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Outlandish Mini Figure Guys –
OMFG! Series 1 Review (30 Pics)

Crawdad Kid
Crawdid Kid is an interesting addition to the group because he varies so dramatically from the others and I love it. The inclusion of Daniel Yu’s creation is great because it helps to ensure that the line isn’t locked into one theme or type of figure. While all the figures are great, the Kid here represents more of the M.U.S.C.L.E. end of the spectrum. It does set the Kid apart from the rest of the set in a way though. It wasn’t until I had him in person that I really appreciated him, and that’s because his sculpt is much better observed in person, particularly the awesome detail in his face. The details don’t stop there though, while the other figures do a great job with furry or rocky details, the Kid is a great mix of organic and inorganic sculpting. The head and hands are delightfully crustacean and irregular while the clothes are sharp and dapper. If we’re lucky enough to get more human proportioned, cloth-wearing characters in future sets, it’ll be because the Kid here made sure that the line covered that base in the first wave.

Here’s that favorite thing cropping up again. What makes Multiskull so fun is that he’s exactly as described. The creation of Charles “Monsterforge” Marsh, Multiskull is completely composed of skulls from the honking big one in his torso to the smaller skulls that fill out his legs and arms. The detail here is (yet again) amazing with there being ‘yet another’ skull just about everywhere you look. I don’t know what Monsterforge intended for this guy’s personality, but he strikes me as the type of guy to laugh in the face the danger, the wildcard for this first assortment. As I mentioned earlier, the AP Multiskull will be available this Friday evening at Monsterforge’s blog. I’ll put a note on Twitter when it goes live and you’ll either see me jubilantly celebrating his order of whining that I missed out later in the evening.

I can only really think of one criticism and, honestly, it’s not particularly applicable – it’s something that would fundamentally change what these guys are, but it’d similarly be against my nature not to want it. Some of these sculpts required assembly and I can’t help but wish some Glyos pegs had been used to put these guys together. I know, I know – that’s not what these are about. They’re harkening back to similar great lines like MUSCLE or Monster in my Pocket and I love them for that. I’d really like to get some movement here, but I know – that pretty much misses the point. Personaly, I blame Glyos – it’s hard to resist the desire to give my Pheyden big goopy, poopy arms or to toss these pieces in with SMC’s gear and make a Phantom Shitsword.

Overall, OMFG is a great step forward for toy collectors. Not because they’re a cool new thing for us to collect, but it’s really what the 7th Market is all about. These are toys from collectors for collectors. Some really talented individuals put this line together, some other generous individuals contributed to make these toys a reality, and now we can all enjoy them. Has the future of toys ever been so bright? I’d love to see these guys go mainstream – though a certain walking restroom facility might need a name change. These figures are surely selling great as an online toy, but I’m certain they’d fly off the shelves if they could get to them. This is a great line and I have high hopes for it.

And the best part? You can be part of it. Designs are being submitted right now for Series 2 and it’s not too late for you to get in on the action over at the October Toys OMFG Forum. Wait! Don’t go just yet. Check out the pics below and then go.

Here again is a quick recap of the available colors:

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9 comments to Outlandish Mini Figure Guys –
OMFG! Series 1 Review (30 Pics)

  • Nik

    Just got the flesh ones this week and I LOVE THEM. And I don’t even have that MUSCLE nostalgia, really. They are just great designs and sculpts and ooze personality, among other things. Highly recommended to anyone that like cool and weird little things on their desks and shelves. Great review and pictures. Jealous of your complete color collection.

    • Oh, yeah, I almost hesitated to even mention the MUSCLE connection. I mean, it’s there, but these are completely enjoyable on their own, even superior product I’d say.

      And thanks! I’m not there yet… wanting those APs is stressful. o.O

  • TSR

    Hot Pink the same thing as Red?

    “So far, I’ve snagged the six available sets and one of the Artist’s Proofs. Monsterforge’s Multiskull will be available on his blog this Friday evening, and I’m keeping an eye to the future on the hot pink versions of the remaining three.”

    earlier here you had mentioned

    “Just a heads up, there are red OMFGs! They were an artist exclusive colorway. One more to track down afterall.”

    Probably the same thing, I was just making sure there wasn’t yet another colorway.

    • The red ones turned out to be hot pink. These were a surprise/last minute announcement and there was some confusion about the coloring due to the photography. I went to great pains to get the colors presented correctly on the screen, that hot pink Stroll didn’t like being photographed!

  • Fball13z

    the AP ones are pink not red.

    Im also keeping my set of black MOC, its cool to have something that only people that helped this line happen.

    I got my pink AP stroll too, love these little guys. And i will be tracking down all the APs!

    Great review!

    • the APs are red with a hue of pink – if that makes sense – they look more red in hand than they are pink. I think that’s what “HOT” describes here in the color – i.e. hot = yellow mixed in. So “Hot blue” = green, lol.
      They are really more red-ish than pink.

  • Hatetriot

    Seeing all those Strolls lined up and looking colorful brings a tear to my eye. Love the pictures and this was a fantastic review. I can’t wait to see your upcoming review on the new Outer Space Men that just came out.

  • krakit

    Excellent review and great photos.

    The AP Multiskull will be released at 9pm EST today at Monsterforge’s BigCartel shop.
    The details are in his latest blog post :