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As he should, Penguin largely reuses the body of the original Penguin from Wave 1. Over the years of my requesting this figure, I insisted that he only need a new head. Luckily though, the 4H/Mattel put a little more investment into him and gave him an all-new, and toy accurate torso so that he would better match the original figure. It’s little details like that the sell the figure.

Atop that torso also rests the much-needed new noggin’. I still lament that the production process requires Oswald’s nose to be a separate piece, but it’s unavoidable. Overall though, the sculpt is true to the original figure while bringing it up to a more detailed level. Some have lamented that the sculpt is too cartoony, but I disagree. It was sculpted as a love letter to the Super Powers figure and I’m receiving it as one and I think they nailed it. He’s a sharp homage.

The articulation is a little different than we’re used to, mostly due to the reuse of the non-standard buck. Most of what I like to see is there: ball-joints at the neck & shoulders, hinges at the elbows, knees, & ankles, and swivels at the biceps, wrists, & waist. The legs try to be more articulated than they functionally are. While the thigh swivels are gone, the hips are still on double hinges – they just don’t work very well. They didn’t on the original either and it seems a tad worse here. There isn’t much back & forth movement and the outward movement is so tight that it makes you doubt there’s a hinge in there.

The paintwork on my Penguin was pretty good. The pinstriping on the pants was sharp except for one small section while the yellow paint on the cummerbund was a tad sloppy. The face paint is sharp though and it makes me really overlook the other two bits.

Penguin included one accessory and it’s the one part of the figure I’m not particularly satisfied with. To be fair, I have way too much affinity for the original. Honestly, if you asked me what my Top Ten figure accessories were, the SP Penguin’s umbrella would make the list. I love the colors. I strangely enjoy spinning it around. I love the telescoping… icepick? Blade? Whatever. It’s cool.

The modern umbrella? Not so much. It’s a shame that wasn’t room for Mattel to spring for a new accessory here. The original Penguin’s umbrella is an okay piece and it definitely looks sharper in the primary colors, but it’s really undersized – about the same size as the SP version despite the noticeable different in scale between the figures. I’ve also never really appreciated the clip-on machine gun part (though it comes handy to keep the umbrella from sliding down into Penguin’s hand). It’s okay. It completes the look, but it’s just not as cool as the original. What I really need to do is track down an in-scale closed umbrella too. Though I’m not sure how I’d paint it…

The undersized umbrella and restricted hips aside, I still love the figure. I love how it looks and I love the feelings that it invokes. The 4H did a great job updating the pieces on the figure that needed updating and the colors are sharp and true to the original overall. I know the original Penguin is also technically a “classic” Penguin, but it just never quite fit for me. This is the Penguin the line needed and this look appeared in so many places that I think it’s a good fit for DC fans that don’t love Super Powers like I do.

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36 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com Batman Unlimited
(Super Powers) Penguin Review

  1. Between this Super Powers homage and the upcoming Burgess Meredith TV version, I’m set for life in regards to this character. Pretty much the definitive Penguin for me as well since the previous one didn’t look too classic. The wait was worth it, though. In fact, I’ve yet to open mine. It looks so cool in the package that I placed him up front in my curio for the time being. Very grateful to the 4H for this guy.

    1. Agreed on the two Penguins!

      And the packaging is cool, but no blue on the umbrella! LOL On that note, I tried not to get too crazy and point out the nine spaces with yellow parts on the original and only eight on the new. It still turns purple when you spin it, but its not nearly pukey enough!

  2. I don’t trust Mattel to make a Ventriloquist. Knowing them, Wesker would be spot-on, then when they reveal Scarface, it’s just the Tin pack-in with a hat. No sculpt changes, just the hat.

    1. That or repaint of Batmite with Tin’s head and a hat.

      I keep seeing and do want. Just can’t pop yet. Gotta axe some of my pull list at the comic shop to save some money. I know will get him eventually.

      Funny sidenote a local Walmart had the nu52 and instad of them being on pegs they were just tossed in a spt alla old Kmart stocking skills. No batman wave but had a laugh at this. Guess the nu52 hate is larger than thought. Still overpriced like the wave 18 straglers on NOT Clearance.

      1. Wave 18? Count your blessings. There’s a nearby Wal-Mart that has about 8 Foragers clogging up the works. They finally clearanced them…at $16 a pop! Yeah, that’ll move units.

    1. Oh yeah, I know about that Riddler! I almost threw that in the joke. Ultimately though, I don’t consider him a part of the line. If we include him, then we have to take a look at El Capitano Rayo and the Abominable Snowman! Best to just stick with the Kenner 34!

        1. Since he was a straight repaint of GL Hal, who is really surprised?

          I’m still mourning the loss of the New Teen Titans expansion line, esp Donna and the Titans Tower playset!

  3. Awesome review! Despite being slightly too old to appreciate Super Powers the way you do (I’d be a Mego guy), this figure is really charming on his own merits.

    Also, can’t wait to see him rewarded with even a placeholder 2013 checklist spot…

    List Nag rides again!

      1. Thanks for removing the horrific Injustice figures. And there’s also the Red Rain Batman, but I don’t know where he goes.

        1. (OK, apologies– next time I’ll get all my comments in one bag.)

          Club Black Freighter?

          I’m just trying to make you a better hero, like Zoom does with Wall West.

    1. Scooby Doo or Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder-Mutt?
      I did like the modern inclusion/update of them a few years back, with the exception that Mutt was some Hades Hound planted by Ares(?), who then went on to maul and kill Marvin. Wiping this out of continuity with the nu52 was one of the few mercies of the reboot.

  4. SP Pengy looks okay, but not being a Bat-maniac, he’s an easy pass for me.
    Burgess Meredith Penguin, however, I might have to track down.
    If they announced a Movie Masters Danny DeVito Penguin, I would probably get him, too.
    Otherwise, I’m fine with my DCUC w2(?) comic version.

    1. I found these today at Warshington Target, wasn’t impressed by Pengy or nu52 Supes/Bats variants, but I did grab Hawkman.

      (and Onion WM was the only one to get a Helicarrier in, then had it for $59 clearance last week, but someone got to it before I could! 🙁 oh well, it wasn’t a *need it* item. FoC and Beast TF are trickling in, tho.)

  5. Maybe its just me but the head sculpt looks like he is wearing one of those rubber celebrity masks.

    1. might be due to the separate piece for the nose?
      and the plastic coloring?

      (still…[shoots two guns in the air in frustration])

  6. Dont Think ill be getting this one, I prefer wave 1’s head sculpt to this.I aint have any affinity for superpowers since i was born 6 years too late,so that may have something to do with it. Still Great review. Almost persuaded me towards buying one. Almost. Cheers on the updated DCUC Checklist btw!

  7. have to admit of all the super powers redo i was hoping mattel would do for dc classics the penquin was my top choice even though the umbrella this time arounds comes up a little short size wize for without the machine gun the thing slips into his hands luckly i can borrow the umbrellas from my other penquin figures. including the one coming with Burges meridith in the batman 66 line.

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