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OMFG! Series 2 on Kickstarter
Less Than Two Weeks Left!

I’ve keep forgetting to post about the OMFG! Series 2 Kickstarter project. With only 10 days left, I should get on that. Currently, the project is almost funded (98.2%!), so I think we’re good *crosses fingers*, but there is that little matter of the black OMFG! set that’s exclusive to Kickstarter.

If you’re a regular IAT reader, you know I love the Series 1 OMFG! figures. I reviewed the first five colorways of Series 1 back in February and have since collected six more colors, including two that were just released at SDCC earlier this month (huge shout out to a friend who will remain anonymous for snagging them for me!!). The first wave featured some cool designs with great sculpts. They won me over easily.

And that’s the just the toys themselves, the real appeal to me is the success story behind them. The OMFG! line should be the envy of every toy message board out there. Some talented and aspiring folks over at October Toys Forum came together and dreamed this line up. Users submitted designs, the forum voted on the final five, and then over 400 backers pledged on Kickstarter to make Wave 1 a reality. This is a toy company we should all be able to get behind.

But that was all Series 1. Those crazy guys have been at it again…

From L to R, there’s Grimm Gourd, Cry-Borg, Cuddlehard, Shirtle, and, my favorite, Puke Knight! While the image above shows the figures cast in a cool ‘prototype’ blue, the Kickstarter Project is about funding a flesh-colored set (think M.U.S.C.L.E.!). And, yes, later you should be able to buy said flesh-colored set from October Toy’s Online Store (currently OMFG! Series 1 is available in flesh, glow-in-the-dark, and SDCC exclusive purple), but, as one would expect, there is an incentive for pledging through Kickstarter – a special black set.

As I mentioned, *knocks on wood*, Series 2 is already almost fully funded, but if you want that exclusive black set, you gotta sign up as a $25 Backer before the project closes out on August 6th!

For more information on the project, let me turn you over to the intrepid George & Ayleen Gaspar from Toy Break & October Toys:

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Less Than Two Weeks Left!