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DoomKick.com Reviews: Monster
Fighters Vampyre Hearse #9464

The set comes with 3 Mini figures that are all very cool.

Lord Vampyre: This is a great figure, he is different than the Dracula from the blind bags which is pretty awesome. Not only does his head glow in the dark (again sorry no pics) with a great glow, but he has two faces on one head, which is a feature I love seeing on mini figs these days. Each of his two faces are great expressions, and I don’t know which one I will be displaying him with more often. Lord Vampyre comes with a sword and the red vampire bat Moonstone that plugs into the front of the hearse.

The Zombie Driver: Lego zombies are just a great idea, this guys face and ripped up uniform are incredible, and on the MF Lego site his quote is “briiiiiiccckkkss” which makes me laugh. I like how he has one gloved hand. There is a set coming out soon that includes a bunch of zombies, so you will be bale to build a suitable horde in no time.

Dr Rodney Rathbone: The leader of the Monster Fighters, Dr Rathbone comes with two pistols, a rapier sword, his bowler hat, a T.N.T bundle and his motorcycle. He has a robot leg that coupled with his hat, face, and clothes make him feel like a cyborg Dr. Watson to me, and really makes me want a set of Sherlock Holmes Legos now. His motorcycle is cool and has flames coming out of the exhaust and a place to clip the T.N.T bundle, and a few holes where you could plug his pistols into if you wanted.

I had a great time building this set, and if you are a fan of classic monsters, Legos, or just plain old fashioned fun then you should take a look at the Monster Fighters sets. I know I will be buying some more in the times where I need something different from my usual toy pursuits.

I want to thank Noisy and Vault for thinking of me for a guest review, these guys as you know run an incredible site, and I am honored by being invited to take part in it as well as all their support of Doomkick.com. I would also like to thank YOU the IAT readers for reading this review, and the many of you that have visited DK in the past few months, we do it all for you guys, and we hope to bring you better and better reviews as time goes by.

–DrRampageo DoomKick.com, Twitter @DoomKicks

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17 comments to DoomKick.com Reviews: Monster
Fighters Vampyre Hearse #9464

  • Lemmy

    Great review! Thanks, Dr Rampageo.

    I’m really glad for the subject matter you choose. I’ve really been eyeing these up at my local target. They look super cool! I was sad when they didn’t have much of a display of them in the Lego store at the Mall of America. They were more focused on the Lord of the Rings line. I love the way this line takes a preexisting genre and makes something unique out of it. Hmm, I wonder if my old Black Seas Barricuda needs a new crew of zombie sailors now…

  • Rich

    I just got the Swamp Monster. I think he’s the only set without any glowing elements, but I like him just the same.

    Goes well with many of the collectible minifigs, like you show in your pictures 😉

    Thanks for the great guest review! Always fun to see Lego here!

  • Morg

    Excellent review… between the weird appeal of the Monster Fighters and the good Doctor’s insights, I might just get dragged back into LEGO for the first time since childhood. Gonna need a second job!

  • AmericanHyena

    That haunted house looks INSANE.

  • muldertp

    FYI, there was a Sherlock in the minifigure packs.

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  • My favorite video game series is Castlevania. I’m a big fan of the Universal Monsters, and one of my favorite movies is Monster Squad. There are no words to describe how much I love this Monster Fighters theme. I feel like LEGO made it just for me. 😛

    I’ve got all the cheaper sets, and they’re definitely worth the money. Now I just have to save up for the big boys, and that Haunted House is going to be an awesome crown jewel in the collection.

    Great job with the review Doc! I love that LEGO gave Dracula Vampyre his roadster hearse. It’s a great call back to all those old model kits and toys. And even though I was automatically sold on the look, I was really surprised with all the little details (like the curtains in the windows) and how fun it was to play around with. Definitely a line you classic Monster fans should check out.

    Thanks for the great review, Doc!

  • Thanks Vault! Castlevania Is where a lot of my monster love stems from…how anyone fights Vampires without a whip I will never know!

    • Beedo Sookcool

      They detailed Simon’s whip-fighting in Season 4 of Robot Chicken. Dashed convincing. };D

      Great review on this product, and excellent pics to cover all the possible features. I’ve ordered the Ghost Train for all the fang-like pieces (as well as the possibility of getting loads more interesting bricks and pieces). Now the trick is trying not to cave in and get the rest of the line!

  • Great job, Doc! I’m trying to save my monies and not jump back into Legos, they’re making it so difficult, but this review makes staying away from Monster Fighters that much harder!

    I haven’t wanted to get everything in a theme like this since the City-Themed Coast Guard sets! (I’m weird, I know…)

    Thanks again!

  • manekochan

    Great review, Doc. ^_^ Loved you sneaking the haunted house set in there… That thing… -_-; I am a huge cheapskate and even I’m okay with Vault bringing that home… (though I will badger him about coupons…)

  • Thanks! That Haunted house is haunting my dreams, but the fact hat it comes out so close to nycc means I may have to wait on it.
    Never let him forget the coupons!

  • RocketPunch

    Excellent review & great pics. I can’t wait to get it, but i’ll probably leave this set and the Ghost Train until last, since they don’t include any exclusive minifigures.