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Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps)

Scarecrow technically hasn’t had a proper DC Universe Classics figure. Sure, there’s the old DC Superheroes figure from long ago (and I do like that one), but this Scarecrow figure makes me realize that we need a new one. Yeah, Sinestro Corps (Yellow Lantern?) Scarecrow is that cool.

Scarecrow isn’t my favorite Batman villain, not by a long shot. The only story that I can really remember liking him in is actually an episode of The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. Don’t groan. While there are plenty of groan-worthy SF episodes, the later ones are better, and this one, “The Fear” is particularly awesome. It retells Batman’s origin (the first TV/movie/cartoon to do so, I believe) by means of Scarecrow making Batman relive the deaths of his parents. Batman has to overcome his fears and pain to defeat the Scarecrow. It’s a great episode.

Scarecrow and his yellow ring is actually something I wished the comics would’ve spent more time on. During Blackest Night, Scarecrow had become immune to his own fear toxin and was desperately in need of the only thing that scared him: Batman. With Batman dead during this time, he’d gone a little crazy – like a junkie in need of a fix. The solution turned out to be a Sinestro Corps ring. The possibilities seemed interesting, but Luthor stole his ring almost immediately and that plot point never got the chance to go anywhere in the cluttered mini-series.

Below his ab crunch, Scarecrow’s the standard lanky buck (meaning he sports tights instead of comic-accurate pants) with Sinestro’s boots, but above? Above, he’s kinda awesome. His torso, arms, and coat are all-new pieces that capture the right details for this look down to the threads and stitching. Any where you look on his upper body, there’s detail – straw sticking out from his jacket, a raised Sinestro symbol, and the rope and bottom of his burlap mask added to the torso sculpt. It’s a great piece, but the cherry is literally on top.

I love the head sculpt! The crazed eyes, the wicked grin, the damaged hat, etc. It just looks kickass and we simply must have it on a traditional Scarecrow figure at some point. I really can’t tell you how much I like it, I mean, just look at it…

The paint on the figure was also well done, check out the eyes and teeth on that head sculpt. This is a figure that had a lot of opportunity for sloppy paint, but I’m happy to report my figure came with almost no slop. Most of the figure’s costume is done in molded colors – the black uniform and the brown trench coat, but the paint details that need to be there are there and it really sells the figure. Continue to Page 2…

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Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps)

  1. Great review! I was very pleased with SC Scarecrow. He does seem a bit on the tall side, but the slim build helps him stay within DCUC scale. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s sporting new lower legs because of how skinny they are, the sculpting and the double-hinged knees.

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure if he shared some parts with the Creeper or not. I needed to check, but Creeper isn’t handy. My guess is that he has Creeper’s thighs and Sinestro’s calves.

  2. Galactic Guardians is a great iteration of Super Friends, and I wish people wouldn’t lump it together with the pre-Challenge stuff. I mean, there’s about a decade in between them!

  3. One of the best head sculpts of the line, and I really hope Mattel puts out a standard one ASAP.

    Of course, considering that might be one of the “last” DCUCs I’d “need” he won’t come out until 2017. πŸ˜€

      1. Yes, there were a couple and this one pretty much nails one of ’em. He should still have pants over the spandex leggings, but I found that I didn’t much care about it once I had him in hand.

  4. Very cool, Yellow lantern Scarecrow is my favorite looking Heroclix ever (even though the game peice doesn’t do much in game play) and this figure looks just as great. Great review as always. This is probably one I will grab but no promises.

  5. Yeah, so far they haven’t failed in any of their Scarecrows. With this head, the next one shouldn’t as well. I do wish he came with more stuff though, a fear bomb or two, or a scythe like his DDCSH version. But a geat figure and a nice adition to the Sinestro Corp! πŸ™‚

    1. Somewhere, I think it was at Fwoosh, they made mention of the DCSH Scarecrow’s scythe being cast in clear yellow. That would’ve been mighty cool.

  6. I’m not a Bat-fan, so getting this guy in the Anti-Monitor wave irked me, esp as I already dropped money on the DCD version before I realized NEITHER one has a PROPER modern SinCorps Lantern. BOTH the DCD and DCUC versions come with a yellow lantern molded like the Green Lanterns, but DCUC w4 Sinestro came with the proper SinCorps lantern for BOTH his variants.

    Does Crane carry the modern SinCorps lantern in BN or does he have the “old school” yellow lantern of Silver Age Sinestro and later, Guy Gardner?

    other than that, the only complaint I have is the molded collar on the torso. IF ToyGuru is complaining about costs, then he should have realized that leaving the collar molded as part of the torso means that the top half of this figure can’t be re-used for anything else, basically.

    Sure, they *might* get lucky and get to do Deadman in a trenchcoat (Brightest Day) or something, to re-use the upper arms and coat, but a “blank” torso buck over this “unique sculpt” upper torso just means they can’t use it for anything else. I’m pretty sure this is expected of heads, but other parts?

    eh, I’ll just pretend it’s not Crane, lose the hat and pretend that he’s some intergalactic Ed Gein/Lector/or something in my SinCorps.

    and seeing your DCD Arkillo (note tongue accy), there was a semi-recent issue featuring a “call to arms” of the SinCorps and what at first appeared to be two Arkillo’s, turned out to be two different “bruiser” types in the SinCorps. One was dark blue, and the other a similar shade of grey(?). I think one of them didn’t make it out of that issue? Neither were named that I recall.

    (patiently waits for CnC “Sinestro Corps Moose”……or that SC robot dude.)

    1. I don’t believe Scarecrow ever actually carries a lantern. Other than the Atom’s staff, I don’t think any of these figures held a lantern in their brief appearances, the were deputies to the real ringholders.

      I agree with you on the torso, it looks great – but not really reusuable. The wave actually features quite a bit of that, especially when you factor in Wonder Woman.

  7. There’s another Scarecrow. It came in the two-pack “Fear”. It’s called “Batman/Scarecrow Fear Gift Set” and I think is pretty good.


    1. I think that’s a DC Direct one. My fave DCD one is the Hush one… which might actually be the one in that set if I recall.

  8. Can’t help but notice you haven’t removed the rubber band from your DC Super Heroes Scarecrow either. πŸ˜›

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