JoeCon 2014:
Convention Exclusive News

The G.I.Joe Collectors Club posted the official brochure for the 2014 G.I.Joe Convention in Dallas, Texas this week! This year’s Exclusive Set will be ZOMBIE HUNTERS!

COBRA forces have acquired the “Compound Z” formula and have started testing it on their own soldiers. They believe by creating zombie warriors they can rule the World and turn its population into mindless creatures. G.I. JOE headquarters is split on how to handle the zombie affliction: save or eradicate?

GENERAL HAWK has formed two groups to solve this deadly problem. Who will be successful? Will it be the Zombie Hunters whose mission is to eradicate those infected or will it be the E.C.O. (Emergency Chemical Operations) Force trying to rescue and find an antidote for those afflicted? And, what about the team members who become zombies, are they a casualty of war? If too many are turned, who will be left to complete their mission? Only time will tell and it’s running out!

The 2014 G.I. JOE vs. COBRA convention set contains highly requested teams and some new additions available for the first time in the modern era 25A action figure style.

This special edition set includes:

  • Zombie Hunters: Outback, T’J Bang, Steel Brigade Commander
  • E.C.O. Force: Flint, Ozone, Clean-Sweep
  • Cobra Lab-Rats x 2, Toxo-Vipers x3, Toxo-Zombies x3, and Repulsor with Dawg (NEW K-9).

Each of these great teams comes with classic weapons, accessories, figure stands and file cards in this exciting fifteen figure boxed set.

In recent years, I’ve really wanted to pick up the box sets when they include the modern era figures – Mission: Brazil, Night Force, the Oktober Guard and haven’t had a chance (or that much $ to spare), but there could be some great figures in this set and I got a kick out of the Eco-Warriors line back in the day. We’ll see if this set finally pushes me over!

While RAH isn’t celebrating the 50th Anniversary, the 12″ line is and the Con will have a great item to celebrate:

12″ Convention Offering – Codename: G.I. Joe

He is a legend. His adventures have spanned decades and he has touched the lives of millions. Serving his nation in time of conflict in uniform and out, he became the basis of a force for good standing in the breach in the fight against evil. His birth name is Joseph Colton, but his Codename: G.I. Joe.

We have followed G.I. Joe through a series of exploits that took him from the brown boot army, to the founding member of the covert operations team. He has directed this team (which bears his codename) in their quest to face down Cobra’s bid for world domination. He IS the original real American Hero. Included in this 12” two figure set: Timeless Edition Vintage G.I.Joe figure: Tiger Stripe Camouflage Green Beret Jacket and Pants; Tall Black Boots; Green Beret; M-16; Ascot; .45 with Belt and Holster; Canteen with Canteen Cover; and Gold Tone Dog Tag. Timeless AT G.I. Joe figure: Black T-Shirt with AT sticker; Cargo Pants; Short Black Boots; Black Shoulder Holster with Label Revolver; Black Hunting Rifle; Tan belt with Canteen and cover; Duffel Bag featuring AT logo; Map with Map Case; Rope; and a Gold Tone AT Dog Tag. In addition, to celebrate all ages of G.I. Joe, this set comes with a unique 3 3/4” Joseph Colton, G.I. Joe with Pistol and Club Action Figure Display System with 50th Anniversary backdrop.

I don’t have many 12″ Joes, but if that smaller Joe Colton is a modern era Colton, that would be amazing! Luckily, the Club has since confirmed that at least some amount of the 4″ Colton will be available separately.

The entire brochure is available at the Official 2014 G.I.Joe Convention Page.

3 thoughts on “JoeCon 2014:
Convention Exclusive News

  1. So far, not one of these convention exclusive mega-packs since 2008 has had enough cool new stuff to make me splurge. This one seems no different. Zombie this, zombie that, zombie the other. Can’t wait for this tedious zombie fad to end.

  2. I got the Oktober Guard and Night Force sets because I love most of the characters included there, but funds will be tighter next year and I was worried that I would have to skip the next set. However, I’m one of those few who is sick of the zombie craze and I was never into the Eco-Warriors, Ninja Force, Steel Brigade, or the concept of Joe Colton as “the” original G.I. Joe, so these will all be easy passes for me. I’ll still look at the photos, though. 😉

    I’m also disappointed that the RAH line will likely be in retail limbo for the 50th, but it really is the 12″ inch guys’ year. Thing is, they’re in retail limbo as well!

    I’m still hoping that Hasbro shows us some new stuff at Toy Fair because it really is the half-century mark for the whole G.I. Joe concept as an overall toy brand and something should be done to commemorate it beyond the usual club/convention celebrations.

  3. I hope the club has fun with this set… I don’t wanna see this be walking dead so much as 60s drive in movie on an art direction level. If they had fun with this as opposed to being uber serious, I think you’d have some wonderful packaging…

    As to the toys? I doubt anything gets to retail. There was a time when I would have said fao Schwarz would have been perfect for a exclusive, but I think joe needs to hit the FFA hall. And I say that as a huge fan of the property. They can’t get product out in a movie year.that says a lot. I’ll be spending my anniversary at the tjmaxx family of stores buying movie joe stuff there… We know its gonna happen…

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