NECA Predator: SDCC Exclusive
Albino Predator Review

The rest of the body is what we’ve come to expect from NECA. The articulation is fantastic with ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles, swivels at the thighs and waist, and double-hinged knees. Like any of the upgraded Preds, this guy can get down. I’d still like to see bicep swivels of course (I say this every time they aren’t there, so everyone knows that was coming) and I kinda wonder if the Preds could use some torso articulation? It may be cost prohibitive, I assume it is, but it would make the figures a little more fun.

They are articulated well though, so that’s more an ideal than a complaint. The paint is similarly well done overall. The orange and copper play well off one another and sharp lines between them really help the figure to stand out. Some of the netting may not be exactly on, but I’m not going to complain about that one bit. The hands could be a little cleaner, but the only slop that tested me was an extra black dot under the left eye. I’ll be removing that now that I’ve got the review & pics done though. The precision of the eyes, gums, & teeth make the slop feel like a small acceptable amount to be sure.

Sculpt, paint, articulation, all great. I’m sold on this figure. He has faced some criticism for being $25 (plus shipping), but I just don’t see it. I do agree the value could be a little higher? An accessory would make me feel better, but the lack of accessories was coyly mentioned in the bio as this particular Predator having a penchant for being hands on. He may not have any new tooling, but he’s a complicated piece with plenty of deco and lots of small parts and he’s not that much more than the ones I’m picking up at retail. Maybe with shipping included, but you either count that or you don’t. I never do.*

* – I shouldn’t say never. FAST shipping is its own value. I am discouraged by expensive, slow shipping. If Vault ever stops going in with me on the Mattel subs, that would be a small crisis. Since we’re talking speed, NECA had this Predator to me pretty quick. I’ve forgotten exactly how quick, but it was fast enough for me to notice.

Overall, if you love Predators, or if you love crazy-colored toys, you’ve probably got a friend in this guy. He’ll look great if you have Big Red (note to self, also pick up a DCD Justice Batman…) and I bet he’s going to fit in fantastic with the Kenner Predators. I still don’t know how deep I want/need to be in this line. I’m a… casual Predator fan. I was happy having Jungle & Hunter. I’ve been slow to adopt a Big Red. I know I didn’t really want any of the Lost Tribe (though some are cool). And there’s those Kenner Preds. They’re crazy cool. Time, and future reviews, will tell the tale.

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12 thoughts on “NECA Predator: SDCC Exclusive
Albino Predator Review

  1. He does have one bit of new tooling, which is minor, but it’s there. The armor on his right shoulder is unique to him. So, that’s something, and his deco, like you mention is completely his own. I love him, he pops even next to Big Red.

    I hate to admit it, but I was like you, I wanted the two main Predators… and now I have the entire lost tribe, Big Red, the Albino, two semi-cloaked from Predators… I’m down for the Kenners, Wasp and the Borg/Lost… and I have 3 Dutch figures and the infrared on preorder… I only wanted *A* Dutch originally…

    *sigh* NECA is just too good at this

  2. I agree with wanting more torso articulation for these guys. They’re outstanding anyway, but I’d like even better Preds that weren’t so upright and ready for pelvic thrusts. But you aren’t kidding, they actually can GET DOWN:

    When you mentioned the various lines you guys review/collect, I was wondering, do you plan on adding Marvel Select to that list? You guys have a stellar selection to keep busy with already, but MS is putting out awesome work these days. The recent movie Wolverine and classic Venom come to mind.

  3. Thanks for the link, Jim. Man, that thirty grand was well spent! It’s like the Batman versus Fox Monsters comic series come to life. Quality stuff! The late Andrew Koenig (Walter’s son/Voice of Ambush on the 90’s G.I. Joe DIC cartoon) would have made a great Creeper on film as well.

    Noisy, those pics and captions were a riot. I usually judge repaints by the way they make my stomach growl. If successful, chances are they will look cool on my shelf. Albino here not only invokes Edy’s, but suddenly gives me a hankering for crab. Red Lobster, here I come! The red Alien brings to mind the taste of licorice, and the Sandtroopers look like they ran into a sandstorm composed of Cheetos powder. The GITD Robocop is waxy enough for anyone who chewed crayons as a kid.

    As for Disguised Dutch… he might as well be the aftermath of all these foodstuffs if taken in together.

  4. Is there any way of purchasing this now outside of crazy eBay prices? :/

    A friend of mine went to SDCC. Gave gim a list of stuff to look for, including this. He came back with the stupid Man of Steel Superman vs Zod box set from Mattel. And that wasn’t even on my list. >_< At least he paid for it and I made fun of him when Mattel then sold it for $25 accidentally on their website. 😛

  5. I remember having some of the 90s Kenner series, but I haven’t seen any of these yet. 🙁

    one scary thing: scroll down so the double pictures of the figure juuust have their heads cropped off and tells mesa whot yusa see. *_*

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