23 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Chemodd Atomstone needs your help

  1. I almost thought this was going to read like a Twilight Zone intro xD

    Picture for a moment, a C&C that doesn’t know what it’s like to be completed. A creature forced to assimilate the mismatched parts of its shelf-mates, consuming them all to try and fill a void that has no real physical substance and can therefore never be filled. Such a creature does exist, in the homes of Americans all across our country. They are on our desks, in our cabinets, waiting for a time of their choosing to absorb us into their slimy, hairy, robotic bodies. They exist in our world, but hail from the mysterious, non-accountable, self-regulating, self-owned Mattel factories known as: The Twilight Zone.

  2. I think you just created a Doom Patrol villain.

    “Will the Doom Patrol survive the terror of the Carbonated Man!?!

    Plus, RobotManiac strikes again!”

  3. Ha ha, top notch stuff. And so very true.

    DrNightmare, stop browsing other sites and get back to work on AD! Now! I don’t care how clever your TZ intro was, just go!

    What’s really interesting, is that I could assemble the exact same figure…

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