January Review Index Updates
& Top Reviews for January

January saw most of the reviews being posted in the second half, but some higher than expected traffic pushed those later reviews, like Rorschach, Netossa, & the Metal Men, into the top spots for the month. Also check out the latest updates to both the IAT & Battlegrip.com Review Indexes!

First up, here are links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for Battlegrip.com!

And here are the Top IAT Reviews for January:

January saw us getting back on track with fourteen reviews posted. That was thanks in large part to Guest Review Week III and contributing sites Preternia, Mint Condition Custom, DoomKick, and reader Dayraven (thanks, guys!). In addition, two of those guest reviews also cracked our top ten for the month!

Rorschach taking the top spot was a bit of a suprise for me, but he narrowly edged out the bulk of the reviews that featured our checklist lines, MOTU & DC Classics. We’ve still got plenty of MOTU & DC to catch up on, but I suspect they’ll be more than a few Transformers reviews mixed in during February. Also of note in January, is the baffling return of the Golden Pharaoh & Sinestor Batman Review. I’m still not sure what’s driving the traffic to that old thing.

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for January, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews in January!