Transformers SDCC
2014 Boxset:
Knights of Unicron!

Hasbro gave Entertainment Tonight the exclusive reveal on their Transformers multi-pack exclusive for San Diego Comic Con 2014.

That was normal. What followed was not. See it’s a 4-pack (six if you count Laserbeak & Ratbat) of various Transformers if they were in an 80s Hair Metal Band. No, you didn’t misread that! While you drink that in, check out these pics:

And Here’s the Press Release, note the price before you get too excited…

Dated September 17, 1984, imagine you were there for the band’s “One Night Only” reunion gig at Iacon Stadium on Cybertron. Sold Out, of course!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand, this Special Edition collector’s set transformers your favorite characters — Optimus Prime, Megatron, Smooth Jazz and Soundwave — as you’ve never seen them before: hard-rockin’ robots in the universe’s greatest band, the Knights of Unicron! Also joining the tour are Laserbeak, who converts into a note-shredding electric guitar, and Ratbat, who converts into the funkiest keytar this side of Cybertron.

The Transformers 30th Anniversary Tour Edition Action Figure Set is packaged in a concert-cool “roadie case,” packed with special edition posters, stickers, a concert ticket, All-Access VIP pass, and tell-all history booklet depicting the journey of the Knights of Unicron, from their humble beginnings and formation to their stellar hits and “look” (glam rock deco, metal band hair), band infighting (the titanic egos that once tore them apart), and triumphant return to the stage. With KISS and Iron Maiden-inspired album art (and perhaps a little Spinal Tap thrown in for good measure), the Knights record Look What the Bot Dragged In features such smirk-inducing tune names as Circuit Breaker, Laser Phaser and Rust Without You. (Ages: 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $184.99)

The set will be available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego, as well as Hasbro Toy Shop.

23 thoughts on “Transformers SDCC
2014 Boxset:
Knights of Unicron!

  1. This is really what an exclusive should be. Something completely stupid that nobody really wants but limited so people think it’s kinda cool and it becomes collectible as a result.

    If only they’d do this for their Star Wars line instead of, you know, making Jabba with cool stuff an exclusive and making his lonely, ugly, fat slug self with no accessories the retail version.

  2. It’s crap like this that makes me glad I gave up collecting Transformers a couple years ago and my collection of 400 is now only 6.

  3. Might be getting that for my Soundwave focus collection, if BBTS also stocks it. Hasbro Toy Shop stopped taking my filthy international orders many years ago.

  4. Smooth Jazz. LOL!

    I don’t knows what’s weirder: The fact that Transformers are being mashed up with heavy metal bands or giving the scoop to freaking Entertainment Tonight, of all people.

    September 17, 1984 was the day the original cartoon miniseries premiered on TV. That’s a cool nod on Hasbro’s part.

    I do worry about the prices for this year’s sets. I really wanted the Marvel Infinite and Legends sets but it’s gonna take hard work to get those.

    1. It’s a great set, but the $184.99 is lightyears out of my reach. I would not expect something like this to cost anything less than $80-$100, but I’m just sort of baffled as to why it’s so high — obviously the packaging and artwork included are part of the “added value” but you’re looking at $46.25 per figure!!!

  5. So, to summarize:

    I cannot complete my DCUC JSA. I can, however, purchase a Skeletor baby and several Transformers cosplaying as mid-’80s Poison.


  6. LoL now me I would go for this. Its just crazy enough to be worth it. No groupie Arcee though? Even if just a static figurine.

    1. That would be awesome. However, the Cold Slither set would be an SDCC exclusive, and they’d make about ten of ’em. No, I’m not still bitter about Jinx . . . .

  7. If only they were G-1 design. Seriously.

    I don’t hate the concept. I like fun things and this is SO goofy it appeals to me, except of course for the price and stuff.

    But look, again, doesn’t it seem a disconnect? A Cold Slither set makes MUCH more sense. It’s canon for GI Joe RAH. It’s *ALMOST* as if someone at Hasbro pitched a Cold Slither set and some senior VP said “Yeah, that’s not a bad idea, except we really don’t care jack s**t about that GI Joe stuff…hey, Transformers has a new movie, that’s heat, why don’t we do something with that as a rock band?”

    (and Dinobots would be totally brutal Metal shredders. Grimlock with a Gibson. I’d get behind that and no ‘but tiny arms! Me Grimlock not able to shred!’ jokes please 🙂 )

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