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Sir Laser Lot Review

Since Laser Lot only features new armor and a neat head, the articulation is precisely what we’ve come to expect. The paint apps on my Laser Lot were all fine, but keep in mind that SLL is a “black plastic” figure. If you check out this right bicep in some of the pics, you can see where a line or cut was made in the bicep and the thin black line showing through underneath.

Laser Lot did include a nice compliment of accessories, all designed to make use of his not-action feature: a translucent sword, mace, and a shield. The sculpts on all the weapons are great and would look even better lit up, but I mostly intrigued by the shield. I’d love to know that it means or what it’s depicting.

Which brings me back to that lack of back story. I neglected to mention that we do know a little bit more about Laser Lot thanks to Geoff Johns choosing his own creation to kick off the digital MOTU Comics earlier this year (who wouldn’t want to start a new era of MOTU comics with Laser Lot?). It only amounts to a few more teases and isn’t all that well-written, but that comic has been Mattel’s best weapon for making me care about Laser Lot. It’s set after the death of Grayskull, but just before Laser Lot is whisked to the future. We see him as a warrior without a master and are also given a new tidbit: no one can touch him without burning themselves. Ouch. If you haven’t checked out the comic yet, you can download it from Comixology for 99 cents. It’s worth a $1.

Overal, I’ve written this review a few times because I really feel like I’m just piling on the figure when it comes down to it. I’m not the biggest fan of his creator, Geoff Johns, and I’m sensitive to the fact that at least some of my initial dislike stems from that alone. But I also think the design could use some work too. He might be cooler if there were more media tie-ins to give him life, but this is a line with next to no media tie-ins. He might be cooler if the light-up functions were included, but this is a line without those kinds of action figures. He might be cooler if… well, you get the idea.

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33 comments to MOTUClassics.Com:
Sir Laser Lot Review

  • Sunny

    SLL has grown on me, I like him a lot more than I used to.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Great review, excellent pics, and I pretty much agree with every point you make. (Except for online exclusive comics you have to pay to download. Just the word “exclusive” raises my hackles, let alone making it a digital file that can become corrupted over time.)

    While I actually rather like this figure in and of itself, as you say, with almost no media tie-ins, it’s hard for me to work up any enthusiasm about him as a character. I might like this figure more when I finally get around to doing him a fabric cape for ease of balance and poseability. And if I can find a clear triangular fake gem, even better. These 30th Anniversary figures are growing on me. I thought I’d hate Cy-Chop when I finally got him, but with a spare Horde armband on him, I find he’s not quite so horrible as I’d initially expected.

    Out of curiosity, how do you do the “light-up” effects in your photos like Laser-Lots’s mace and He-Ro’s sword? It’s damn’ cool.

    • Brainlock

      it looks like Noisy had a flashlight aimed at the mace? no way was that some computer graphic.

      practical is usually better than CGI FX.

  • Brainlock

    It’s SuperLanternKnight with the Shield of SummerScot!
    (and I came up with that before seeing the last panel shout out to LoSH!)

    yeah, sorry, this guy has zero appeal to me. He looks like Geoff rejected a Lantern concept character barely modified to the MOTU-verse. Maybe if you had the Red Lantern Night-Lich head popped on him, he *might* have potential as a baddie, but….it’s not and this guy is a waste, imo.

  • Clutch

    Nice Legion riff there at the end, Noisy. This guy is probably the least exciting of the lot, but he’s not so bad either.

  • J. Lee

    He’s grown on me but passed on the pair since the stand selling didn’t reduce them by the time ofbthe endbof the toy show. ($35 each for MS and SLL) Admit if was a bit cheaper woulda tried for SLL. I got the free SDCC comic that had the SLL story in it plus #1 of the mini and it did make me like the guy alot more. Hoping somebody may surprise me for Christmas.

    I admit I did make the two in WWE ’12. Might Spector announced as “The Purple Disaster” and Sir Laser Lot as “Blue Nightmare” and together they are the Craptastic Knights. It is a funny sight to see. Though the move set I gave Spector has him kissing his opponent for a signature move.

  • rikdom

    Maybe it’s just me, but one of the most annoying things about this figure, that I haven’t seen mentioned in even the most critical reviews, is the color of his shield.

    SLL has a red energy sword, a red energy mace and even a red energy helmet plume, all ostensibly powered by his (non-translucent) red chest crystal; but he has a blue energy shield?

    • Russ

      That’s a great point. I thought I was just being petty, but that bugs me too. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

    • dayraven

      right on rik, i thought the same thing, the shield should have been red.

      personally, i play him like an arrogant douche. like w/ his laser weapons, he’s a top shelf fighter, but he’s very cobra kai about it. but dekker is here now, and he’s all miyagi about his skills. there’s most likely a reckoning coming. anyways, to me, that’s how the characters, as written, inspire my imagination… if their creators think that’s not how their characters should read, perhaps they should have done a better job of presenting the character as they intended us to read it.

      i did buy most of the 30th anni figs, the only exception being photog, who i’d pined for long enough that i lost the will… go figure. but in large part, that’s because i have the courage to do repaints and custom work. my SLL now has gold paint over all his silver and several extra detailing slots like in his breathmask, and i think he looks better. and like noisy, i chucked the cape. bad design is bad design.

      • Beedo Sookcool

        I like the way you think. Personally, I haven’t been able to get him to stop sounding like a cross between The Tick and “Beast Wars” Silverbolt in my head. Your take on him just might remedy that.

      • Bigbot

        I had the exact same little story going on with Dekker and Sir Laser-Lot. Now that Man-at-Arms is a Snake Man and events are leading up to another “last” battle, Dekker has decided to add to the cause where he sees Sir Laser-Lot going on and on about his abilities with his magical gem. Dekker ends up taking down Laser-Lot with just his techno mace that Duncan had perfected.

      • Brainlock

        Photog’s been up on Matty all weekend, $15.40.

    • TC

      Maybe his shield is blue because his body-armor is blue, thus making his defensive weapons the same color-scheme? And, obviously, his offensive weapons are both red.
      Yeah, that’s not the greatest explanation either. Hey, I tried, but like my grandma used to say “You can’t polish a turd.”

  • Faugh

    I question letting non-designers make figures for a very visually striking toyline.

    Honestly, while I can see what he was going for, Sir Laser-Lot (a name I still hate – maybe if they dropped the “sir”, to make it less obvious) looks like he was designed BY a child, instead of FOR a child. It’s like a child saw Superman and wanted to make his own version, without understanding color theory or WHY Superman needs red to break up the blue.

    With Johns’s influence in the company, I suppose that also explains why they dropped his briefs in the New 52.

  • That last panel…oh, oh, I can’t stop laughing!

    OK, I know how to make ol’ Lasy better. He’s Duncan, exiled in time!

    See, when he was captured, he was cloned, and the clone turned into Snake MAA (it’s easier that way), then the real Duncan was sent to the past for ‘safe keeping’. But they didn’t count on his wizard techno skills, he escapes from his captors and prison, he creates the ‘laser armor’ to disguise himself in case he runs into anyone from his time hurled back in time (because that s**t happened ALL THE TIME) and preventing any paradoxes and so on.

    When Snake MAA is killed blah blah blah. There! Suddenly Laser-Lot is way neater!

    • John Rubik

      I LOVE it! It can even cover for the goofy name, as a pun based on an Earth legend Queen Marlena spoke of at the Royal Dinner Table one night.

      • Thank you! And it can work with existing stuff. The armor is ‘hot’ not only as a passive defense measure but it’s a side effect of tapping the chronodyne particles that result from the way he was sent back in time, he uses the chrono energy to power the laser stuff, thus is seems like a ‘super power’.

        Duncan will use this technology to create Snake Armor, Ice Armor and Laser Armor.

        Or something. 🙂

  • Polo23

    This figure would have been better with a 2nd head to be displayed with him.

  • Julio

    this guy remembers my a black sabbath song called Neon knights

  • Nekk-ra

    I got SLL in a trade, swapped out his buck for Hordak’s, broke out the paints on the rest, and made a Sir Horde-a-Lot. Looks way better.

  • As usual great review. SLL is the stinker of the 30th line for me…it was cy chop but after seeing the previous review of him walking on his scissors I kind of like him more than I did.

  • Tom McCraw

    I don’t collect MOTU figures, but I always check out the reviews here to see what’s going on. I will admit I was a little bored by this figure review, but the last panel won me over in the end.

  • Jon

    I just wish Sir Laser Lot came with a lot of lasers. But he doesn’t, and I still love him. Hate to say my least favorite with Photog, he just bores me compared to all the other ones.

    I really dug the 30th line, a little sad to see it go.

  • Black Arbor

    I think he might make a good armored up superman custom, Noisy! If you take that Kal-El superman with the headgear and find a way to pop his head on the body, it’d probably look pretty cool. of course, you’d need to make the S logo…

    The reason I don’t like him is because it looks like Geoff Johns forgot he agreed to create a character, then when Nietlich called him up he panicked and reached for the “Elseworlds Superman” file.

  • bharrisfan

    i almost bought this on matty during the cyber monday sale but then read he was a black plastic and immediately backed off. i can barely tolerate mekaneck and spikor in my collection and i love those characters.

  • What i got from the comics is that Geoff Jhons made Sir Laser Lot relevant by making him Clamp Champ in disguise!

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