Review Round-Up
(October 1st-7th)

Last week’s Review Round-Up went over great. It garnered some nice traffic here at IAT and, more importantly, sent plenty of folks off to poke around the other great toy review sites the net has to offer. This week, it’s back with a list of reviews from the first week of October.

This week the list has grown to include twenty-two different sites and features a whopping sixty-nine reviews! Reviews are categorized by major brands, smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous, while independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

7th Market

DC Comics

G.I. Joe


Marvel Comics

Masters of the Universe


Star Wars



Transformers 3rd Party

Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!


14 thoughts on “Review Round-Up
(October 1st-7th)

  1. I’m still honored that you included my site in this list. Thank you. I shall return the favor and make this a thing on my site too. I think it would be cool if we all did this, it would help each other out and get some attention to each other.

    1. Mint Condition is a great site! I love checking out all the customs, let alone the reviews.

      If you’d like to copy the code directly for MCC, there are “Begin Copy” and “End Copy” comment tags in the source code so it can be easily lifted out and duplicated.

  2. This is a sweet feature. This week especially has more things of interest to me. I definitely would not have seen these otherwise.

  3. This is great, thanks Noisy. It also helps confirm my suspicion than there hasn’t been a single CIE Poison Ivy review yet. It’s not like Mattel would have to worry about sales on her, but I don’t think that’s ever stopped Toy Guru from sending out samples before. I’m actually on the fence with her and have been hoping Pixel Dan would at least put up something!

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen anything for any of the October DC stuff. Pixel Dan, Fwoosh, & AFi are Mattel’s heralds and I can’t recall any of the trio posting about them when they had their MOTU items.

      Sometimes things have come up with MOTU before where they haven’t sent out samples because of a last minute issue that needed correcting.

  4. I dig it. The weekly reviews all in one convenient spot. Very nice. Just wish I had the bandwidth to support the video reviews.

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