ItsAllTrue.Net turns Three!!
+ Giveaway Updates!

ItsAllTrue.Net kinda sorta missed its birthday a few weeks ago (July 1st), but I still wanted to post and give a shout out to our readers for three great years. Both Vault and I really appreciate that so many of you keep coming back to read our silly missives. Thank you!

Three years ago, my friends and I put IAT together to try and carve out a little niche of positivity and remind everyone to have some fun with their action figures. We wanted to do some fun reviews and, my being a checklist hound, wanted to make the checklists I wanted when I was looking for the latest info on my favorite lines. The site took off like we never imagined and, three years later, Vault and I are still here chugging away and being constantly humbled that thousands of people swing by here to use the site, read our reviews, and hang out with us. We still can’t believe it.

So, yes it is our birthday this month, but it’s really a chance for us to celebrate you guys. When it’s midnight and we’re tired, knowing that you’ll be here in the morning to check in on us is what helps us to push through and get an update to the checklist or to finish up a new review. Thanks for coming by and making IAT worthwhile. You guys & gals rock!

While we’re talking about reader appreciation, I also wanted to give a quick update on our Monthly Contests and a shoutout to our recent winners!

For May, our monthly giveaway featured two G.I. Joe Zombie Vipers and entry was simple, just post a comment at IAT! For our first contest, our winner was site regular, Logan! Logan sent in this pic of the Zombie Vipers wreaking havoc on his Joes (great use of the battle damaged Snake Eyes, btw!)

For June, our monthly giveaway figure was a DCUC Wave 20 Reverse Flash that was to given to one of our Facebook Fans at random! Our trusty number generator selected CopperZeus3626! CopperZeus sent in this pic of Reverse Flash hanging out with his fantastic DCUC Collection:

Finally, it’s not too late to enter on July Giveaway for three of the “Dollar General”, Basic Line GI Joes! This giveaway is open to all active members of the IAT Forum that post during the month of June or July! If you haven’t registered or registered but haven’t posted recently, now’s the time!

Thanks again to all our readers!


25 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue.Net turns Three!!
+ Giveaway Updates!

  1. congrats:D i love youre site and all the great harmoni on here, i have never seen one single hatecomment. also i check in everytime i am thinking about getting a figure and youre reviews always helps:D to many more years and reviews:D hurra!

  2. Happy anniversary fellahs! You have some of the best pictorial reviews on the ‘net, and you cover my favorite toylines! How can you go wrong with that recipe?

    Here’s to many more! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! I’m a recent visitor (in the last 6 months or so), and your site has become a quick favorite. I love that your posts are so positive without glossing over issues with figures. Given the rampant negativity that permeates so many sites, this really sets you apart, and makes me WANT to come back and see what’s new!

  4. Ever since I stumbled across this site, looking for information on MOTUC, it’s been one of my favourite sites. Very well done, and please keep it up!

  5. I always enjoy popping by here for reviews, and hope to continue doing so for years to come.

    That said, get back to work – I expect this place to be the size of Michael Crawford’s before I get back.


  6. Congrats on the three years. This site is awesome, it’s usually the second site I visit in the morning (after I read up on the Houston Astros).

  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you guys! This is one of the best sites that I visit almost daily. I appreciate the humor here and huge effort to remind us to have fun with our toys.

  8. Congrats to all involved with this site! I stumbled across IAT a few months back while searching the web for a DCUC checklist, and now you’re one of the first sites I check in the morning. Love the in-depth reviews, and the accompanying photos have brightened my day on more than one occassion. If you spend enough time in the forums and places like Mattycollectors Facebook page, you can quickly lose faith in toy collecting (and humanity in general)so thanks for always keeping it a fun, positive place to meet!

  9. congrats to the IAT team (cuz there are lovely and patient ladies behind these hard working gents) on three years of snark, photo plays, and laughing at the meltdowns… and tipping us off to the greatest toys we don’t already have.

      1. you and sil both are saints. my wife has asked me a couple times why i don’t do something like IAT myself… besides the fact that i lack the net know-how to do the programming, knowing even a fraction of what you guys and gals have to do and put up with to run this site, i just know it’s not for me. and of course, no one would want to read all that profanity. in the really real world, i swear like a sailer pissing fish hooks.

        1. Ha ha! 🙂 I’m aware of your proclivity for the profane. 😉
          It’s mostly all Noisy here, but without Sil, he wouldn’t be able to do it. I have comparatively little to do with the site but I do help out on occasion, usually in the form of photoshop work or money. :p And nagging. 🙂 So much nagging. 😀

  10. Happy Birthday guys. I ran across the site looking for DCUC info and kept coming back. Will keep coming and hope to see the big 10. I honestly forget if I have a forum handle though.

  11. Thanks for all the awesome reviews…One of the hightlights of my day is seeing what you guys are reviewing.

  12. Congrats on year 3 of incredible toy reviews! I may not always comment, but I make sure to check this site daily for anything new you guys might have posted. Keep up the great work, and here’s to many, many more years of IAT!

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