Matty on Facebook: 2009 Updated Shipping Schedule

On Facebook, Matty has updated their shipping schedule for the rest of the year. There’s a lot of moves, but we’ve got all the new dates on our MattyCalendar Release Schedule. The most notable changes are the Color of Fear 2pk and 12″ Egon Spengler being moved from October back to November, the one month delay on all Dark Knight Movie Masters figures, the addition of the Super Friends Robin and Hawkman figures, as well as setting the release date for the flying stands in December of this year.

26 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: 2009 Updated Shipping Schedule

  1. Since it sounds like the single waves will be coming out soon, be best to push back the two packs like they did.

  2. Oh man, December is frightening especially with my interest in Zod and the World’s Greatest Superheroes. I may have to leave Randor out of my MOTUC collection just to pick up the Skeletor re-issue.

  3. Feb. is going to be even better when we get the “Women of the Corp.” 2-packs consisting
    of Arisia vs Star Sapphire and Lyssa Drak vs Indigo. Start saving now, these are going to be hot sellers!!

    Coming next fall: Black Lantern 5-Pack!!!

  4. That gap in GBC stuff is going to close if they keep pushing stuff back. Both the dolls have been delayed already 🙁

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