Sponsor Announcement:
Ka-Razy Kings of Toys

Hey there, folks! With roughly a week left in our Voltron Green Lion & Pidge Contest, we’re just Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaazy enough to have a sale going on at the same time! The sale will continue until the end of the month, with all non-clearanced merchandise throughout the store being 13% off!

So all you early Holiday shoppers, take advantage of our sale, and feel free to take a shot at our contest for a Voltron Green Lion while you’re at it! Hey, if not for you, it’d be one less Christmas gift to buy for
someone else should ya win, if ya think about it!

And we have some really big surprises coming up, starting at the end of the month, and continuing through the year’s end!

Also on the way to us this month will be:

Masters of the Universe Classics 30th Anniversary Cy-Chop, Snakeman Rattlor, and Great Rebellion member Frosta!

DC Universe Classics Signature Series Poison Ivy, and Doom Patrol member Elasti-Girl!

Finally, as we mentioned in our last announcement, our distribution center will be moving this month. We will have more information available soon enough.

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Stop by today!

“No doubt we’re the Kings of Toys, but come find out why we’re so Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!”