Friday Five 8/21: Links You Need to Know About

It’s time for Five Links You Need to Know About. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we share those links here with our readers every Friday…

  • DC Classics First Looks @ The Fwoosh and AFI – It was a big week for DC Classics collectors. In addition to the release of the 5pk and some first sightings of Wave 9, AFI and the Fwoosh offered first looks at two future waves of DC Classics. Check out both sites for great turnarounds, figure comparisons, and closeups. Also, be aware – even if we’re just seeing DCUC9 hitting retail, these first looks don’t preceed the figures by that much. It’s looking to be an expensive run for DCUC in the next few weeks! Check out the pictures with the links below:
  • Hot Toys Dark Knight Tumbler @ MWCToys – A lot of times, Michael Crawford’s reviews are helpful to show what toys we should be getting or should avoid. Other times, his reviews help us get a sneak peak at something that is on it’s way already. But then there are times like these… Michael has the Hot Toys Tumbler in 1/6th scale – yeah, drink that in for a minute, a 1/6th scale version of that massive Batmobile – up for review. Oh, and it’s awesome. And, be warned, Michael’s in-depth review will make you start to think it’s “only” $400…
  • CustomCon 23 @ – I love CustomCons and this Summer’s was no different. It was hard to pick favorites, but I really enjoyed the Matrix Minimates and the Guardians of the Galaxy customs. There’s a great custom wave of Marvel Legends with a BAF Goliath. A ton of original characters Pocket Heroes. Some modern Thundercats. I could go on and on… so it’s best to just explore the customs for yourself! And TheFwoosh has let us know they’ll be hosting CustomCon 24 this Winter!
  • Tri-Klops Review @ ActionFigurePics.Com – They’ll be a flood of Tri-Klops reviews in the coming days (heck, even we’ll have one!), but AFP has a great one up right now! Check it out for some great shots of Tri-Klops and know what to expect when yours arrives.
  • LeVar Burton Talks Black Lightning – DCCollector.Com – I really like Black Lightning. I really like Levar Burton too (he’s even fun to follow on Twitter). That is the voice of Black Lightning in the upcoming Public Enemies animated feature is pretty sweet. Even better, has an interview with him where he talks about voicing the role, what he thinks about comics, and he picks between Batman & Superman. Check it out!
  • There’s our five for today! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at

    14 thoughts on “Friday Five 8/21: Links You Need to Know About

      1. you sir are wrong… it’s ok, it happens to the best of us from time to time, and i know you’ll recover… but in this case, you’re just wrong. 😉
        the tumbler was AWESOME and seeing it die was FAR more poignant to me than either the corruption or death of harvey dent. the tumbler had more soul than either rachel dawes. and frankly, the tumbler craps cooler than the old adam westmobile.

        1. How embarassing for you. You point out being wrong happens while you’re wrong yourself. It’s like wetting yourself while laughing at someone who has pissed their pants. It’s okay. It happens to the best of us.

          The problem is the impracticality of it. The military has no need of a vehicle that can jump gorges. When was the last time the military met a gorge it didn’t know about? Decades.

          It makes sense as to why it’s in the basement, but the money put into the design was a waste on the board. It might be cool of itself, but it’s history was annoying. No dice from me.

          And the 66 Batmobile is just a mess.

    1. dude, the tumbler rocked… you’re right, the “history” bit about it bridge laying was odd, but it explained why we later got a car that could hop rooves… it tried man, and trying is worth a lot.

      besides, bridges get laid in back territory all over the place… the problem being, you usually ford a river that only 6 feet wide… and i don’t even think the tumbler hopped that far. but the combination of the dynamic suspension, the sleek design, and the plethora of “hidden” functions… that car was so batman you could smell his nuts on the interior. i’m surprised that car hadn’t studied hung-gar w/ a monk in the himalayas.

        1. it was aerodymanic! and it’s was sloped like a lamborghini. and it knows where you live and will mail you an envelope of anthrax for talking crap!!;)

            1. true… but THAT doesn’t house an escape pod, enough firepower to level beirut and it can’t hop rooves across the gotham skyline. and it goes w/out saying, but… no stealth mode!

    2. It’s been a bit since I’ve watched that movie, but I seem to remember Harvey Dent being a great character in it. The movie seemed to be about him as much as Bruce, and Harvey came off a whole lot more likable. I also empathized with him more than any of the other characters, including any of the cars. Except for maybe Joker’s Semi. Joker should always have a semi now.

    3. CustomCon is an interesting endeavour. Some of the figures are amazing and others, well, others you blindly assume they are made by kids.

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