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Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Dark Energon Starscream

This week seems to be devoted to paint variants, so to go along with the trend I’m going to throw one more Starscream onto the pile.  This time I’m taking a look at the BBTS exclusive Dark Energon version.  This is a pretty spiffy figure that I just got in this week

Like my last review, I’ve covered most of the aspects of this mold already.  So this review is going to be mostly comprised of pictures to give you a good idea of what this figure is like. This is also the last we’ll be seeing of the First Edition Starscream mold until the release of Slipstream. (For those of you who are a bit tired of seeing Starscream, don’t worry!  Next week it’s back normal with plenty of LEGO, MonsterArts, Figma, DC, and MOTU to finish up before the end of the year.

I’m one of those collectors that loves classic toy gimmicks.  Just tonight I was at Toys R Us being tempted by a three inch movie Spider-man figure  that had glow-in-the-dark elements and an odd Goblin-esque glider.  I don’t collect that many Spider-man figures.  I don’t have any from the current movie, and hardly ever buy three inch figures.  But damned if I didn’t love the idea behind this new Spidey figure.  It’s something I would have loved as a kid, and I still think it looks like a fun toy as an adult.

The next best thing to cool GITD action is a translucent figure.  I would have bought this Starscream figure just to complete my collection of this fun mold, but the fact that he’s made up of clear black plastic really pushes this figure over the top for me.  Most of these parts are thin enough to be translucent, but when layered over each other they begin to look solid again.  This effect is most evident in jet form where the wings are the only parts that really give off that clear glow.

The rest of Dark Energon Starscream’s body is made up of a bright purple plastic with tiny bits of glitter in it.  This color really meshes well with the trans black, but honestly when do black and purple not go well together.  It really makes him a pretty good substitute for Skywarp if you didn’t want to bother chasing down the Takara version.

Aside from these great new colors, this is the same First Edition Starscream figure that we all know and love by now.  This is the Hasbro version of this mold, so he comes with two missile pods instead of the glued on bombs.

The only concern I do have with this figure is that the plastic feels a bit brittle.  I imagine this is a combination of cheaper plastic and translucent plastic.  I haven’t had any issues with my figure so far, but I’d suggest being careful with him just in case.

If you haven’t gotten enough Starscream Prime yet, then check out my other reviews of this mold.


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Dark Energon Starscream