Outer Space Men
Wave 5 & Cyclops Test Shots

Yesterday was a big day for SDCC Exclusives! Some of the coolest debuted at FourHorsemen.Biz. The 4H debuted some test shots of three upcoming Outer Space Men: Gemini, Orbitron, and Cyclops! The Alpha versions of these three are set to debut at SDCC, but the 4H have provided a sneak peak!

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We just got test shots in of Outer Space Men, Orbitron and Gemini and our first Deluxe Outer Space Man, Cyclops in at the studio yesterday and we couldn’t wait any longer to show them off to you!

Test shots are the first test run out of the steel molds using spare plastic at the factory so we can approve or correct any of the molding issues before the figures go into full production. These three are cast in a really cool purple/blue color that the photos aren’t really doing justice to. Even though this color isn’t what we have planned for the Alpha Phase wave of these three figures, it’s such a striking color that we may have to utilize it in the OSM line somewhere down the line.

There are a few minor issues here and there that will need to be tweaked with these figures before they go into full production, but all in all we’re incredibly impressed with the level of these. They’re really beautiful and we were amazed at the heft of Cyclops when you hold him in your hand. As you can see from the photos below, he’s massive compared to the other OSM done so far. He’ll make a worthy adversary for the upcoming Colossus Rex for sure!

It’s great to see the gang coming together! For more pictures of the test shots, including close-ups, visit FourHorsemen.Biz.

The Four Horsemen also revealed what colors we’ll be seeing for the Alpha Phase versions of these three new Outer Space Men:

  • Gemini: Clear yellow with clear green ABS accessories & parts.
  • Orbitron: Clear pink with clear green ABS accessories.
  • Cyclops: Clear light blue with clear green ABS parts & accessories.

Continue to FourHorsemen.Biz!

9 thoughts on “Outer Space Men
Wave 5 & Cyclops Test Shots

  1. Awesome Stuff…Forgot all about the OSM SDCC stuff…gonna have to set some more money aside…this is gonna be an expensive year

  2. Loving the scale shake-up in the line with these new guys.

    And based on the reaction from these shots, I think the 4H could probably do pretty well just releasing some totally unpainted versions like these, with the clear weapons and all.

    Especially if that could bring the price down a little bit, that would be pretty sweet.

    Imagine one day buying an entire set of OSM (every unique character) all in one unpainted solid plastic color . . . πŸ™‚

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