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MOTU Classics:
Batros Review (18 Pics!)

All the new pieces are great and one thing that really helps them is the level of detail. Some of the Filmation figures come out of the old cartoon with a cartoon look, but Batros’ detail level is closer to what I want out of the whole line. The straps on his armor and his bat-wings look leathery. The cowl is appropriately furry. And the new boots are a sharp piece that matches the old animation. While his overall look is accurate to that one appearance, the figures feels “updated”. More of this please, Four Horsemen.

Articulation is what we’ve all come to expect from the line since he’s mostly buck parts. The new feet have great range on the rocker ankles. The “wings” are attached at the bicep and are smartly designed to not really obstruct with the figures movement. They look great with the figure in a neutral pose and splay out nicely for action & flight poses.

The paint work is mostly sharp. The red & black on the wings is a little sloppy where the overlap, but not a deal breaker. The only real paint QC issue was on the face – a spot on the left of his nose is clearly visible in most of the pics. It’s annoying, but I chose this one out of the two in the box ironically. Vault’s has a yellow spot of paint drip just below the eye. I figured that was more easily fixed issue than the missing paint on mine’s nose – and since I wasn’t expecting to care about Batros, I passed that figure on to him so he could easily black out the yellow dab and have a tip-top figure. Oh well. I don’t love mine any less and maybe I can mix a good match for the purple paint!

Batros included one accessory – if there’s anything I didn’t care for about the figure. It’s that piece, just a repaint of Spikor’s mace. It’s neat looking in red & black and I’m glad Batros came with something – but looking at the other Club Filmation figures so far with their show accurate accessories, it kinda makes Batros seem a little lacking. That said, I can’t think of anything he should have really come with besides a (boring) stack of oversized books or some bendy snakes. Ultimately, I think he’s fine as is & Spikor’s happy with his new mace.

Overall, I can’t explain why I love this figure so much. I can talk about the nicely sculpted new pieces. The great colors. How sharp the wings look in various poses. I could theorize about his pinging on my nostalgia for something that I just can’t quite place, but I don’t know. It is true that my expectations were low. Batros had a much easier time impressing me than say, Extendar will, but I think he’s an awesome figure all the same. He makes me glad I signed up for Club Filmation even if I can’t explain why. I can maybe show why though – when was the last time I gave a MOTU Classics figure an 18 picture gallery? Yep, check it out:

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51 comments to MOTU Classics:
Batros Review (18 Pics!)

  • Izdawiz

    He still looks goofy to me, but I know how a Four Horsemen figure can come to life once you have it in hand.

  • The cool thing about Batros is that he looks like a character Mattel would have made in the 80’s, yet detailed enough to be one of the 4H’s best works in the modern line.

    Love the Batros Dance, too! 🙂 Great pics as always!

  • Megatherium

    The gallery this review had me laughing so hard! I love this site and all the reviews you guys do. I should say this is my favorite toy review site. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  • Steve

    Nice work on the exclamation point.
    Also, got anything special planned for review #1000? It’s coming up.

  • Great review, excellent pics, and Oh, Wow! the best comics you’ve done in ages.

    Laughed very hard.

  • Jon

    I too share your excitement for this figure. He photographs so well, and just the simple addition of wings on his bicep make him so much fun to pose around. Great review!

    Nice noticing his chest symbol is a kinda-sorta Horde symbol, I actually thought it was a Horde symbol until I got the figure in the mail. Hilarious comics this time around 🙂


    Fantastic Review. Batros dance had me cracking up. Figure is great.

  • Vault

    I’m out of town for a couple of days and I seem to have returned to a parallel world where Noisy’s favorite character is Batros…

    Great review though!

  • dayraven

    had some free time on this one, didn’t you?

    you know what chaps my ass? one of the most vexing things about this line is the inconsistency, and the filmation sub alone has provided that in spades… you mention specifically batros’ texturing, on his harness and wings, and how cool that is, and you request more: all of that is true, and more would be nice going forward, but i want some going backwards. the POP girls all suffer from bland looking outfits, and universally, it’s because they lack texture. their costumes are flat toothbrush looking plastic, with no texture, no highlights, jack squat, and no where does it rub me worse than the recent shokoti release. she looks great, in the face, and she’s been a must-requested character addition to the line, but her bodice and cape lack any of these textural touches and it boggles the mind. how do they belong in the same line? how do they mesh, when the classicizer clearly has a pro-male bias? the POP girls get short shrifted on the textures, and to the lady, it leaves them looking unimpressive and blah next to the men. that’s cheap shit.

    nice review on batros, and i’m not trying to dog him out specifically, he looks great, he just touches a nerve for getting treatment that not every character/design gets, and he’s a cool figure, cooler than many, specifically because of that treatment. and mattel wonders why some people are reluctant to sub up… do we get a discount when the figure gets phoned in? no. should we? i sure feel like we should. if they put 52% effort into a fig, i feel like it should cost 52% of the usual. especially for the POP girls, who, by nature of their more slender physiques, utilize less plastic, less paint, and are cheaper to ship… they should get deco for days to compensate, or they should cost less.

    • dayraven

      and another thing… tell me again why engineering couldn’t work out wings for the sorceress that don’t look her tray tables are in the upright and locked position, but batros gets wings that look cool, and don’t hinder his articulation at all? if they’d done the sorceress’ wings like batros (though obviously feathers instead of leathers) they wouldn’t have incurred the cost of modifying the castle grayskull throne.

      think mcfly, think!

      • Well, yes, this.

        Of course since I tend to be a contrary person, I would have preferred removable wings for the Sorceress with an alternate fabric cape for throne sitting and such like, but that’s past and pity it can’t be revisited.

        And I agree 100% on the texture thing, DR. You are completely correct. Not just the POP gals but all the other figures.

        and now, since nobody has done it..


        I think I know why you like his look, Noisy. It’s the angle of the hood cut along with the eyes. There’s a TON of character generated with the sculpt.

        It’s crazy. Here’s a one-shot dude that Matty seems to completely knock out of the park, where was this sort of…what… joy? two years ago, when the sub started to be IN DANGER?

        • There are always a handful that get knocked out of the park each year – Bow, Vikor, Fisto, etc.. This time it’s just an odd place to find a home run!

      • Who did the engineering on Sorceress I wonder?

    • I suppose that’s because the PoP women are meant to be wearing smooth, satiny fabric, or something, and the 4H are just better at doing battle-scarred metal and poorly-cured leather with bits of the cow (or whatever) still stuck to the rivets. It’s something I intend to fix if I ever get around to my massive backlog of soft goods projects . . . .

      • The POP girls… I’m not sure what it is – if it’s a lack of interest or just this weird vibe to stay too true to the cartoon (which they don’t really do anyway), I’m not sure.

        It’s just a shame because the POP figure are ripe for ornate detailing. Bow is still the best POP figure and that’s just weird. 🙂

        • He-Mullet

          it’s a catch-22. Too Ornate/elaborate outfits, the anti-POP would complain about them looking like dolls. Now their Filmation looks are too bland. (Made worse by Mattel’s inability to make the Jazzercise outfits right!)

    • I actually crammed this guy out in the normal time. lol

      You know I’m down for more detail across the line. I really haven’t given Shokoti a second look yet and she’s been here for a month.

    • Whenever my ass gets chapped I use Desitin ointment — I know it’s usually used for babies, but gosh darn if it doesn’t do the trip. Some goldbond medicated power on the keister and you’re good to go! I would also recommend using a soothing moist wipe helps ensure everything is nice and fresh down there.

  • Wow, you made Batros into a d-bag. Nice work, though.

  • Lay Ze-Man


    ‘Nuff said.

  • Brainlock

    Terry/BatByd caption makes it for me.

    I guess he’s good for what the 4H have had to work with.
    No clue who this guy is/was, and the fact he’s a one-off while other regular/recurring characters have to wait is a puzzler.

    • Brainlock

      btw, where is the white Man-Bat from? SDCC or other exclusive? that gif is funny too.

      • He is an SDCC exclusive from the DCSH days. He’s actually the Man-Bat from “The Batman” cartoon. I think that sculpt has sordid history which we can kinda guess it, but will be interesting to hear about.

        • Brainlock

          this was the electronic box version? ok, I remember now.
          I think you mean he’s white because of his appearance on The Batman, right? that’s the only time he’s been albino, iirc? I do have that version and the DCUC brown, but never bothered with the SDCC white.

    • You just have to figure they can’t do the figures in order of important. Part of the reason the subscription numbers keep falling is attrition do to so many of the important characters being done. Batros here is keeping the light on. 🙂

  • Polo23

    1 of the best most wanted figures ever. I love the Prince Adam vampire custom lol. Bring on more Filmation characters.

    • Thank you! I was waiting all day for someone to point him out!! LOL

      I thought that was a pretty cool idea for a custom (and just shows the color pallette is doing some heavy lifting for Batros).

  • Raf

    Love your galleries Noisy. I can always count on it for a good laugh. Wish you guys had time for more.

    Keep them up!!!

  • Ian

    Awesome pics/comic! Great review. I just got Batros a few days ago. Love it!

  • Truth

    Good figure until you contrast him with the Marvel Select Wolverine. The Wolverine comes with three heads, multiple hands, no shared tooling, is larger, and costs less despite a licensing fee. It just highlights how hard Mattel is screwing their fans each and every month.