Weaponeers of Monkaa Review
(40 Pics! New Figures Drop Today!)

The two armybuilders are the Magma & Crystal Gohlems. These two are characterized as proto-Monkaans and are unique in that they’re solid colors and that they feature both the Gearo & Vilhain symbols. The square on each figure’s chest is as interchangeable as everything else and the Gohlems eventually decide which way they swing, so SMC smartly include both tampos with each of the figures (the back ones are tampoed as well for these two). I’m leaning a little more towards the Crystal Gohlem since he’s a near spot-on match for the Onell “new voss” colorway, but the Magma Gohlem is cool in his own right. I woudn’t be opposed to seeing that color pop up at Onell, if it hasn’t already (along with more frickin’ green!). The basic build of the Gohlem’s doesn’t include the “ab” section, but that piece is still included with the figure.

There isn’t much paintwork to the figures, but the lines are all etched cleanly and the paint on the various faces was clean on all the heads that came packaged with the figures and the heads in the head pack.

The articulation is handled through a series of cut joints around the standard Glyos pegs and ports, but there are plenty in the basic build and many of the pieces feature a diagonal cut which helps with posing once you get used to it. One great example is the standard bicep piece. In the basic configuration, the arms are extended and slightly bent, but by just flipping that piece over you can straighten the arms. If you look at Palidar throughout my pics, you can see the straight arms. I didn’t catch that when I put him ‘back to normal’ for the pictures.

Each figure includes a few options for a head in the basic setup, but there are six additional heads that aren’t included with any of the figures: Emypreus & Umbreus in silver and green/purple, Palidar in red, and Brutok in purple. If you’re planning on picking up the figures, I recommend throwing the heads pack on your order for $5. Having the extra colorways for the heads really enhanced the play value for me. I got a kick out of making the “bizarro” versions alone.

Finally, there are those “Close Combat” Accessory Kits I mentioned. These are essentially the newest entry into Armory Series. They’ll be available in the same six colors as the figures and feature 14 pieces. The sword & sickle from the figures are repeated here, along with four smaller blades, two handles, and two pistols. The pistols are my favorite because they’re essentially the Dark Arsenal pistols making the jump into Glyos-compatibility. Now, as accessories for the Monkaans, you won’t need the handles. The fists don’t support that type of compatibility (which is something I’d like to see in future Monkaa releases), but the blades and sickle can be plugged directly into the fist for a similar effect. As you’ll see in the pics, I found use for the weapons kits to make either more elaborate builds or as extra flare to add to the figure. I particularly liked using two of the mini-blades as horns on the Empyreus head.

Since these are product samples, I tried to keep the review from being too gushy and stick to the gist, but the truth is that I had a ton of fun playing around with these guys and I’ve already found myself in that familiar trap of liking a build so much that I don’t want to disassemble it. And that combines with my feeling of needing “more” both in what’s available and what’s not – I do have hopes for future improvements like open fists and some coordination with Onell to get axis joints in even more matching colors, but overall I can’t help but feel like SMC has another hit on their hands.

Yes, I did end up modifying the figures beyond their factory configurations, but it’s the fact that I can do that that makes these that much cooler. For many of us, myself included, this is as close as we’re going to get to making our own action figures. For that, SMC can have my money. I’ll be happily picking up some more of these this afternoon and I’m already looking forward to more pieces and more colors in the months to come.

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34 thoughts on “Weaponeers of Monkaa Review
(40 Pics! New Figures Drop Today!)

  1. Wow some great builds in there, I have been having a blast with my sets I picked up at powercon. I will be jumping on and ordering some more today!

  2. I keep saying I’ll hold out for a glow Gohlem (Glohlem?), but Umbreon calls to me. As a kid, I had a ton of orphaned “bad guy leader” toys, because that was almost always the one guy I wanted before my attention changed and I moved on to something else. I think that’s kicking in again here, and the sheer ’80sness of the whole Monkaa line is probably to blame.

    And then I’ll have to get at LEAST the Umbral CCA set and maybe the head pack, and then…

  3. The “Magma” and “Crystal” Gohlems are probably a reference to the old Crystar toyline.

    1. gotta be. I’m almost disappointed Noisy kept to same color schemes, when the mix and match colors would give you a quasi-Crystar with the “Crystal” torso/arms and red legs/hands/head.

      I can’t afford to add another line, but these are cool. I saw the guys promoting the comic on FB and noticed the TF/Crystar/MOTU similarities immediately. The bad guy (Umbreus?) is totally Megatron’s head with Skeletor’s…uh, face?

      and can I say that “evil” tab deco looks much better on purple than it does on lime green.

  4. Congrats to SMC for branching out!!!

    These are definitely growing on me. I really dig some of your “taller” builds Noisy.

    But I don’t think I’m ready to pull the trigger on these until a head sculpt that grabs me more shows up on these guys.

    One thing that would be really cool would be an “Ultimate Glyos collaboration” where they make one big colorway set from all of the participating Glyos molds. How sweet would that be?!

    1. Adding some height in the legs really opened up the figures for me, particularly when I could add in the axis joints. I’m going to have to beg & whine for Matt to use this new SMC green!!

      There was an Onell drop that ran not too long ago with everything in gray/white. It was awesome. Doing that again with the Armorvor, some special OSM, and the Monkaans would be sweet!

      1. Exactly. I just think having the option to mix and match from ALL Glyos stuff would be great!!

        And yeah, in something simple, like red/black or whatever.

    1. just FYI man, these parts are totally compatible w/ the weapon sets, so you can expand the available weapon build options.

      1. This is true! I mainly stuck to building characters/figures, but the blocky nature of the pieces should make for some really cool weapons.

  5. How did everyone do at drop? I managed to get the figures I needed to complete the set and a few CC armory packs…now to transfer the remaining PP blacne to my Bank account for NYCC!!

  6. I was able to order what I wanted (Palidar, Empyreus, CCA-Empyrean and Cold Steel, and a Head pack).

    1. That’s exactly what I’m going to order, lol. 🙂

      Has SMC said anything about the production numbers on these guys? I want these sooo bad, but I won’t have any funds until the 11th. For some reason, I’m really worried that a few of these might sell out before then.

  7. I picked up Brutok when the drop first went live and I’m tempted to get the rest since they’re still in stock. I’m impressed at how well they fit in with the other Glyos characters despite a pretty significantly different style.

  8. I’m really digging these figures, I need to grab a set when I get some $$$ together. It’s cool how this line reminds me of Tomy’s old Starriors toyline in that you can have Palidar in Good or Evil colors just like the Starriors did. Can’t wait to get some of these in hand, excellent review & photos!

  9. Thanks everyone! And thank you Noisy for such an awesome review and killer set of damn hilarious photos! My wife and I haven’t stopped laughing at the shot where they all come in like the Time Bandits and just dust the MOTUC guys. The business with Brutok and Umbreus on Roboto and Hordak had me crying. Funniest and favorite review to date.. Thank you again man.

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