Ask Matty October 1st
Link Roundup

Ask Matty – October 1st Edition

We missed the deadline for this round (and there won’t be one for Oct 15th due to NYCC!), but we still wanted to provide the links to the sites that did submit their questions in on time…

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9 thoughts on “Ask Matty October 1st
Link Roundup

    1. I hope to hell not.

      The ONLY bright spot about them is that the Who’s Who pages included in some #0 issues apparently listed everyone’s first appearance as LAST YEAR. This means they have admitted this is a totally new universe and the “classic” DCU (post-Crises) is still out there!

        1. Though it is funny how DC has posted alot of the real DC pics and art lately on their facebook page.

          1. Have to say when/if we get Fire and Ice I am pairing,hoping, and may make a deal signed in blood that they are old DC designs. The blue and white jumpsuit with furry top boots for Ice and Fire, Green hair and well she had too many looks to pick from the green top and pants or this one green and white number she had later on.

            No like the nu52 designs and think they were disrespectedly killed off.

    1. I second that lackluster grunt of dismissal. I learned exactly bugger-all useful.

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