Go! Figure’s Tokyo
Toy Show 2009 Coverage

Go! Figure.com has posted some excellent coverage of the 2009 Tokyo Toy Show. Site proprietor Tekwych and the Man in Japan, Dorkey, have teamed up to bring you the latest news and pics from the show. And the pics are HUGE. Find coverage for Transformers, Akira, Ultraman, Macross, Mazinger, my personal favorite the Chogokin Big O, and tons more. After you’ve taken a look at the coverage, don’t forget to check out the rest of Tek’s great site at http://heygofigure.com.

9 thoughts on “Go! Figure’s Tokyo
Toy Show 2009 Coverage

  1. I love the look of import toys. But my boyfriend would kill me if I started buying figs from other countries. ^-^

  2. it all depends on how often and how much you’re spending N squared! imports can be pricey, but some of them are just too damned cool not to have!

    1. I try to stay away from them myself. There’s so much cool this side that I have trouble keeping up. I might lose it if I tried to pick up all the cool toys from two countries. 😛

  3. That’s an awesome BIg-O figure *drools* but it IS expensive. Buying imports is alright (because they DO have an awesome look about them) but only in moderation.

    Kind of like cookies. Or brownies.

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