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Vault Review: S.H. Figuarts
Kamen Rider Amazon


Like all SH Figuarts, Amazon has an impressive amount of articulation.  His jaw and toes are hinged.  His head, neck, chest, waist, hips, and ankles are all ball joints.  Shoulders are ball joints attached to swivel hinges, while his wrists are normal swivel/hinges.  His elbows and knees are double hinged, while his thighs have swivels.  There’s also a bit of extra articulation on his suit.  His pecs and the middle fin on his back are all on ball joints.  This allows you to resituate them to help the figure look less awkward in certain positions.


Amazon comes with a ton of accessories, starting with his extra hands.  There are open claw-like, fists, and holding.  There’s also one extra right hand with his four fingers spread.  This is for his finishing move, which I’ll get to in a second.


Along with the hands, Amazon also has extra costume parts.  He comes with two scarves: one normal and one windblown.  His arm band can be removed and replaced with the full version, where both halves are connected.

Amazon also comes with an alternate belt piece, where the handle is detached.  He can hold the unattached handle as is, or it can also be replaced by a long rope/whip weapon.


Last but not least is Amazon’s effects piece.  Unlike the other Riders that use kicks for their finishing moves, Amazon uses a chop.  So his effects piece is two large mantis-like slashes that connect over that extra right hand.  I have to say this is my favorite effect from any of the Riders so far.  It’s distinct and looks much more devastating than the energy kicks.


I have a couple more Showa Riders to pick up before my set is complete.  While I’ve been happy with each purchase, Amazon is my favorite so far.  The figure’s zany personality easily comes out in pictures and makes shelf posing more of a scene than a lineup.


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20 comments to Vault Review: S.H. Figuarts
Kamen Rider Amazon

  • Tim H

    This is an interesting figure. I would not have been exposed to him otherwise.

    Speaking of bug men, do you have Revoltech Takeya Gunrari yet??? >:-)

    • Vault

      Glad you like him! One of my favorite things about reviewing toys is exposing people to some cool figures they didn’t know about.

      No, I don’t have him yet. He’s still stuck in pre-order limbo. He’s taking so long that I may get my Fudo Myooh first. Do you have him? How is he? All those arms seem a bit mind boggling.

  • chopa

    I’m kinda sad that with the Showa Riders they basically started with their best one and every one afterwards struggles to live up to him.

    • Vault

      Which one came out first?

      I have V3 on the way, and I’m really looking forward to him. I don’t think he’ll beat out Amazon as my favorite, but he still looks pretty damned cool.

  • J. Lee

    These (figuarts) still have me on the wall. Basically picking a first to buy.

    My lone exposure to KR Amazon was the SHT film. Though he gets “killed” by GokaiRed.at the start of film. Still agree he has a cool look.and that will help on purchase plans.

    A fun review on one crazy cool design.

    • Vault

      Picking your first Figuarts can be kind of daunting. And watch out for the slippery slope! One can easily lead to many more. 😛

      • Oh, yes, yes it is. Very much so, the entire genus of ‘super posable figures roughly 1/16 scale from Japan) toy. I was given a Revoltech Lupin III, so I just HAD to get his partner Jigen Daisuke, and then I needed Green Jacket Lupin, then I saw Figma made a Tekkaman Blade so I HAD to get THAT…and I’m still craving that Kamen Rider Black RX and if I get to the point where I have more money than common sense I WILL own the Figma Cobra figure, and is it wrong I kind of want Figuarts Sailor Moon?

        It’s not a slippery slope, it’s teflon coated with graphite! 🙂

        • Vault

          Sailor Moon is never wrong! 😀

          I can’t help you with Cobra, but I’ve got a Figma Lady with the extra Cobra parts if you’re looking to buy her also. She’s complete in box, only opened once.

          • You know I could so easily twist most everything said there into something dirty, right? Don’t let DayRaven see it. 🙂

            *ahem* well, that’s a very kind offer on Lady, but see, I gots to have me a Cobra to go with her, otherwise it’s just a sexy robot girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that and Lupin wouldn’t care…

            best get your pre-order in on the ‘Attack on Titan’ Figmas, those are going to be burning hot sellers. I just don’t know if I can tie up my money that long but damn, those are going to be so damn cool. Even if you don’t watch/don’t like the show they’re very interesting.

            Dig it. http://www.hlj.com/product/max06300

            (she’s a chick. The hero dude is also supposed to be released)

        • J. Lee

          I know thinking of Sentai, Rider, One Piece, Sailor Senshi, Akibarangers (awaiting Malshina news) it will be hard picking just one. Then got the Nintendo themed ones XO too many choices. I would think of the Monsterarts but a bit pricey.

  • J. Lee

    Forgot this but his weapon reminds me of 1.) Pepperoni stick 2.) Slim Jim with pulled down wrapper


    KR Amazon is awesome for one other attack you might not know. HE BITES CHUNKS OUT OF FOES!

    All the early Toei hero shows have this level of crazy and ‘anything goes’ that is so lacking in the modern shows. So much energy! I can almost picture the ‘pitch’ session: “OK, got it! Dude is raised like Tarzan, so he’s wild and uncivilized, and we make him a bug/lizard!”

    I’d like to get the first Kamen Rider and KR Black RX, but they always seem to go out of production when I have the money. Don’t get me started on the Figma Cobra (the space pirate, not the GI Joe baddie).

    Great pics as always. I’m guessing KR Amazon is the new troublemaker at Vault’s House of Riders. 🙂

    Hey, Vault? You still doing that Monster High site? Why isn’t it in the links?

    • Vault

      I saw a couple of fight scenes on Youtube where he was biting enemy monsters. They were pretty fun scenes. I might just have to sit down and watch the series as I have time.

      Monster High and I have split up. 😛 I’m a little burnt out on the line itself. I don’t blame Mattel for trying to make as much money as possible, but the brand is becoming so large that it’s nearly impossible to collect it all. At least it was becoming impossible for me, since I buy more than just Monster High toys.

      Even just trying to keep track of the official news and various leaks was becoming a full time job of scouring foreign doll sites and other odd places that I don’t normally know about. Ultimately I couldn’t keep up with my IAT work and the MH site. You may still see a Monster High review from me here, but the Fearbook site itself isn’t going to continue.

    • Evil Ed

      I keep hearing a rumor that Black RX may be getting a stateside release with Saban’s Masked Rider box art. Also, Vault’s House of Riders is a reality show I would watch.

  • Paul

    Really excellent posing and photography with this review. The tiptoe shot and the finishing move shot are masterfully posed.

    • Vault

      Thanks Paul! Like I said in the review, he’s just really fun to play around with. That definitely makes picture taking easy.

  • You always kill the Import reviews Vault! I end up wanting things I would have never wanted before

    • Vault

      Lol, I guess I’m doing my job then. 😛

      I guess I should mention for anyone who does want to track down an Amazon figure, http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en/ is the site you should probably be stalking. The figure is a few years old now, so he’s a bit rare. But you can still find him for under $50 if you’re patient. That’s how I got him.