. Superwoman is one of the best articulated DCC’s figures I’ve owned (and I used to have ’em all!). There are ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; swivels at the biceps and thighs, hinged elbows, double-hinged knees, and the mid torso-joint. Everything moves pretty well. The hair is softer to lessen the neck blockage. The arms and legs have just about every piece of articulation you want and can pose great as a result. This is one of the rare times where I don’t really see a need for a ton more articulation. The only real criticism here is that I would’ve like to see the thigh swivel hidden in the thigh-high boots, but the matte black on the leg covers for the embedded swivel cut well enough. It’s a quibble at best.

No accessories were included and Superwoman is all fists anyway. I haven’t read any of her modern appearances, so I don’t know of any prop accessories that she could’ve come with. At $23, I would’ve like to have seen something else in the package, but the figure is so well done that I’m not really worried about it.

Overall, I thought I’d regret it if I bought this figure, but I really don’t. In the years since DC decided to be that kid that throws away their identity to hang with the “cool” kids, my disappointment in them has softened. Not enough to read the comics, but enough that I’m okay buying a well-done, sharp looking figure without worrying about the baggage I’m attaching to it. I like buying DC figures. I really do. And I’ve bought a metric ton of bad ones just because of what they were. in this case, I at least get a really nice figure out of the deal. And, heck, if DCC is going to keep the quality level this high, I don’t mind buying a few more. Even if they’re, hold my nose, New52.

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25 comments to DC Collectibles
Crime Syndicate
Superwoman Review

  • orionpax636

    Damn your petty sensibilities, DCC Capullo Batman should be screaming for your attention right now.

    • People seem to love that figure, but the face is so flat. It’s weirdly flat, like more flat than a DCUC female figure’s face flat.

      • orionpax636

        I had that concern, but it’s not so bad in person or once posed properly – it has a nice range of neck motion overall. To your point, more than a few are buying this figure and replacing its head with the first DCC New52 Batman’s head. I like the sculpt of Capullo Bats, but its articulation is where it stands out, other than the ankle joints.

  • Brainlock

    Looks good and the tendency to keep SuperWoman in a K.I.S.S. look continues.

    I only know her from write-ups on Forever Evil, so the Earth2 version is pretty much “My SuperWoman” having the most publishing history from DC. The original only had a couple appearances before dying in Crisis, most notably in one of the JLA/JSA team-ups.

    Meanwhile the second version got trotted out a few more times than that, with arcs in Super-titles and the Robinson “Justice Titans” as I like to call the last JLA run before the nu52 struck.

    I might have to track this one down, as I like several of these nu52 CSA designs.
    (puts bug in Kenny’s ear! btw, I have a friend who opened a new store in Washington, “Gamers Empire”, if you ever get up here. shopping center between DQ and KFC, next to Sears. Diamond is dragging their feet on stocking his comics/collectibles, so it’s mostly gaming right now.)

  • Snowglare

    Finally! Now get the rest of the CSA, they’re just as good.

    Wish we could get redos of some of the figs in your last pic, especially Elseworlds Superwoman. Almost bought her several times. Great sculpt, but not much of a toy.

    • A well painted Ultraman I could see, but I’m not that much a fan of the costume designs for the others. Good to know they’re all on par though.

      And, yeah, early DCD did okay figures of great characters. Now they do great figures of dumb characters. It’s ironic!

      • Snowglare

        Fair enough. I don’t care about these characters at all; I treat them as a mishmash of the Morrison/Quitely team, Crisis on Two Earths (the movie) and whatever else bounces through my head. Finch did a surprisingly good job on the designs and Gentle Giant one-upped him.

        I’m just hoping they make more figures like these, ones I can pretend have nothing to do with the reboot.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    I’m curious about the scale of these new DCC figures. In that last picture it almost looks like DCC Superwoman is a bit taller than DCUC Superman and Batman. Do the DCC figures fit in pretty well with DCUC? There are a couple I’d like to get (Capullo Batman being one) but only if they won’t look out of place next to my DCUC and Marvel Legends figures.

    • Russ

      You’re probably out of luck – DCC figures are usually sculpted about an inch out of scale for DCUC. Some figures can work (Talon looks great with my DCUC Nu52 Batman), but most of the time, they’re just out of scale with one another.

    • I think DCC figures are technically in a 6.5″ scale. They don’t want to play well with anyone, though I’d say they display better with NECA figures than with DCUC.

    • Yep, they do run a little too big. Talon is more akin to Bane size when fighting a DCUC Bats. :/

  • TC

    The last picture is great! Good stuff as always.
    I love the Syndicate, too. It’ll never happen, but i would like to see DCC make the versions of Power Ring and J. Quick from Morrison’s “Earth 2” graphic novel. Just to complete things.
    Quick question: You said the head is ball-joint. Can it be pulled off and swapped with DCUC bucks? I ask because Matty has that horrendous-looking Superboy coming out soon, but DCC put out a pretty decent NU52 S.B. a couple months ago. Wondering if pulling a little switcheroo is an option.

    • Brainlock

      YES! on the Quitely Earth2 CSA Power Ring “Blond Kyle” and Johnny2 designs! heck, they even had a John Stewart for a couple issues that got a JLU redeco!

      as for the head swappage, try your choice of boiling water or hair dryer to heat the heads up and CAREFULLY remove them from the neck/torsos. there are a few tutorials on the YouTube. I know from experience some of those neck posts can be brittle and if the ball breaks off inside the head? FUBAR. I know I had one head happen to me I was planning on transplanting onto DCD Comedian body. Luckily, I had picked up a couple of the head figures on clearance so I got second chance.

    • I would love to get those last two Morrison CSA Members. Course I also want JLA One Million and those evil Hard Light Holograms… lol

  • dayraven

    as much as i was hyped for getting these, i confess to some duress on their actual arrival. i got three, superwoman, ultraman and owlman, and the QC across them was inconsistent to put it mildly.

    ultraman is the best of the three, every joint tight but not worrisome, great paint (sorry, it was BBTS, it’s not like i knew), and just in general, everything i hoped he would be. my superwoman came out of the box in fine shape joint wise, except her hair wasn’t glued to her head. it popped right off her skull the first time i moved her neck. not exactly a huge deal, but it was there… and i have a terrible time keeping her standing thanks to those heels. i really, REALLY wish she had the foot in shoe insert post like the boys do. other that that, i love how soft her cape is too, and that it’s not attached, so you can articulate her without restriction, or flat out remove the cape if you chose to. owlman is a train wreck… both of this thigh swivels were rotated outward in the box, and paint SEALED in place. his knees are also upside down (later noticed that ultraman’s are too, but they’re less noticeable on him) and likewise paint sealed. i tried the freezer trick and it enabled the knees, with a LOT of pressure applied, but the thigh swivels wouldn’t bulge and the right leg actually came off the hip peg rather than move. thankfully, the hip ball stayed intact, the hip socket material is thankfully rather soft. i had to boil and pop the legs off and physically disassemble the legs to free up those damned thighs. i can only think of one or two other figures i’ve had to deconstruct to free up articulation, and it pisses me off.

    BTW, if you don’t buy deathstorm, you’re cheating yourself. 🙂

    • Brainlock

      Holy crap! is BBTS still good about replacing bad QC figures? I would have dropped them a note about the Owlman about trading it in for replacement!

      and how does this Deathstorm compare to the Blackest Night version?

      • dayraven

        way cooler? not sure what you are looking for by way of comparison, but he’s cleverly articulated and has a clear skull, so for me, he wins by a country mile.

        to be real, i hadn’t even thought about sending bbts a note. 😛 i don’t know that i still can, since he’s fixed now.

    • Eww. That Owl Man story sucks.

      BBTS has been great helping me out on bad QC the one or two times that’s happened in the past. They even opened a figure to send me a missing accessory. They rock.

  • Templar Punk

    Nice article Noisy! Glad you caved in. It’s really an awesome figure. I just hope DCC continues towards the articulated direction, unlike their very very stiff first wave of figures.