DCClassics.Com Review:
Wonder Woman (Star Sapphires)

As I move into talking about articulation, I need to point out that Wonder Woman did end up with the one stuck joint I had in the entire wave. Her left leg peg wants to twist before it turns and I’ve yet to be able to unseat it from it’s frozen position. You can see her leaning a bit in the photos.

Okay, before you say anything – the reason I have two Star Sapphire Wonder Women is because I wanted a DCD Sapphire Lantern and stand. I know. I’m crazy. I’m obsessive about that sorta thing (still waiting on that Black Lantern accessory, DCD!). Though, in my defense, I found her (& the DCD Arkillo) on clearance for $7 each! Now, the Mattel versions does include a Sapphire Lantern. That one is based off our first look at the seven lanterns and it’s pretty cool, though DC would later make most of the lanterns all shaped like the classic GL battery and render this sweet design moot.

Anyway, Wonder Woman has the articulation you’d expect from the female figures like the previous Wonder Woman and Power Girl, except that her waist and ab crunch have been removed in favor of that awful mid-torso swivel. It does make the figure look better aesthetically, but I hate its lack of back-and-forth movement. Mattel may as well just put the waist swivel back and lose the ab crunch (not really… put the ab crunch back!).

Overall, this figure just doesn’t interest me as much as the others. It’s not so much this figure’s fault – I liked the idea of a Blue Lantern Flash and translucent figures like Lex, so they gotta a bit of a pass. But ultimately, Star Sapphire Wonder Woman doesn’t beat me up and make me love her the way that Indigo Atom or Sinestro Corps Scarecrow did. She’s done well – the only things I’d like to see done differently are the torso articulation and for Mattel to friggin’ match the uniform colors of of each corps, but I’m just not too enthused by the figure at the end of the day.

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7 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com Review:
Wonder Woman (Star Sapphires)

  1. Not my fav, but I don’t hate her either, although I did feel the only reason WW was a Star Saphire was she was one of the very few women with clout in the DCU.

    1. I agree. There wasn’t many other choices for the deputies to have the sane impact. The other handful of female leads definitely fit less too.

      And yeah, I don’t hate her, she just doesn’t much interest me. I think part of it might be the GL glut too. Wave 16 is stranded between all these GL figures. I’m ready for variety to return with a loud “e-nuk-chuk!”

  2. was there ever a black lantern lantern? I only ever saw the one in nekron’s scythe.

    1. I thought that Deathstrorm was carrying one around in Brightest Day. I’ll have to check my backissues.

      Even if there wasn’t, I think this is an example of toy/collectible needs outweighing plot needs. I’ve got nine stand, nine rings, and only 8 lanterns.*

      I still want a “proper” indigo lantern too though…

  3. One thing you didn’t mention that I thought was kind of neat: WW is posed in the package with her wrists crossed, as if she were deflecting bullets/other energy beams. I didn’t realize it at first, as of the two I ordered from Amazon, the first one I looked at looked more like she was doing the macarena. It wasn’t until I took a good look at the second, better posed one that I realized what she was doing.

    Ironically, her hands are bound by a clear band, thus negating her of her abilities in the old comics! LOL

    eh, at least DIANA got a Lantern, which Carol did NOT. wtF?

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