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August’s bonus MOTU Classics release gives us Megator.  Now Tytus finally has someone to spar with and we get to add one more soldier to our Preternian Horde army.  We also get an alternate head based on his zombified resurrection in modern Eternia.  Now if he just had better articulation…

I never knew about Tytus and Megator as a kid.  So when the plans to release them in the Classics line were revealed, I didn’t really have a strong opinion either way.  Sure getting some updated giants was cool, but I didn’t have that nostalgic love for them.  When Tytus came out he made a great addition to my shelf.  But let’s face it, he had problems.  His articulation was minimal by the line’s standards, and then there was that ridiculous weapon which he couldn’t even hold properly.  It didn’t give me much to look forward to with Megator, but the Horsemen were still able to deliver a pleasant surprise or two.

What surprised me most is that Megator doesn’t share the exact same body as Tytus.  The only parts the two have in common are their biceps, forearms, crotch, and thighs.  Everything else is different, which I didn’t expect.  Probably one of the subtlest examples of what I like about this body is its posture.  Megator’s chest was sculpted with his neck and shoulders hunched forward.  This gives him a great menacing Cro-Magnon-like look, especially standing next to Tytus.

Megator has long black nails on his fingers and toes which are nicely sculpted with lines and chips in them.  His studded belt has a stylized looking “M” like the original, but the 4H added some ratty looking loincloth fur to make him a bit more decent.  I’m not sure if there were plans for the original Megator to be part of the Horde or if it’s just a nice coincidence, but I really love that his chest armor has that Horde Bat shape to it.

Megator’s living head perfectly matches his body’s Neanderthal look.  His hair hangs down in gnarly dreadlocks.  His brow is thick while his nose is pushed in like a pug.  His crooked teeth jut out of his mouth looking like their covered in plaque and maybe blood.  They even added a bit of clear gloss to his mouth and nostrils for that added yuck effect.  I’m a bit disappointed with his eyes though.  They’re just these large black circles.  They look too animated for my tastes and could use a bit more color for depth.

Megator’s zombie head is actually much more impressive in person than I expected.  From the leaked pictures it seemed more like an old man head with its wrinkles and balding pattern.  But the right side of his head actually has teeth marks and a half gnawed-off ear from where he was caught by the iron jaws of the Central Tower.  The rooted hair is also a nice effect, similar to Grizzlor’s fur or Moss Man’s flock.  I wouldn’t want to see it used all the time, but it makes for a fun gimmick.  Even his eyes have a slight bloodshot tint to them, and the soulless black pupils look fine on a zombie.  This head has actually tempted me to buy a second figure.  Continue to page 2…

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Vault Review: Megator

  1. as always, it’s a pleasure to read your reviews!
    megator looks great but still feels too expensive for 40 bucks..

    1. yeah, it’s still a lot of money. But for some reason I don’t feel as ripped off with him as I did with Tytus.

  2. Not a fan of the rooted hair on Megator… The way it’s rooted reminds me a bit of the Cynthia Doll from Rugrats…

    The Zombie head looks like Hulk Hogan with a stroke…

    1. hmmm… is there any chance we could get a brooke hogan figure w/ a bottle of tan lotion, so megatoramania could oil her ass?

  3. As a non-MOTUC collector. I think the Riff Raff rooted hair looks fantastic, and the Four Horsemen should applauded for the zombie head, if nothing else.

    As always, I love the pictures, and they are really well put together. You did a great job of having a mostly static figure and posing more articulate figures around it to bring out the best in it.

  4. Nice review.

    Was anyone else’s Megator’s torso, spiked ball and thighs are made of a softer plastic and can be squeezed fairly easily. I just find that disappointing.

  5. Meg here is an example of a subscription figure that I could do without. I have no childhood fondness for him due to his overseas sales status and the lack of articulation does not merit the price tag. I’m glad that collectors and completists had a shot at him though, but he’s just taking up space in my closet right now.

  6. Great review and outstanding pics, as always!

    I’ve got to agree that the rooted hair doesn’t look like it turned out too well; it looked better in the publicity photos. I suppose we could make with a sort of Pickles the Drummer “Death Metal Comb-Over” to make it look better . . . . Nah. My August figures are still en route, but I think I’ll be displaying Megator with the “Preternia” head.

    Just to clear up one thing, palæontology-wise: Technically, WE are Cro-Magnons. With name-brand clothing. Cro-Magnon is the name given to the earliest batch of fossil evidence for Homo sapiens sapiens, modern humans. I think the hominid branch you’re looking for to describe Megator is Neanderthal . . . but even that’s up to debate. Sorry. I’m a biologist. I nitpick on these sort of things.

      1. (homo-nym as in name within our genus btw) I guess jokes aren’t funny if you feel the need to explain them…

    1. Thanks Beedo, and thanks for the correction also. I probably should have looked up the terms before I used them, but I was being lazy. 😛

  7. haw. it just hit me.

    “The ball goes into the cup! If you miss it’s OK because it’s attached by a string!”

    But seriously, does anyone really KNOW what that thing Tytus carries is? Is it a really poorly designed warhammer? some kind of wacky capture device (because it does have a vague Jack Kirby look to it), maybe a decapatator? Lopping the heads off the other guys? It looks like it SHOULD fit over Megator’s head, doesn’t it?

    1. giant whack-a-mole accessory.

      i think the original concept was that it fit over a figure’s head and lift the guy up by it his skull so he could be tossed. i never understood why he didn’t get some kind of real hammer, or a stabbing device device and a burlap bag, so he could collect the eternian “trash.”… anything but a head grabber, really.

      what i don’t get is the complete lack of nod to the original action feature. the original figure had a “barbaric kick” action, and it seems like a no-brainer to give the guy a pair of boots w/ like spiked toes or something. oh well… guess this is why i’m not a brand manager, cuz i can’t blame others for my failures, and i like new ideas.

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