Ask Mattel July 2nd
Link Roundup (Updated!)

Ask Matty – July 2nd Edition

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: After the Dragon Blaster Skeletor reveal, a lot of talk focused on the dragon, but we’d like to ask about the sword. Long-time collectors have multiple purple swords at this point. We understand the vintage line repeated accessories, but we’re not sure if that should be a nostalgic callback. Can Mattel look into redecoing these repeated accessories to enhance future figures instead of reissuing the same ones repeatedly?

At this point it is too late to make any changes to this figure.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: Depending on how you count the beasts and figures with only slight differences, the MOTU Classics line should reach its 100th figure sometime in 2013. Is there anything special planned for that centennial figure or will it just be a footnote when we get to it?

Since schedule and logistical issues can change release schedules we simply are not in a position to pin point exactly which fig will be # 100.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: Will anything special be done with Mekaneck’s goggles? The figure looks like he’s off to a great start in the e-mail, but the goggles appear to have little defintion on the lenses. Will they be highlighted in anyway?

The goggles are silver, but there is no vac metal.

DCClassics.Com Asks: The DC Staction of Death clocks in at 8″, but she’s a short character. If the staction line continues beyond her, can we expect that future stactions will be in-scale and therefore even bigger?

Ideally the Stactions will all be in-scale if a line happens. Right now nothing is locked in.

DCClassics.Com Asks: Can you whet our appetite for DC figures at SDCC? Will we be seeing just the remaining 2012 early 2013 subscription offerings or will Mattel’s DC Retail team also have some reveals for DC Collectors in the 6″ scale?

We will be showing the rest of 2012 and a hint of the first few months of 2013 for online and retail items!

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17 thoughts on “Ask Mattel July 2nd
Link Roundup (Updated!)

  1. I actually like getting the correct power swords with the variants and only wish they gave us more. That my BA Skeletor and He-Man didn’t get them is a bummer (not to mention the TRU exclusives lacking the gray power sword and havoc staff).

    1. I agree. While I’m very glad to have gotten a purple battle-axe with BA Skeletor, I do rather wish that Skeletor and He-Man would get packed with their “full” complement of weapons.

      1. I can understand if you don’t have the others, but I’ve got multiple Skelly’s and He-Men all carrying the same repeated gear. I think it’d be cooler to spice it up a bit. Wouldn’t DB Skeletor’s sword to match his armor colors?

        1. Well, you could use Prince Adam’s purple sword for that, worst comes to worst, and Adam can have a “proper” grey Power Sword.

          I see it like this: people stick with the stuff they like. (Heck, I’ve had the same keyring for the last 10 years.) And, if a warrior has a sword or other weapon he likes, he’s gonna stick with it through thick and thin. Possibly even name it something like Skullsplitter or Excalibur. Maybe even talk to it, late at night . . . . Man, warriors are weird. No wonder the Dark Ages sucked.

        2. Noisy, I wonder if our perspectives are skewed. Certain collectors do buy every release, no matter the similarities, and doubles to display both heads, etc. But not everyone does. I got into MOTUC through the first TRU 2-packs, so for a long time, I was without a power sword for my He-Man and Havoc Staff for Skeletor. That’s crazy. If these were suppose to be a gateway, then it wasn’t a very good one. And don’t forget, those packs came out back when it was harder (pricier) to obtain a He-Man or Skelly.

          I just think things like the purple axe are what the weapons packs should be for, and what’s interesting is that if Matty put purple Havoc Staffs and gray power swords in the battle packs to compensate, the fandom would get irate over Matty being lazy or something. So those of us without vintage-accurate weapon complements are left to either try buying or trading for those accessories.

          Anyway, it’s a small gripe, but I do think it’s valid one.

          1. I actually started out the same with the TRU 2-packs. First thing I did was give the yellow power sword to He-Man which matched his gauntlets, and gave Skeletor the havoc staff & swords from the 200x Skelly and stayed that way for about 2 years. Subsequently I’ve outfitted battle armor skeletor & keldor with 200x skeletor weapons since I was able to come by them cheaply, and it keeps them looking uniform for the most part. Since getting the first weapons pak though I’ve given comic-pack He-Man the blue weapons which look good with his lighter harness, and i’ve placed the yellow power sword in the 200x castle window. Now, if they ever get around to putting the havoc staff in a future weapons pak I may reconsider the 200x havoc staffs, but until then they work & look great and don’t stretch out the hands

          2. i kind of look at it like this… TP he-man has a translucent yellow sword, so by rights, DB skellie deserves a translucent purple or blue one. granted, it’s not 100% vintage, but it is the kind of design change that should be left to the horsemen. 🙂

            1. That would be my feeling. Skeletor strikes me as the kind of guy that would match his weapons to his outfit (as all the truly cool kids do).

              It would be rather nice, though, to be able to buy additional accessories individually (with maybe a few exclusive colourways) – though I’d guess that would be completely beyond Mattel’s budget. Still, that’s what SMC’s for I suppose…

  2. Noisy, couple of quick notes
    1) If you click on the 8-balls on the front page, it takes you to the June 15th QnA
    2) Minor typo up above where you refer to this QnA as the June 15th as well (underneath the 8-balls) but it’s correct above

  3. Kastors – so Kmart MM Catwoman has some sort of variant?
    (MC confirms this.)

    AFi – they didn’t get my Lead question, in that they have previously balked at him due to their previous problems with lead paint. sigh….

    1. I’m pretty much certain they mean the goggle-variant Catwomen everyone already knows about. The Kastors answer is about a) Kmart Batman and b) mass-release Catwoman variants.

      As for Lead, maybe it’s not an issue through the subscription? Who knows.

      1. this was the first I heard about CW variant, but then I’m really only on here and AFI’s FB feed, now.

        and they said before they no longer had plans for Lead which came after the whole lead paint fiasco that caused problems for the DC and Speed Racer lines with recalls.

  4. Noisy, i got a question that may sound stupid, but still, can you answer it? thanks a lot!!

    Is Death a Dc Classics figure?
    Will you review it?

    thanks again, and congrats on the site, you rock!!!

    1. Death is an 8″ staction, so she’s not a Classics figure. That said, it’s still on Vault’s want list so I imagine we’ll be seeing a Vault Review not too long after Comicon.

  5. I don’t know why the purple sword figure has no articulation. >:( And too late to change it? They could easily add an extra head! Good grief! >:(

    Heh heh heh.
    I like how they completely didn’t answer your first question at all.

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