Vault Review: Transformers
Prime, Vehicon (First Edition)

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of paint work on the FE Vehicon.  Most of his colors are molded what they need to be, the majority of which are dark purples and black.  All of Vehicon’s windshield areas are molded clear, which surprised me because I assumed they’d be tinted.  The one bit of unexpected color on him is his silver face and red mono-eye.

Vehicon’s articulation is pretty good, even if most of his joints are extremely stiff.  His head and hips are on ball joints.  His shoulders are swivel/hinges.  His elbows are a hinge connected to a ball joint, while his wrists, knees and ankles are hinges.  Lastly are his swivel waist and thigh cuts.  This gives him a decent range, but his armor and kibble do tend to get in the way.

Vehicon comes with one accessory, a blaster with a very simple design.  The blaster is molded in one color and can be attached to his hood in car mode.  In robot mode, even though it has a handle, Vehicon’s hands aren’t really positioned to hold it very well.  But his hand can fold back, leaving an area open for the gun to attach to.

All around I do like this figure, but the bulky kibble really hurts his overall score.  Don’t be too disappointed if you missed out on this guy.  He’s just not quite as good as the rest of the First Edition figures.  But if you’re still interested in growing your Decepticon army, then keep an eye out for the upcoming Robots in Disguise version.  From early looks he seems much more simple with far less kibble.


6 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Prime, Vehicon (First Edition)

  1. That car mode looks nice, and my first thought on scrolling down to the pic was “Very Batmobile-ish!” but I’m just not feeling these Prime looks.

    I did notice the local WMs are knocking the Bayformers down to ~$8 to clearance the months old stock out. The Arcee wave seems to be hitting here, too.

    1. I found the Vehicon wave today (with Hot Shot, Knock Out) and at first glance, the chests are the only similarity besides vehicle mode, but on closer inspection, even both of those different! If you do a RID review, be sure and compare the two!

      btw, RID head appears to be on a ball joint, but mine seems stuck as if he’s looking at something to the right? He’s also designed for light piping, but the eye slit is tiny and painted over? LOL (oops, just broke the head loose! it’s all good now! LOL)

  2. wow! A TF prime figure that actually looks good to me..the world must be ending!
    Great review! maybe its time to start watching TF Prime on netflix now

  3. I think Vehicon will be the rare exception where the RID figure will be better than the FE version. I’m planning of buying at least two, but wouldn’t mind building up a little squad if I find some BOGO sales.

  4. Great review, excellent pics. Yet another neat toy I’ll probably not own. This ain’t so much sour grapes over the fact that England generally gets diddly-squat in terms of toys, and by the time I find out about a product online, it’s sold out. (Bitter? Oh, a tad.)

    No, apart from the very nifty vehicle mode and the coolness of the robot, the Prime figures mostly look too spindly and fragile for my liking. And I’m a bit too ham-fisted and clumsy these days. If this guy comes out in a sturdier Classics / Universe style, though, I’d be all for that. Like in a case assortment split down the middle, half Sweeps, half Vehicons.

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