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MOTU Classics:
It’s Duncan Day!

Don’t forget today is the day Man-At-Arms goes on sale at MattyCollector. Head over there at noon eastern time and fight with the red screen to compete with me and other He-Fans for a chance at Man-At-Arms. Duncan’s pretty high on the popularity list and I’m morbidly interested to see if he can break Hordak’s record-setting sellout. For the subscribers, we just have to get through He-Ro and Tri-Klops and then we’re good for the rest of the year… I’m excited.

15 comments to MOTU Classics:
It’s Duncan Day!

  • NickNova

    Ugh. That’s this Wednesday. He’s popular and he could be an army builder. This will suck.

  • HankHenshaw

    I got mine. It was easy. Something must be wrong at Mattel.

  • ThomasWitwicky

    I had to wait about 20 minutes, but in all, it was much better than recent months.

  • NoisyDvL5

    Wow! 40 minutes.

    The website seemed better able to handle things this time around, but MAA still sold out in record time.

  • dayraven

    not to say i told you so, but, well…

    can’t wait to actually hold this bad boy and the arsenal he totes around on his back. he looks prepped to destroy hordak in the review ratings as well… best believe about this time next week, i’ll be looking for the mike crawford review.

  • I’ll have my poor man’s review up when it gets here, but you can’t beat a Crawford review.

  • dayraven

    looks like we may not get one… he posted on poe’s boards that he got duncan-blocked by digital river and wasn’t able to complete an order before the fig sold out…

  • Boo on that. Someone will hook him up, they hafta. Hey, he’ll be eligible for my caption contest!

  • Ebonhorn

    I’ll do a non-poor man’s review for your site…I’m a tested reviewer

  • dayraven

    you’re a testee alright…

  • Ebonhorn

    hey pal, I don’t know who you are but I’m not the kind to be pushed around

  • SilntAngl5

    I was actually disappointed at the lack of chaos and red-screened-ness. This being my first time taking part in the ordering process, I was all hyped up for the clawing and gnashing of teeth at the extensive wait time and constant re-loading. I was lead to expect more. Boo.

    *And just for fun, pushes Ebonhorn*

  • Ebon, you’ve got mail. And do you see what I have to deal with?

    @Sil Yeah, Duncan sold pretty flawlessly. Seems only a few folks had an issue with Digital Rive this go-round and the red screen didn’t rake anyone over the coals too bad. You shoulda been there for Hordak and Mer-Man…

  • Ebonhorn

    ::topples over::

    pushy, pushy

    Noisy, stay strong buddy, stay strong…..

  • SilntAngl5

    Oh come now. I’m not that bad! O:)