Details on Waves 2 of the
Batman & DC Unlimited Lines

So, I’m in the middle of three-too-many projects at the moment, but Vault got my attention today with a simple text, “have you seen the new DC figures?” I had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently, new DC & Batman Unlimited figure pics had been circulating all day. Oops!

You guys may not know it, and may not believe me, but I totally brought these new “retailer reveals” on today. See, I just updated the 2012 DCClassics.Com page with images of the Unlimited figures. So, naturally, the visual checklist pretty much instantly became outdated. I hate that.

Anyway, so some poking around the new shows that BigBadToyStore posted some new pre-orders and images today for Batman Unlimited & DC Unlimited Wave 2. Mattel has said they’re going to a rotating case format (similar to Hasbro’s Marvel Universe), so the two new assortments onyl reveal four additional figures. Scheduled for early 2013, here’s the new line-up:

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The three images on the left compromise the Batman Unlimited Wave 2 offerings and I’m pretty happy with what I’m seeing. Well, there is the caveat that it kinda sucks that three of the first five Batman Unlimited figures are, in fact, Batman. That kinda sucks when the line is still without DickBats, Damien, Spoiler, Oracle, Ra’s, Talia, Classic Ivy, the Ventriloquist, Prometheus, Hush, or any version of Huntress (just to name a few). That said, they have won me over with these two newest figures.

First up, we have the ridiculous “Zurr-En-Arrh” Batman. This is Grant Morrison’s modern spin on a one-off 1958 Batman character. The original story featured a brightly-colored Batman from another planet. In the modern take, Morrison wove a tale that showed Bruce had become so prepared paranoid that he’d created a back-up personality that would assert itself should he ever be brainwashed. The backup personality created the brightly-colored costume, carried a bat, and had hallucinations of Bat-Mite. I loved the story and, as you can see in the enlarged pics the new Batman figure pretty much comes with everything you need right down to the sculpted “Bat Radia” on his belt. A silly figure to be sure, but one I definitely want.

The other Batman figure should be recognizable to just about everyone, the Dark Knight Returns Batman. This figure wouldn’t normally be of a ton interest to me, but it appears to be built like or around a MOTUC buck. If he really is the size of MOTUCs*, then my He-Shelf is getting a Batman (Superman, please?). If not, this guy may not be coming over to my house.

* – I really, really, really want Mattel to make a second (provided that they would get around to making a first DCUC Warlord, damn it!) Warlord on a MOTUC buck in the tradition of those old Remco figures. He could have a sweet little bio about a portal between Eternia & Skartaris and I know the figure would totally rock. Total, pipe dream though, I know.

Okay, so, moving on to DC Unlimited Wave 2, things get a little less exciting. Wonder Woman here can join the Superman, Batman, & Flash from the previous wave and *boom* more than half your DCnU Justice League right there. The only thing about Wonder Woman that bugs me is the lack of an ab crunch, that mid-chest swivel that’s been used on newer DC female figures kinda sucks. I appreciate the visual aspect it gives them over the ab crunch, but I don’t think it’s functional enough. Anyway, I’m not the biggest fan of the nU designs (I think I’ve made that clear over the last year) and I’m not really looking for any nU figures right now, so this is a likely pass. (Though metallic Bats & Supes from Wave 1 are shaping up to be gateway figures…)

The last figure, another Batman, is the one I can tell you right now won’t be reviewed here because I won’t be buying. One of the cool things about “DC Unlimited” is that it can happily pull from any era or incarnation of DC’s long history. No more silly “it’s called Classics!” argument. I’m excited for what they can entail, but it doesn’t mean I’ll always buy the figures. This Batman hails from the 2013 DC video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. As you can see here, the 4H successfully captured the look of the figure, but the initial design just doesn’t work for me (I haven’t liked much of anything I’ve seen from that game actually). Some folks are going to want the figure, particularly if the game is kick ass, so I’m glad it’s there for ’em when they do.

Alright, I think that’s everything. If I missed something, I have no doubt you guys will let me know in the comments!

71 thoughts on “Details on Waves 2 of the
Batman & DC Unlimited Lines

  1. I am 100% completely on board for a Dark Knight Returns Batman. I’m sure this is fueled by the upcoming DKR 2-part OAV. Only problem I foresee is, how are they going to do Robin? I don’t think they have a buck on file that can properly handle the task in terms of body shape and proportion to Batman.

    So, Wonder Woman is back to the hotpants? I guess the long pants didn’t work out what with the cancelling of the TV series and all, huh? More Iconic or something with the shorts.

    So color me jaded, I have severe doubts these are going to set the toy aisle on fire, ya know?

  2. DKR and DKSA being my all time favorite bat books makes me naturally super hype on the figure. Being potentially I’m scale with motuc makes it even sweeter

      1. we very well could LOOKS MOTUC Scale at least…in any case I will buy and DKR stuff they put out..heck I bought the collectors ed of Arkham City jsut becasue it came with a DKR skin

    1. While I’m completely on board with a Travis Morgan-Warlord (good lord, did I just pull that whole from my dusty memory?!) figure for DCU/CIE, I just have a ‘stop’ when I think of re-creating those frankly horrible Remco Warlord figures. I’m sorry, Noisy, I don’t mean to be rude, but that smacks of more an ironic kind of thing than something actually desirable.

      Altho to be fair, while the Remco figures were trash to my eyes, I do seem to recall some excellent sculpting with the heads.

      And then there was the bizarre humor of Blackstar, which, for a spaceship toy, used an enlarged ‘Core Fighter’ from Mobile Suit Gundam. 🙂

      1. LOL You’re just too old. Remco was awesome if youw were 4. 😉

        Besides don’t you trust the 4H to recreate those horrible Remco figures into something cool?

        It is an ironic thing, Mattel has no place to sell it other than at SDCC. I still think they should do it though. It would be awesome.

        1. Travis Morgan has always been number 1 on my wish list. My only problem is putting him on the MOTU buck. Just because he’s a sword/sandal/fantasy figure dosent mean he should be on a MOTU buck. Although Travis Morgan is in great shape for his age….he’s never been that ripped. I think a standard DCUC buck would be perfect

          1. I don’t want THE Warlord on a MOTU buck, I want A Warlord on a MOTU buck. The MOTU Warlord would be a Remco homage from the early 80s that would hang with He-Man, but we’d still need a DCUC proper one.

            1. I wonder if anyone has ever pitched that idea to Toyguru. I could check, but I’m terribly lazy.

      1. Make it three! I’d love a whole line of the Remco figs. & Steve Harrison, you sir, are on dust! ; P

        1. 4! Bring on the MOTUC sized Remco Warlord. Seriously one of my most wanted Mattel figure updates EVA!

          Really digging the DKR and Zur Batmen. Kudos Matty.

          Now give me an Ambush Bug & MOTUC sized Scabbard two pack and I’ll be a happy collector (until the next sub-shakedown at least). 🙂

  3. Whoo! This is a (mostly) great line up! The next Bat-character I want though is the ventriloquist. New head on the Black Mask body, scarface accessory and bing bang boom, ventriloquist.

    1. I would love a Wesker! I don’t remember if I left him in the article or not, I kept changing out my quick list. A 4H-sculpted Scarface figure would kickass! I have no problem him being a new head figure at all.

  4. Sigh…okay, I understand that I’m probably one of only 5 people on the planet that’s kinda sick of Batman, but if the Bat has his own line (Batman Unlimited), why put a Bat in the DC Unlimited line too? Just put Injustice Bats in the next wave of Batman Unlimited figs. The last thing I want (and again, I realize I’m in the vast minority on this) is to have a Batman Unlimited line and a Batman-with-a-few-other-DC-characters Unlimited line. I mean, yeah, sure, peanut butter and chocolate go together great…but sometimes you just want plain old peanut butter…

    I’m worried that by doing this, DC and Mattel are just outright admitting that their only “heavy-hitter” is Batman. And it’s a sad state of affairs if that truly is the case…


    1. Actually, there is documented history on this very concept.

      I won’t go into the whole thing, but here: Model kit company Bandai was struggling back in the ’70s, then Space Battleship Yamato saved the company. This gave them the capital to invest in Sunrise’s Mobile Suit Gundam, which tanked when it first appeared. The kits were toy-like and unimpressive. It wasn’t until the release of the Mobile Suit Gundam feature films and the concurrent ‘Mobile Suit Variation’ contest that ‘Gunpla’ took off, and it has become the main driving force of the company.

      But a funny thing happened as time went on. The beancounters at Bandai noticed that kit sales had a distinct pattern. The hero robot, always a Gundam, outsold all the other kits by at least 4 to 1.

      Now, I know there’s some very clever folk here and I bet they’re already jumping ahead and know what happened. 🙂

      In 1992, after Bandai gained a controlling interest in Sunrise (and thus, ownership of the Gundam franchise), an edict went out. From this point on, everything is Gundam. All robots are Gundam. Good guys, bad guys, all is Gundam.

      This was the beancounter logic. Since the best selling kits are Gundam, make every kit Gundam and sales will be insane. Somehow nobody managed to grasp that the reason why Gundam sold so well was because it was the Protagonist’s main ride. It’s not the NAME, it’s the place within the story structure. Hero Robot= most desired. Not hard to figure out. Of course I don’t have any sales date from the time since 1992, but I would bet anything that the formula still holds, i.e. the main protagonist’s robot outsells all the others by at least 4 to 1.

      And so, Mattel and Batman. Batman is the only superhero that really sells well, it’s the only DC franchise that has had any kind of sustainable track record, so logic, Beancounter logic says, “if we’re going to make Superhero toys, it’s all Batman”

      Which of course is a program for failure.

      1. While aware of the history…painfully aware of it due to many attempts to market “Batman and his Technicolor Variants” (almost begging to be a broadway musical, isn’t it?)…and the logic…sadly I just felt the need to vent my Batman Fatigue.

        I agree that this is a program for failure…and likely on many levels. DC has some great characters that when handled well are…well…great! The long running Justice League/JLUnlimited being a fine, popular (almost overused) example. Maybe this is an indication that DC has seriously dropped the ball, because the general populace has taken the attitude “If it’s not Batman…it’s crap!”


        1. I disagree that it’s a program for failure in the toy aisle. It worked for Hasbro’s bottom line for a decade. It’s been working for Toy Biz & Hasbro with Spider-Man for going on twenty years. Spider-Man, in particular, who’s got pegs for a 6″ and 4″ line right now, both relying heavily on Spider-Man figures over his villains. It does work.

          I think this 1:1 Batman ratio sucks for collectors, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem in the retail aisle. I’m not mad about it though because I have the subscription and it’s going to be filling out my DC fix quite nicely.

        2. Carmel Colored Lava Fighter Batman and his Bola Launcher!

          I still hold that when kids play with figures, figures based on a movie or TV show, they want a toy that looks like what they see. I am convinced, because it’s surely what my play pattern was, is that the ONLY reason a Lava Fighter Batman sells is because the kids want the cool Bola Launcher. Lava Batman goes into the toybox, or becomes a bad guy with the ears clipped off with a toenail clipper or something. Nowadays of course I’m more mature. He would go back into his card bubble which would be placed in a box. 🙂

          Speaking of which, I’m rather appalled by the current retail Batman figures. The movie inspired ones are really lackluster with honestly useless accessories, and the new cartoon Batman (which HASN’T AIRED YET!) is..wonky. But HE gets a Batmobile!

          Mattel needs a 2×4 upside the head. 🙂

          1. Being of the generation that all those Batmen were aimed at, I assure you that many were awesome! I always find Arctic Batman appealing. And have you seen that new line’s Mutant Batman? He has clip-on Man-Bat parts!! So hard to resist.

            Those weren’t work for Classics though. I’m curious to see if doing nU, Injustice, DKR, etc., will work on that same tack. I think it will.

            1. I always took the approach that Mr. Harrison stated, I wanted what I saw on TV or the movies. I had many of the crazy out there Batman variants. The accessories were always cool….but sometimes i would either use them with a more “standard” looking Batman figure….or i would bust out my model paints and paint the neon green and orange Batman black or his classic grey and blue.

          2. I’m mostly with Steve on this subject, but I do agree that kids may want “mission-specific” heroes to make playtime more interesting. (After all, I bought Battle Armours / Thunder Punch / Dragon Blaster / Flying Fists / Terror Claws the first time around, and I have done or will be doing so again.) But, yes, I was one of those kids that wanted the cartoon version of the hero, nit the yellow-with-orange-lightning-bolts version, and I know there are others out there.

            I also know there are kids out there who mourn never being able to find a villain for their heroes to fight, because they’re one-per-case, and the scalpers nab ’em all.

            1. This, of course, this most of all. Villains one to a case? Madness!

              Altho, I must confess my super power.

              Back when Batman the Animated Series was a toy line, I had (have) a friend who was just this big Batman fan. he was constantly frustrated, he could never find the villains! So, I used my power to help him.

              See, many times, I’ve been able to find things for people, action figures that they just can’t find. You should have seen the Playmates Star Trek collection I helped another friend build up, until his apartment storage locker was broken into and they were STOLEN.

              So for my Batman friend, during the course of the B:TAS toyline run, I actually managed to grab him EVERY SINGLE VILLAIN they made. If it shipped to a store I would stumble on it. It was quite funny, actually. Of course, back then I had a job, a car, money, a reason to make regular trips to Chicago which took me past a number of very ‘out of the way’ Walmarts and Toys R Us and other places. 🙂

  5. wait, you mean you’re not going to buy, to support the line, and thereby the fans who may not want the figure you really do want that’s just around the corner?

    sorry homes, but you had that coming. not going all in on the retail line is no less supportive than not buying the sub. you’re only deluding yourself about that because the retail waves are broken up over the year… even though they’re planned and executed a year at a time, for financial purposes, just like the sub is. i do support everyone’s right not to buy a figure they don’t want, but this is why, every single sentence i read in support of mattel’s sub lines, regardless of the property, makes my hands ball into fists and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. subs suck.

    so, regarding these… that’s a batman on a motuc buck, no doubt in my mind. if they’re going to execute an entire batman centric line, they need to edit him from the other line… but who am i right? i’m just a batman fan who’s money they’re not getting, and that’s my fault for not being fan enough, right? they’re only riding the coattails of DC’s one commercially viable superhero. i mean, you could claim that there’s one other, but let’s get real… he’s a second-stringer. bats clear and away is the cash cow, and he should be… but the mule is dead, he’s been kicked into ceviche, and he’s starting to get a little gamey. if i was a good little bat-fan, i’d have dumped well over 200 bucks on the bats just in the last 6 weeks… jesus, give me time to go to work and earn another paycheck! wonder woman gets the only halfway explainable costume revamp of the DCNu, but then they jank her up w/ the torso ball. have i mentioned that i hate the torso ball? in the history of that piece of articulation, i can think of maybe 3 figs that used it well. the sword thing for di is a nice touch though. derp batman and batmite do nothing for me, and really, didn’t the last retail wave of batman classics have a batmite? how many of these things do they think we need?

    am i being a little negative here? kinda… but they’ll get no shrift from me. these are just dull. even the DKR, which ought to bering tears of joy to my face, just feels “eh.” like, ok, he gets a motuc body, which the customers have asked for about a dozen times in the last 5 years, and have repeatedly been told “we can’t share bucks across a line,” even though they’re sharing motuc w/ max steel on the downlow… so now, they finally bust one out, and we’re supposed to do kegstands and flip cars in the streets? nah… after the whole “oh, you need to buy our toys” shpeel of the last few weeks, i feel kind of sick to my stomach. i kind of am kicking myself for buying any mattel product at all, and i look at my fellow collector, by and large, in a less than flattering light. there are times that being a toy fan is fun… this is not one of those. there are times i feel absolutely encumbered by my choice of hobby, and this is definitely one of those. i HATE encumberance… it’s why i don’t often wear pants.

    1. The subscription argument doesn’t hold water to me, particularly when we’re looking at this line-up. Supporting a subscription of 8-10k units so we can get figures like Lead, Elasti-Girl, Ram Man, & Jitsu is, to my eyes, completely worth picking up the Fighting Foe Men, Constantine, Saint Walker, and whatever else one might not love because the line is so small that if everyone gets nitpicky about who’s included, no one will get anything. The subscription has a great boon before we even get to how easy collecting MOTU is when compared to something like 6″ Avengers 9(which there are just six of!).

      As for why the retail line requires less support from collectors, that’s by design. It’s easily going to be expected to move 3-4 times as many units by virtue of being subsidized by non-collector purchases, and now we know the first couple salvos will be pumping out Batman 5 out of 10 times to capture those 3-4 times sales. Buying a sub to get collector-oriented pegwarmers? Sounds good to me. Signing up to get some MOTU figures instead of none? Sounds good to me. Signing up to get Covergirl, Iron Klaw, and Big Boa instead of limited articulation GI: Joe Retaliation figures? Sounds good to me.

      Second, and this is where not responding emotionally comes in. DKR Bats isn’t simply on a MOTU “buck”. It’s right there in the picture, he can’t share more than the hands, thighs, internal hip artic, biceps, and shoulders. Everything else is plainly new and that’s not counting we have no idea of the scale. He could be, he could not be (he’s likely still 6″ and we’re all in for disappointment), but it’s certainly not worth wasting the effort of anger yet. And further, who cares anyway? I accept that some of us asking for things like bucks across lines, are prone to just be “yay! they’re doing it!” while others simply can’t help but get upset that they’re doing what we asked after saying “no”. I accept it, but I don’t understand the latter, never will. One, because folks are getting what they want and two, because we have no idea of the circumstances. Maybe something was renegoiated, maybe some Meddlor moved into a different position – it could be any number of things, and that’s why we should never go first to anger or resentment.

      And lastly, I tend to find that anytime we falter and decide that “someone has something coming”, the second thing we should realize is that it’s not us who should give it to them.

      1. the subscription argument doesn’t hold water for you, because you don’t like it. that does not, in any way, diminish its factual nature or make the argument less valid. the bottom line, as you point out about the “retail needs to produce 3-4 times the sales of the sub” still requires that figure A sells to afford production of figure B… the only difference at all is, at retail, figures A-F are sold on one day, rather than across 6 months… but just like the sub model, if people aren’t buying A-F, even if it’s only fig D that doesn’t move, fig D sits on the pegs, convinces toy aisle managers not to re-buy the line, and she dies on the vine. if people don’t buy, there’s no future, in both sales cases. it’s funny that you mention the 16 figure a year commitment of the sub… the retail line only demands, on average 15 to 20 figs a year, and can die easily with but two or three pegwarmers, where the sub moves right on over regardless… so the retail line is very much more delicate than the sub… after all, how deep did jakks get in the terminator salvation line? how deep did the real steel line get? how many aves of NECA sf were there? so the imperative to support the collective is even greater. start the march mein fuhrer! The retail line IS going to include figures that each of us may not want because it has to cater to all kinds of DC fans… remember that? i’m paraphrasing of course… but surely you get my meaning. it’s time to put up or shut up about wanting the retailer-unfriendly figures. or, don’t you see it as a commitment to each other any more? cuz it still very much is.

        as for the buck… look at the picture man. surely your over-developed sense of analysis notices that the ratios of knee width to hips, the curvature of the frontal deltoid muscles, the head height to body height ratio… that’s a motuc buck. and for someone who held palaver w/ other gents about the part count on a motuc buck, you’re undercutting the piece count b\pretty severely in your efforts to dismiss my PoV. you missed, at least, the upper calves, upper forearms, internal neck ball, ankle discs, and of course, the various pegs to hold elbows, knees, and ankles together. and if i’m right, dollars to doughnuts the back sections of both torso segments are likewise shared. i have a vykron right in my lap, and i can tell you, those are motuc parts re-used.

        as for the anger, and how i apply it… i have plenty i assure you, no need o worry of my running out. 🙂 and it’s not just being dumped here all willy nilly… my anger is at the line, not that one figure, and it’s at the BS that goes w/ buying this company’s product. one person might regard that as “listening to the fans” but the truth is, it’s “what we sell you, when we decide you should buy it.” i’m not the first person to over-estimate the value of the customer base to the decision-making machine of this company, not even the first on this website. most company’s sell to us based on what they want to make, and how well they make it, i get that, but most companies in a retail scenario, don’t make the purchase such a chore, nor insult the customer base or coerce them to turn on each other. my anger, such as it is, is self-flagellating too, since i do buy from these d-bags too. at least i recognize the act for what it is and admit it. none of this though makes these toys any better, in the sense of quality or value relative to cost, nor improves customer relations, or even improves the character selection… all critiques on those fronts stand regardless of me and my “misplace aggression.” why? because i’m hardly the only person making these observations, here or anywhere else. if you are a fan of the toy as a chance to innovate or invent, mattel ain’t your company. if you look at the toy as a low cost entertainment option, mattel ain’t your company. if you want a toy that inspires the imagination, and you want mattel to be your company, you better imagine an empty wallet and a static display shelf collecting dust.

        personally, while there are a few masters figs left that i want, i don’t look to mattel to really excite me anymore. i look to other companies, other product lines, other figures that remind me why i love toys. for the price tag right now, playmates and NECA are both shooting for the moon, while mattel’s boy lines show the ingenuity of the outhouse. sharing bucks between lines actually makes them even lazier than they already were, and further decreases the post of production for both lines, neither of which will make the toys any more affordable for customers. that right there? that’s mattel spending all the brand loyalty currency they’ve accrued from me for making procrustus.

        1. I will again say that the MOTU buck discussion is pointless until we know. This same argument cropped up for Gygor/Grodd and it was ultimately rendered pointless when it became apparent that Gygor required all-new tooling. Those of us that would be happy that Mattel listened and is making a MOTU-sized Batman can and should induldge in positivity and delight at the prospect even if we are ultimately to be disappointed. There is, however, no reason whatsoever to waste time and energy on a negative reaction. We may be getting a cool Batman figure like we’ve asked for or we may just be seeing a 4H sculpt scaled down to 6″ (at which point we’ll start demanding a DCUC-sized He-Man no doubt).

          As for the subscription “discussion”, I’m going to stop at simple disagreement. Honestly, you sound like you have an axe to grind, so I’m going to let you go find someone else to grind it on. I’ve got too much to do.

          1. Anyone who types out such a manifesto against you and a toyline obviously does have an axe to grind lol. Always amazes me how an adult who collects little plastic kids toys can be so angry about toys. If toy collecting made me so mad I think I’d get a new less stressful hobby.

            While it looks like a partial MOTUC buck, I definitely agree with you that it is likely just similar but 6″.

  6. Too bad these weren’t revealed prior to the close of the DCIE subscription, because it clearly illustrates why we need the sub. These are a pass for me as well, unless I easily see them on a toy hook.

    I guess Batman Unlimited means All Batman, all the time, and not so much Batman Universe supporting characters otherwise Black Mask and Poison Ivy would not be in the sub.

    Always enjoy your essays.

      1. Or how about Zebra Man…

        Right, Zebra Man isn’t DC.

        He isn’t even an American property.

  7. They should have put the DC parts of the MOTUC vs. DC two packs on the MOTUC bucks … it would have been incredible! Roided out DC villains and heroes alike, if only.

    1. I would’ve loved that! The more I’ve thought about it, I think we’re going to end up being disappointed that this figure is still 6″. I really hope not though!

  8. Okay, i’m ready for forking over 18$ for a Bat-mite! and DK Batman? heck yes! A Superman would really be cool. Now if they get also a Robin of this one out it would be suuhh-weeeeed! But.. we’re talking about Mattel here, lol.

    1. That’s the thing! We NEED at the very least Robin and Superman! Expand it, and we get ‘Anti-Superman’ armor Batman, One-arm Green Arrow, David Bowie Joker. To be totally balls nasty we need us some Mutants. Gordon, Wayne and Kent would be a decent civilian set.

      Cripes, without even trying hard we’ve got a solid three waves and a store exclusive right there! ARRGGGHHHH!

        1. I want to see a Clark Kent on that MOTUC buck. 🙂

          Robin…I was wondering, would using the Artemis from Young Justice do the job? I think the proportions would be correct, maybe…

  9. Zur En Arghhhhh Batman is the f****ing ugliest figure I have ever seen. I NEED HIM. (wish he had some bright ass lime green though.)

    I had a DC DIrect DKR Bats somewhere so I can pass on him.

  10. I love all these. Totally thrilled about all the choices. Between the first two waves of both DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited and the 2013 sub I’m pretty happy about more DC figures when the line was so dead for so long.

    1. Glad to see some more positivity about this release! It’ll be nice to see them on the pegs. I’m not a big fan of the nU designs, but I do love how quickly they’re assembling the JLA.

    2. I’m excited to get them as well. I’ve never been a videogame guy so I’ll pass on the Injustice Batman. Otherwise, I’m all in for both the Batman and Unlimited waves. I’m betting that most of the grief that the Unlimited line is getting is because of the lingering hatred over the New52. Depending on how long this Unlimited line lasts….lets face it, its more than likely be mostly New52 designs. And I’m perfectly fine with that being in the silent majority that still is enjoying the DCnU.

      My DCnU wishlist consists of Animal Man, Frankenstein, warrior Swamp Thing, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow and both Firestorms

  11. Noisy, send me an Injustice Batman and I’ll do the review for you.

    Although the other figures are attractive, they don’t fit into the scheme of my collection. However, the Injustice Batman looks like he might fit right in with my S.I.C. and E&P/Makai Kadou figures. I’d also like to do comparison between the Injustice and Movie Realization Batmans.

  12. how’s this for positivity, i just pre-ordered these guys. zur-en-arrh bats with the batmite that didn’t come with my golden age bats(no kmarts near enough) and the dtr bats who i think looks awesome, if he’s on a motuc buck all the better! i may have to wait ’til winter/spring but i think i’ll be happy to have these guys.

  13. its so sad to see a once great line just gasp for air. these offerings are really sad. the dark knight returns batman looks like it has potential, but its still lacking so much. there is nothing paint-wise that makes it a ‘wow.’ the last batman in the pics looks so out of proportions. what a pity.

  14. After reading these comments, I’m a little confused. Are we mad that they’re using a MOTU buck for Dark Knight Batman? If you’re going to produce a Dark Knight Batman you almost have to use that He-man buck, otherwise you’ve just got another Batman with a slight paint variation.

    Everybodie’s probably gunna jump all over me, but I kind of appreciate Mattel at least trying to come up with creative ways to put out more Batman variations without getting into the “vert ramp freestyle skater Batman” realm. True there’s always an over abundance of Batman figures, but AT LEAST these variations have been in the comics. Even for a panel or two. I’s have to guess that 75% of Matty’s creative process is taken up with finding new ways to create more Batman figures with existing parts. I get the idea that Batman sells. Thankfully I like Batman enough to pick the figures up. Sure its lazy toymaking to constantly slap together a few parts and make another Batman, BUT at least we’re not seeing a neon red and yellow Magma Armor Batman mixed in with the DCUC figures. I’m not suggesting we have to take a bite of a shyte sammich in order to get a couple figures we really want…..but sometimes it seems like Matty is trying to put some ketchup on it for us.

    As far as the DC Unlimited line goes, I think people are missing the key word in that name….UNLIMITED. The title of the line suggests that its gunna perhaps be a catch all for all kinds of DC related figures…whether they be based on a movie or videogame or just new characters to add to the line. It makes more sense to put the Batman from Gods Among us in the Unlimited line than the Batman line, especially if they intend on adding other DC characters from the game to the line. And of stated above….Batman is the heavy hitter and the better seller, so its only natural to have him be the first Gods Among Us figure. Of course i could be completely wrong and we could end up seeing a bunch more Batman figures mixed into future waves of DC Unlimited, but i think everybody is getting their panties in a twist over nothing.

    1. I kind of appreciate Mattel at least trying to come up with creative ways to put out more Batman variations without getting into the “vert ramp freestyle skater Batman” realm. True there’s always an over abundance of Batman figures, but AT LEAST these variations have been in the comics.

      This is absolutely true. While 5 out of 10 is a shock, Mattel should have Batman in the mix much more than they have! The market for crazy Bat-variants doesn’t exist at this price, do this is the way to go.

      1. I don’t mind the variations so much, it’s just…

        Is it so wrong that I want a Aparo Batman, and an Adams Batman and yes Frank Miller Batman? I want the distinctive artistic STYLES.

        I want Simonson’s Paul Kirk Manhunter. I want Giffen’s Amubush Bug. I want Grell’s Warlord.

        rant rant ranty rant. I want the impossible.

        1. It’s not impossible. I was told I’d never get a Zurr-En-Arrh Batman and now we’ve got a Frank Miller Batman. I guess if you’re waiting for them to redesign the base body to something those artists drew, it might be too long a wait, but given the latest developments, that may be more likely.

          Except for Ambush Bug. o.O

  15. I’m getting a decidedly Shumacher vibe from that “Injustice” Batman….and that’s not good :S

  16. @Dayraven, bro I hear ya’. I too have been really pissed at late with Mattel/DC and how they’ve mis-handled things such as accessories(or rather the lack of), poor paint and figure quality, poor character selection, in that I don’t think we really needed Mattel to cover the whole entire SP-line, as who really wanted the Golden Pharaoh, Cybertron, or even Forager? Those figures have to have all of what, 5 fans for each figure, am I right?

    My biggest complaint rather, lies with poor distribution. I live in the South Eastern part of the US, yet the distribution here is a joke. Yes I know geographically big cities tend to get the better selection of goods, but that system needs to be changed desperately! I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been months now, and I have yet to see any figure whatsoever from wave 19. I got 20, but no 19. The same holds for some of the earlier waves as well, but my main gripe is with no seeing wave 19. Can anyone answer that one for me?

    The DKR scale Batman doesn’t bother me so much, because a). I don’t have to get him if I don’t want to, and b). because, well yeah, the MOTC buck is kind of a no-brainer there. DKR Batman is freaking huge, and the DCUC bucks, even the Darkseid one, probably wouldn’t be too good of a fit there for him.

    I do like the Zureenah one, if only for the face, paint scheme, and just the fact that they’re even putting one out period. Who ever thought that was going to happen? Not me. Now how is it, even though I know this is a stupid question, they make that batman, but no Morrison JLA figures? Most people have long asked for those versions, and you’d think since Morrison can do no wrong @DC, that hey, they’d throw him a bone like that. Weird.

    Now I’ve long held reservation and outright contempt for the sub-line. Yes most of the figures are nice, but the price isn’t justified, especially when the lack of accessories for these figures is so blatantly obvious. Sure a small plastic gun or what-not can’t possibly add that much to the overhead?

    Plus, as I’ve said over @ the DCUC section on Facebook, I really do not like the “Help us save the line” advertisements that are slowly pervading the internet. It’s like Mattel’s holding these long overdue figures(as is the case for Elasti-Girl, Wally West, and the Elongated Man)hostage so to speak, until fans can fork over, what, $40 a piece for these figures? Know, yes I know the whole sub-thing is not mandatory, but it kind of worries when the line seems to have been deemed done at 20, and then the whole All-Star line got botched as well. So basically, it seems like the future of the DCUC line lies in subscription only, and that’s wrong. Why should I be forced to have to buy figures online if I don’t want to. And yes, by basically making these figures available only online, it is forcing customers to go that route other than traditionally through stores like Wal-Mart and Target. Is that because ultimately Mattel’s cutting out those stores to keep more profit in their pockets? After all these short few years, is Mattel really hurting that much for money? Seems that way, yet the level of quality gradually goes down despite the higher cost to the consumer.

    Makes you wonder folks.

    Still waiting for Count Vertigo, the rest of the Rogues, Chronos, and more. Maybe the 2014 sub-line right guys:)

  17. Really, Noisy? “DickBats”? Please don’t ever call him that again.

    And I kept my mouth shut on the whole Wally/Flash thing. Collectors wanted yet another Flash figure, and you got him. Good for you. Now, if you really want a Dick Grayson as Batman figure, I have an easy solution: Take one of the dozen or so Batman figures that already exist, close your eyes and say “That’s Dick Grayson under that mask,” and, Voila!, instant DickBats, or BatDicks or whatever you want to call him. Let’s focus on getting some new characters, please.

    1. If I could sculpt the changes unique to his costume, I would totally do that! I would still need a Damian Robin though…:D I’d love new characters too, but surely you’ve got some Bat-variants you’d figure should get done if retail is going Batman heavy?

      1. What sculpt changes? They can’t be that major. But hey, to each his own.
        Damien Robin would be awesome, but since he’s such a little twerp, he would have to include a ton of weapons and his pet dog (I can’t remember, did they name the dog “Ace” in the Nu52?). I would love to see that. But Matty seems to have something against accessories, so i’m not getting my hopes up.
        I can’t think of many Bat-variants that I just can’t live without. Hmmm, maybe a “classic” Owl-Man? That Batman in the ninja costume with the Japanese demon mask would be okay, I guess (from when Bruce was recovering from Bane snapping his spine and Lady Shiva was helping him get his Bat-mojo back.) This of course, would require matty sculpting a “karate chop” hand that we’ve needed forever. And Matty doesn’t like to do extra work, does he?

        1. He’d need new forearms, a new belt, and preferably a new head.

          Classic Owlman is high on my list and Mask of Tengu Batman could be fun. I’d take it just to get that damn karate chop hand!

  18. I am just glad to see that version of Batman hat is not done by DC direct cause it means we will see usable articulation. I am looking forward to hearing more details about it soon.

    Also, I agree with you Noisy. It seems silly to argue what buck is being used until it has been confirmed. Sure it looks like a MOTUC buck, but isn’t it possible 4H could sculpt a slightly larger version based on MOTUC’s look and it have it look exactly the same to the naked eye? Without a point of reference like another MOTUC of DCUC next to him, it seems like a moot point to argue. I have seen some conspiracy theories prop up already here and on other forum and it feels like a lot of vitriol based on one pic.

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