Mattel Announces SDCC Exclusives!
Internet Breaks in Two!

I was working today when my phone beeped with a new text message: “Did you see Matty’s SDCC?”. I hadn’t. That message contained no inkling of what I’d missed. Was the Masters of the Universe exclusive cool? Was there a worthwhile DC exclusive? I’d have to find out on my own…

Vault’s odd text shorthand aside, I really had no idea what to expect. Usually there’s some rage or elation mixed in early, so it was kinda odd for me. I headed over to and checked out the mix. Here’s what was revealed for the lines we (mostly) follow her at IAT:

Ghostbusters™ Dana as Zuul ($25)
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This figure just isn’t for me, mostly because it can’t really be called a figure. I like having the bench and I can’t say I blame Mattel for looking to make Zuul Dana over any of the other verions that could double as Dian Fossey or Helen Hudson, but the utter lack of articulation here just doesn’t work for me. I wasn’t that interested when I thought she’d be $20 or $22, and now that’s she $25, that’s certainly not going to change. I have all the other GBs except the Rookie and it feels wrong to not by him or Dana, but I can’t help but feel that I should be done with this line…

DC Comics Vertigo™ 8″ Death ($25)
DCU Tiny Titans 5pk ($20)
Polly Pocket® DC Comics Villains Set ($19.99)
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The Polly Pocket and Tiny Titan sets are fun. I’m not in the market for either, but it’s cool to see any DC product that’s not nU!

Similarly, the 8″ Death Staction is cool. It’s a great sculpt and if the production pieces are as nice as the one shown here, then I imagine Vault’s going to cave in and pick her up. Me? Not so much. I don’t mind there not being a 6″ Classics-style exclusive this year – it saves me money, but I’m not going to be picking up any new scales either. It’s a shame because I think this figure would make a great 6″ (well 5.5″) Death that I’d love to put on my DCUC shelf.

For DC there is also a TBA Dark Knight Rises SDCC exclusive.

Masters of the Universe® Vykron™ ($30)
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Finally, something with… *GASP* articulation! I was starting to wonder if there were any, y’know, action figure exclusives!

Vykron is actually the first thing to load when you hit up Mattycollector’s SDCC news article, but I saved him for last because of the fan reaction. If this is your first time seeing the Vykron exclusive, he’s one figure with three different sets of gear – barbarian, military (tank), and spaceman that commemorates the 30th Anniversary of MOTU. Unless you’re really into He-Man, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of him, so how does he celebrate 30 years? Well, that’s a little difficult to wrap your mind around. While these specific figure designs went unused, they represent the early genesis of Masters of the Universe as designed by Roger Sweet. These guys are pre Vikor & Demo-Man!

Now I could nitpick some things here and there, but ultimately these won me over pretty quickly, the Tank Man most of all. The idea of being able to pop the armor on and off and change these guys around really appeals to me. Right now, the plan is to buy three and I might even customize the bucks a bit more on top of that and give them some even more unique looks. These guys are going onto my shelf as a team of three characters to be sure.

If you’re not into this trio, and it seems a decent-sized chunk of folks aren’t, I think that’s the beauty of Vykron being an SDCC exclusive – he’s easily skippable. Even if you’re a MOTU Subscriber! He’s the one MOTU figure (so far) this year that won’t be coming to anyone that doesn’t want him. That said, I understand being disappointed. I feel the same pain since Mattel skipped over DC 6″ entirely this year – that one really hurts. I don’t begrudge the staction though, I simply won’t buy it. For MOTU Fans, July is Spikor month and August will see the Snakeman 2pk. It won’t be all that bleak in the short few weeks between those two releases – and we’ll be busy mulling over the early 2013 offerings shown at SDCC to boot!

Overall, it’s still a light SDCC for me. Last year was 2 Marlenas, a briefly-white Stay Puft, and Swamp Thing. This year, it would appear Matty only has me on the hook for Vykron, though it’s three times over. Even better than that though, at least so far, is there appears to be no SDCC Inclusives yet – no Gleek, no Un-Men, or any attendee-only deal to make me blow money on eBay before these are offered on Mattycollector.


56 thoughts on “Mattel Announces SDCC Exclusives!
Internet Breaks in Two!

  1. I kinda like the SDCC Ghostbusters reveal..but no articulation is a bummer..
    With the MOTUC reveal, I can see multiple customs coming up with all those the top of my head I can think of battle-ground Tri-Klops, a new version of He-Man who looks more like the 80’s version and a samurai-sque character making use of only the spaceman armor..

    1. You’ve got some great ideas there!

      I didn’t think about it, but picking up multiples does mean I have a ton of parts leftover for exactly that… hmmm…

  2. I know that Mattel offers some of the SDCC exclusives days later at their site… anyone knows if Hasbro does the same or has a pre-order service for SDCC? Thanks in advance 😉

    1. Hasbro usually offers their exclusives on a few days after the show, though often the quantities are ridiculously limited and sell out in minutes, especially the really in-demand figures (Sgt. Slaughter and the Marvel Universe Sentinel sold out in minutes, while My Little Pony was still available months later. In fact, as I write this, some of last year’s exclusives, like the Transformers Prime sets, are still available).

        1. So am I. That’s why it’s always the first example that comes to my mind of SDCC exclusives that sold out crazy fast. I’ve got the 3.75″ WWE version that I think Jakks (could be wrong on the manufacturer) made a few years ago, and that’ll have to be good enough, I guess. The Joe one still goes for crazy money on eBay.

          1. I think it was Jakks. I have that one too. I was just picking on Hasbro about him in my Sci-Fi review. It’s a shame they couldn’t get him in the Marauders pack.

  3. Hasbro does offer their products on their site the monday morning after the con but the fact is your probably not getting anything there, ive tried the past 3 yrs and all the joe and transformer stuff sells out in seconds if it was even “available” to begin with. Unlike mattel, hasbro only puts up left over stock from the con, if the con sold out, then they dont put up any stock

    1. yeah, but Marlena was offered again in the clearance sale, so there’s that. Being the MOTU is a little known charac….oh what am I saying? Jack, be sure and be logged in an hour before sale time and you might get one, barring WSOD.

  4. GB Dana – if that head comes off easily, I have a couple extra 5″-6″ scale bodies I could pop that onto that are ARTICULATED! Otherwise, my cousin in NYC is getting “her” own action figure for Xma$!
    Isn’t Dana/Zuul supposed to have a second lower half? (for standing/floating?) or did they cancel that?

    Death – staction = no sale. I still have my DCD, thenkyouverrymush.

    Tiny Titans – cute but too pricey for me. *Maybe* if I had picked up the comic, tho? I think I might still have some of those older DCD PVC sets? (NTT? JSA?)

    Polly Bat-vixens – pass.

    Vykron – yeahbuhuh?
    cool concept, and it might be fun to swap parts onto extra bodies, but a pass for me. red armor looks okay, brown armor looks like Vykor, and…Go-Bot Pretender Tank? I don’t get it?
    (and don’t tell me that red armor prototype is NOT Boba Fett!)

  5. I really love the look of Vykron – there has been quite a lot of backlash (and that old chestnut “why couldn’t they have done X instead?”), but I kind of feel that’s right and proper for an exclusive. Much better this way than as one of the higher-price quarterly slots, surely.

    It’s not easy to tell whether there are three different heads or one head with three helmets (or two helmets and a tank-head, even) but I wonder if it may be cheaper to pick up one Vykron and two evergreen He-Mans to display all three versions?

    1. At Mattycollector, Toy Guru said there was one “Face” and that the hair/helmet and the space helmet would slide over it.

      If you can get two evergreen figures cheaper than $30 each, it would save money! I think MAA might maker a better base for the Tank Man anyway.

  6. NOISY SAID: “If you’re not into this trio, and it seems a decent-sized chunk of folks aren’t, I think that’s the beauty of Vykron being an SDCC exclusive – he’s easily skippable.”
    You said it all right here.
    An Anniversary celebration is about many things – new characters (Draego!), finally getting characters from 30 years back (Photog! Granyamyr!), and the concept of He-Man, as embodied by Vykron.
    I saw a lot of hope for Modulok, or something Filmation. This character, to someone who just wants a toy to buy to commemorate their con experience, can be a cool dude with interchanging pieces; the fans who like the history of MOTU will buy three to display all of them at once; and everybody else can just “enjoy” the SDCC reveals.

    1. Absolutely. If someone, like Lay Ze below, is disappointed in the look or specifics, I can get behind that. But the choice to do itself? Nah.

  7. Vykron is a strange Beast one part of me loves the tank/space gear (not big on barbarians..except Conan) and one part of me wishes that we could have gotten a different character…maybe its just because Marlena was such a long time want for me that this unknown (to me) guy just doesnt scream “must have”. Still I’m buying at least 2 maybe three we will see when con gets closer. There is the exclusive Hiss tank (easily the thing I’m most excited about) to think about still and the jinx figures.
    The Death Satction is another thing that I’m not sure about yet..I love Sandman and I love Death, I just dont love stactions..If it was a full articulated Death figure (at any scale) I would be all over it but right now its a maybe for me. I like that Mattel is making Vertigo stuff now becasue if they make a Constantine DCUC figure I WILL buy it regardless of if I collect DCUC anymore or not.

    1. I’m STOKED for the Shockwave HISS, but I never got Starscream/Skystriker, so I feel like I should just hang back and let this one go too.

      And I do need that red Jinx, but again the SDCC Joes have kicked my ass two years straight, not sure I’ll end up with her either.

      It’ll be interesting to see where they go with the new staction line… other than seeing a favorite character done well, I’m out. That’s partially on DC too. They’ve left me pretty cold.

      1. Jinx is the type of exclusive figure I hate. She seems like she’ll be a fairly major character in the film, but from all indications, she’s not getting a mass-release action figure, just the two SDCC exclusives. Important characters should never be available only as convention exclusives.

        1. I thought we were getting a jinx in white for retail. Still, I’d rather have the sdcc red or yellow even. I managed to get everything I wanted from hasbro sdcc last year (zaranna-pink & carded sentinel) from hts without too much hassle. I’m hoping for the same this year.

  8. As a cheerleader/detractor from the sidelines, all I can say about Vykron is:

    Holy crap look at all that tooling budget. And unless they get into more original characters I don’t think there’s anything there that can be reused.

    Also, am I the only one that looks at the ‘original’ version and says “Hmmm, OK, it’s Conan and Bobba Fett and a guy with a tank head” 🙂

    And I do recall hearing in the recent communication that Dana will have ‘standing legs’ as well, so that’s what we get people. Basically a statue.

    (otoh, can you IMAGINE how horrible she would have looked if they had cheaped out and just thrown her head on a female ‘buck’ body from DCU? *brrrrr* )

    1. It boggles my mind how often SDCC exclusives clearly have more tooling budget than standard releases. How does that make any sense? Cheap out on an entire line of figures that you’re trying to sell to customers year-round, but blow your entire wad on a single figure that far fewer people will ever see or own?

      1. I have ideas on that.

        1. SDCC isn’t about ‘pleasing fans’ so much as it is ‘showing powerful people aka Hollywood how cool they (Mattel) are, how relevant to the ‘hip’ culture, how excited large groups of people are and how much ‘heat’ their exclusive product generates on the aftermarket because that expressed the true worth’ because at any time Mattel can show some execs (maybe even shareholders) some video of the booth during one of the ‘peak’ times and whammo. “Look as us LOOK! It’s like we’re Hollywood stars, see the number of people lining up to give us money?”

        2. Tooling budget for SDCC, perhaps due to above, is different, comes out of ‘promotion’ and ‘corporate image’ and not out of ‘just some damn toys’ side of the ledger.

        3. There is expectation of high numbers sold so that opens up the budget. Mattel believes it’s because of the rare nature of the item so they continue to feed the ‘scalper bait’ and reward that culture, when it wouldn’t cost that much additional to have plenty of the SAME ITEM for sale online rather than have DIFFERENT packaging or other variation which does cost more for a lower return.

        Man, no matter what I do I just cannot fathom how Mattel thinks. 🙂

        1. Steve, you’ve fathomed most of it right there in your post!

          1) SDCC is a giant public relations spectacle. That’s why you go. It’s fan service, public expo, the big party, tt’s the place to be. None of your reasons – trying to be hip, generate heat for shareholders, selling the company are bad things. DC is there to sell the characters. Film studios are there to promote their movies. Mattel is there to promote their toys and sell some to boot. The booth retailers are there to sell their wares.

          2) This absolutely. Why wouldn’t it be? Some of the tooling budget can be written off as promotional instead of just having to run the toy by the numbers. I think that’s a great thing and we’ve gotten the boon of it in year’s past (just not last year). They’re also likely to sell at least a little more than just the standard Mattycollector allotment, particularly when they’ve smartly packaged it multiple ways for MOC collectors.

          I don’t really agree with the last one, but other than that you pretty much laid it out.

          1. So if #2 is valid, let’s do an end-run around the stupidity and MAKE THAT DARN RAM-MAN, huh?

            Just so long as there’s like only a color variation or something, and a ‘stock’ Ram-Man is plentiful at Matttycollector. Solves every problem.

            A mass release Rammy for the masses, a ‘collectable’ one for the con. Win-win I think.

            OTOH I can’t help but think Matty would find a way to screw it all up. Like instead of actual poseable legs you get un-moving legs, one set ‘extended’ and one set ‘compressed to spring’ or some crap.

            argh. 🙂

            1. Nah, Ram Man belongs in the subscription. He’ll be automatically shipped to my house, no packaging variations to worry about, no SDCC add-on piece, not even the slightest worry of WSOD interference.

              Ram Man’s high profile is just as costly to his timing as the cost itself. He could be afforded the budget at anytime, balanced against some easy gimmes for Mattel. I hate the toy company policy of not completing teams, but they do it because it does save hype for low points in the line. Ram Man will come though, a slightly smaller vocal segment will form around another characer, say Mekaneck, and we’ll do the dance over with a little less oomph.

              1. I know these toy companies think that saving a few big guns for later will help give a figure line legs, but it can also have the effect of killing fan enthusiasm for a line if it takes too long to get certain characters, or if it seems like those characters are never coming. What can happen then is that teams will never be finished, and fans become jaded towards new figure lines, because they feel its not worth their time investing in a figure line if they’ll just end up with another partial collection.

                The various DC lines from Mattel are a perfect example. Young Justice will remain forever half-complete (or less than half, now that season two has started and the roster’s spread even further). There are plenty of teams that were half started in DCUC that won’t ever be completed at retail, and may not be completed in the sub. The sub could “perform below expectations” and be done away with. Even if it continues for a few years, Mattel has pretty much said that certain teams won’t be completed (they’ve said that with the current business model, they can’t/won’t do Lead, so no Metal Men for us).

                With all this going down, do they think I’m going to want to start collecting whatever the next figure line is that comes along? I’m getting tired of being burned just for wanting to give them my money.

                1. I do think it’s well past time for Ram Man. Like I said, we’ll all just move on to the next issue/character anyway.

                  Honestly, the way that I feel right now, I’m not interested “the next figure line that comes along”. MOTUC & DCUC. If they want to make non-compatible stuff, they’re more than welcome to, but unless they wow me something how or another, I’m only interested in what they can do to add to what I have.

                  1. Honestly I think that at this point, Ram Man has passed his expiration date as a potential “killer app” for the line.

                    He’s still going to be a good seller, sure, but he won’t be a sub pusher in and of himself. They dragged his release out too far while putting out every other major character and not dropping in enough less-known characters to really have a successful “long term plan roll-out”.

                    I’m of two minds on any new line prospects. One the one hand, I’m pretty much done with the bucks for both DCUC and MOTUC, and I really think they need to go back to the drawing board for both properties.

                    But then I get a figure like Draego-Man in-hand, and I see the upcoming Snake Men 2-pack, and still think there’s some good mileage yet to be gotten out of these base figures. (Though Vykron is a HUGE step back in the “good buck use” dept IMO.)

                    I don’t really want a new line that I’ll invest in up to 100 figures or whatever again, as I’m being more selective like you guys mention below about getting 1 or 2 choice more pricey pieces in place of a slew of mass market-y stuff. But I do think new life needs to be injected in these properties from time to time. Joes, TFs, and even TMNT have shown good knack with this. Mattel just needs to develop their gargantuan machine to be a little more nimble and not just stay married to any semi-successful formula for years and years at a time.

                    Joes is a good example, because they have kept it pretty fresh without going to a new scale, or even a drastically different style. But they’ve been able to shake things up just enough to make everyone genuinely happy about buying SE or SS for the 20th time.

                    1. “Joes is a good example, because they have kept it pretty fresh without going to a new scale, or even a drastically different style. But they’ve been able to shake things up just enough to make everyone genuinely happy about buying SE or SS for the 20th time.”

                      *cough cough*

                      Super Joe. GI Joe EXXTREEEEMMEEE. Sigma Six. Those crappy Joes with the molded on uniforms.

                      Sorry, I know, I’m looking at it from the POV of the Original GI Joe, but even a RAH collector should remember the sheer horror of EXTREME!!!!!! 🙂

  9. Yaaay! Exclusives! Personally, I’m glad they dialed it back — especially after the decadence of the last few years —

    I do like Vykron. I think he’s a great exclusive because he’s definitely not a “must-have” — even for die-hards, and makes an interesting Con souvineer.

    I think his face is the closest we’ve got to the vintage He-Man facial sculpt as of yet. I’ve never been completely satisfied with the standard MOTUC sculpt —

    I wonder if Hasbro still has the trademark for “Tankor” because thats what I’ll be calling him! =) I definitely saw some potential for use of that armor with Tri-Klops!

    1. Decadence was definitely the right word to describe last year! I’m a little disappointed beyond MOTU, but I will be saving plenty of money and that’s never a bad thing!

  10. I guess my main issue with Vykron is that there’s enough silly and goofy qualities inherent in MotU without intentionally overemphasizing that aspect of the brand.

    Yes, one figure with swappable parts is a terrific idea for how to handle this release, and that element is fun in and of itself (which, we kind of already have in MOTUC with interchangeable heads and removable armor, but I digress) but the “costume” pieces are just not up to snuff, not even compared to the 30+ year old cobbled together prototypes.

    Tank Man is definitely the best of the three in execution, but the over-implied face has him looking like the classic grinning smilie. Totally inappropriate for a line of warriors that just delivered us Draego-Man. That’s not being anti-fun either, because Draego, with his wings, tail and terrifying head sculpt packs the most fun per cubic inch of plastic that I’ve seen in a long while. Tank Man also loses marks for long being upstaged by another military green, star-sporting action figure hero (that’d be Hound from TF). So if this were a MotU/TF crossover figure, that would allow for more suspension of disbelief. As is, it just doesn’t fit MotU.

    So yeah, no thanks. My MOTUC collection will be just fine without Houndor, Diapor, and Villagepeoplor. 😉

    1. I do wish that Emiliano’s updates could have been incorporated a little more for sure! I may notice in more in person, but the implied face isn’t so noticeable to me. I do see faces in everything though, so it may be just that I’m numb to it.

      I wish the barbarian wasn’t wearing a goblet on his head, but otherwise I think I’ll have fun with these for sure.

  11. There’s not a single one of these exclusives that I want. Which is great for me, since obtaining them without attending the show is a pain in the ass (and I’ve heard obtaining them even at the show can be an ordeal, as well).

    When I first glanced over the announcements, I got excited by the Death figure, only to realize a fraction of a second later that it’s a statue, not a figure.

    The Tiny Titans and Polly Pocket are cute (Harley’s face is the wrong color, though), but are the kind of thing I’d only really pick up if the set cost a couple of bucks at Target and I happened to have some spare change at the time.

    Vykron… I cannot tell you how glad I am that the MOTUC exclusive is finally, finally not a must-have figure. Characters like Orko, Adam, and Marlena are too important to the MOTU mythos to be exclusives. They’re necessary parts of the mythology (not to mention any Eternian Royal Court display). Convention exclusives should never be essential characters. I personally don’t care for Vykron at all. He just doesn’t do anything for me, and I’d rather have it be this way than have to worry about how I’ll obtain a core character that Matty went and made an exclusive.

    1. Mattycollector exclusives have been pretty easy for me the last few years, but I definitely agree on saving money!

      Death is a disappointment to be sure. I would’ve loved to have her in DCUC.

      And agreed on Vykron, no fretting over necessary!

    1. I’m going with three, but I do intend to alter the base bodies for each one, maybe even swapping entirely different base bodies in there to make ’em a little more unique.

      My one big gripe is the non-interchangeable loincloth.

  12. I expected to be disappointed by Mattel this year, but they went a step further haha. Oh well, it saves me money and I’ll have JLU to buy around that time anyway. If Mattel isn’t careful, my wife is going to think I stopped collecting toys finally.

    1. My wife is concerned with the high dollar items that seem to be gobbling up the leftover you budget! Mattel did underwhelm, but I’m happy for the break. Last year was pricey – and still underwhelming.

    2. I haven’t stopped collecting toys, but it’s gotten to the point where I’d much rather be buying one or two nicer Japanese toys (Figuarts or Monsterarts) or something along those lines every month than try to go through the effort of giving my money to mass market figures. There are still a few mass-market lines I’m into (GI Joe, Transformers, Marvel Legends), but even those I’m spending less on lately, because they simply aren’t putting out enough figures that I want. I’ve got all the TF:Prime figures I want from the first couple waves (except the may-or-may not be released Vehicon. I’d buy a handful of those if I could ever find ’em), all the Joes I currently want (except for the never-expect-to-find Renegades Storm Shadow), and all the Marvel Legends I want (except the did-they-actually-release-it Big Time Spidey and Blue Ghost Rider).

      1. I think I’ve gotten to a place where there is little to no reason to hit up the local retailers either because it comes by subscription or it’s just easier/faster to pick up online.

        And here, here with the high end items. I haven’t gotten to play around too much with my Hot Toys ’89 Batman (has to wait until Nekron reviews are done at least), but it seems much more satisfying to have him than, say, DK Movie Masters figures.

        1. Looking forward to that batman 89 review. Had mine on Pre-order through sideshow with a $15 discount, but they dropped it. They did the same thing with superman, forcing me to order from another distributor. Oh well, $ was short anyway this month. This way I can wait until after my tax return.

          Matty has absolutely nothing I want this year from sdcc. That’s fine by me sincej that equals more $ saved towards the HT 89 batmobile. I have no idea where I’d display the beast, but damned if I won’t have it.

  13. I was ambivalent about the reveal – this historical aspect of the figures makes them a little more interesting to me. I was stumped on the re-use potentinal for these parts too – I was think there must be more possibilities with the NA stuff I’m not as familiar with. A quick check of some character images show that Vykron’s military (tank) boots will be perfect for NA Skeletor.

  14. I think the tankman looks awesome, and I like the harness of the barbarian; neither of those are enough to get me to buy this set. I definitely see the appeal of it, but it’s not for me.

  15. firstly, i’d like to say dana barrett blows.

    secondly, dear, sweet death… i actually, in packing for my recent move, found the short comic featuring her that wizard distributed back in the day advising safe sex. there’s nothing like being preached to by the free love generation about the joy of rubbers via a 2 d ink drawing. that said, despite my dubious affection for the character, i am not even a little intrigued by her.

    thirdly… vykron is an interesting idea, and a nice nod to roger sweet, that, as it turns out, looks like it was intended for big lots, rather than sdcc. i get that motuc features flat paints, and odd characters, but here we are, and these things look extra cheap. the paint aps on the boba fett look junk, the paint aps on the tank look ok, and the barbarian is hit and miss… the ax looks cool, but the guns look cheap, like cheaper than chap mei cheap. i just don’t get these things… that said, i see some potential for the vykron arms… those look prescient of the 200x bands to me. that said, i imagine the customizers out there will snag several of these, but then, i thought they’d do that on draego too, and he took 4 days to sell through.

  16. I think I saw a single tear fall from my DCUC shelves the other night. I guess they’re coming to terms with the loneliness they’ll be feeling for the foreseeable future. Aside from the occasional DCIE fig, that is. At least the anticipation/expectation leading into SDCC won’t be smashed down, like last year’s was…

    I can actually appreciate the Vykron fig set. Sure, it’s not for everyone, and will likely look out of place with the rest of the line. It sure does bring back memories of some of the odd, yet exciting toy designs I remember growing up with in the late ’70s and ’80s! If only that tank head looked more like the source material.

  17. I think the issue for me with that Dana figure is that if you don’t really know the Ghostbuster movies by heart (something that’s happening with people I meet with greater frequency these days: “Ghostbusters? Oooohhh I remember hearing about that movie!”) then that “figure” is just a small statue of some chick on a bench in an 80’s look dress.

  18. This is classic Mattel…2 steps forward, 5 steps back.

    -Mirror Master has 2 open hands & a dynamic accessory
    -JLU 3 packs later in the year
    -Color corrected JLU Mongol

    -No DCUCs SDCC exclusive
    -All the SDCC exclusives
    -The entire excecution of the YJ line…bot of em!
    -Giant Rocket Red
    -No DC lines on the shelf until 2013 except DKR

    This whole year, since SDCC ’11, has been a total cluster for these guys. Between Fangirl 2.0, Scott & WB DC, who knows what the hell is going on? This year Mattels booth will be a ghost town after a day or so. Can’t see many fans going after these hard this year.

    Reminds me Gentle Giant after they pissed off their customer base with those ultra hard to find Star Wars bust. Their booth was disserted the very next year. Mattel better regroup and do it PDQ!

  19. >Sigh< Single-location-specific exclusives – the bane of my existence. I found it bad enough trying to get SDCC exclusives before, but getting one several people (myself included) will want to get three of so they can display all his looks? Sometimes I think toy companies are trying to push me OUT of collecting. "Collect them all," my foot.

  20. “These guys are pre Vikor & Demo-Man!”

    Actually that is 100% false. These guys came after Vikor.

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