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November Review Index Update
& Top Reviews for November

We were closer to our ideal number of monthly reviews last month, but variety wasn’t really on the menu. The push for Castle Grayskull (including a MOTU Theme Week) meant half of all the reviews featured MOTU Classics. It should come as no surprise that they dominated the list!
First up, here are links to the updated Review Index for IAT & for Battlegrip.com!

And now, here are the Top Ten for November:

For the first time since I started this month-end articles, no review from a previous month cracked the “overall” Top Ten. The long reign of Marvel Legends Future Foundation Spidey appears to be over.

As I mentioned above, the MOTU theme week dominated the charts, taking six of the ten spots on the list. DCUC made it’s way on the list with Club Infinite Earth’s Elasti-Girl, but it was Marvel that beat them out with both of ROML reviews coming in at two and four respectively. Out of everything though, I was most happy to see iGear’s UFO squeak in there for the tenth spot. I think that’s going to be a fun line to cover in 2013.

1 comment to November Review Index Update
& Top Reviews for November

  • Paul

    Well, that seals it for me. If you’re going to be reviewing all/many/some of the MiniWarriors throughout 2013, I will put in my preorder for the new ones now. It was your review that made my pull the trigger to buy Hench and UFO, and I totally love them.