Hasbro Announces SDCC
Star Wars Black Exclusive!

With the deluge of “May the 4th be with you” posts already starting around the world, it should come as no surprise that it’s an “All Star Wars” weekend! That included a new announcement from Hasbro: their Star Wars Black SDCC Exclusive!

Last year featured an early release of Boba Fett with a show exclusive Han Solo in Carbonite (check out Vault’s Review Here!). This year will be more of the same with Jabba the Hut headlining as the later-to-be-released-at-retail figure, but packaged with an SDCC Exclusive Salacious Crumb!

It may not be easy being a “completist” Star Wars Black Collector, but if you did swing last year’s SDCC exclusive and snag this year’s, it looks like Jabba’s SDCC exclusive packaging/diorama features a spot for Han’s Carbonite brick! That’ll make a pretty select display in your collection!


You can see bigger images of the figure and full details on the EW.com website.

5 thoughts on “Hasbro Announces SDCC
Star Wars Black Exclusive!

  1. How frigging annoying. Every year, the exclusives seem to be getting more and more “Screw you, collectors!” Instead of fun variants, they’re doing characters that are crucial to completing sets. Zarana, Jinx, Hancicle, and now, Salacious Crumb.

    1. Don’t forget Han in carbonite. It doesn’t help matters that the retail version of Boba Fett isn’t much easier to come by than the convention exclusive.

  2. Maybe Salacious will come with the retail release and just no hookah?

    Eh, probably not but who knows …

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