THOR Week Vault Review:
Secret Wars Thor & Enchantress

My last review of the week is the Thor and Enchantress Secret Wars two-pack. Like the Doom two-pack, this was the first chance for Marvel Universe fans to pick up a Thor figure, not to mention an Enchantress. On paper this two-pack seemed promising, but sadly, the plastic reality wasn’t so great.

Luckily the figure that will sell this pack, Thor, turned out pretty well. Although I do love the details on the modern Thor figure, there’s still something that really appeals to me about his classic look. It’s definitely not as intricate or Norse looking, but it has those great primary colors and Jack Kirby design that pops off the page.

The design may be simple, but there are still some really great sculpted elements to this figure. He has a brand new torso with those classic round armor plates, new wrapped boots with knee guards, and even a couple wrist bands. His cape is also nicely detailed with those long flowing folds. But I think the nicest part of this figure is actually his head sculpt. It has that perfect square jaw, flowing hair, and even the wings on his helmet have sculpted feathers.

Sadly the biggest problem with this figure is with the paint. Some of the more noticeable areas are the slop around his chest plates that make them uneven shapes. There’s also a lot of messy smudging from the black spaces on his boots to the yellow wrappings. You can even see little splotches of yellow hair paint on his face and helmet if you look closely. A bad paint job can really kill the positives of a good sculpt.

Thor’s got the familiar MU articulation. His head, biceps, wrists, and waist are swivel joints. The shoulders and ankles are swivel hinges. The upper chest and hips are ball joints. The elbows are hinges while his knees are double hinges. Pretty decent all the way around, I just really wish they would have given him a ball jointed head. That always goes a long way to adding character to a figure.

The only accessory that comes in this two-pack is Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Although I do wish Mjolnir was a bit bigger, I have to admit the sculptors did a great job with this piece. Just like Thor, this version of Mjolnir was made to look simple like it had popped off the pages of a Silver Age comic book. The sculptors even added the famous inscription “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” I love little details like that. Continue to Page Enchantress…

17 thoughts on “THOR Week Vault Review:
Secret Wars Thor & Enchantress

  1. As the character I wanted MOST in this Line I almost cried when I saw how bad He looked in the packet – the only reason I picked up the least sloppy one I could find was my absolute raving need to have a 3.75″ Thor on my shelf with Shell-head and Cap but Man the time hasn’t made it any easier to take just how flimsy and screwed up he is. I still can’t free up his hips without the fear they will twist right off and his gunslinger shoulders just add insult to injury. While the Movie figures are not in any way a sub for a real classic Thor I know which version gets the playtime/posing simply because they are so much more substantial and better made.

    I’m guessing with a heck of a lot of years to run on a Marvel license Big H will pull-out new and improved versions (like the looks of that one in the upcomming Avengers pack) down the line ensure that like with Star Wars I end up with a few versions before I get one I’m happy with.

    And kudos for the banners – love ’em.

    1. Yeah, we’ll probably have plenty of Thor figures by the time the line ends. I just hope that we might get the figures like Enchantress remade in a better way also.

      Thanks for the kudos. It’ was Noisy’s hard work that produced the banners, and he did a great job.

  2. yeah, yikes, that enchantress face is a little… manish. i’ve seen gentler jaw lines on “rupaul’s drag race.”

  3. This two-pack has disappeared from my area, and I had long considered picking it up but the paint apps on Thor were just not good. I wish they would release that classic Thor as a single figure.

    1. I bet we’ll see a new version of the classic Thor eventually. Hasbro knows he’s a figure they can make some money on.

  4. The basic female body for Marvel Universe has no biceps, and it really rains on the posing parade! Hopefully, with X-23 they are debuting a new female body, and it looks to fix the flaws of the current female “buck” body. It would have helped THOR if his T-bar that his hips are hooked onto wasn’t made of the same soft plastic that his head is made out of 🙁

    1. A new female buck is a must. I really don’t understand why they cheaped out on the original.

      I agree, that soft plastic is a little intimidating to move around sometimes.

  5. I bought this set especially for her, altho it was hard to find one to begin with.
    (Finally found one in St Ann WM of all places! just down the street from Lambert airport!)

    My Amora doesn’t look too bad, but it almost sounds like some of you are comparing her to Scarlet Mitch or MonkeyFace Leia?

    I started an ML custom of her using Emma Frost (yeah, she looks stoned, but Hasbro changed the ML neck peg and I can’t find a good replacement), but the big stumbling blocks for me are getting the tiara and hip fringe just right. Maybe we need a new Wanda, or ML Snowbird or Polaris with her tiara, so I can ‘borrow’ it for Amora? There are also a few variations on her costume, as this MU version never really appealed to me.

    1. dude… she’s not pretty. amora in the comics is a friggin goddess (take that how you will) and even the superhero squad one had a prettier face… just sayin, if we get this exact figure scaled up in marvel legends down the road, i’m passing.

      1. I’m really hoping the ML2 will use all new sculpts. I don’t want to pay $17 for a figure they simply adjusted the metrics on.

    2. Oi, that’s a tough call. Scarlet Witch probably wins that contest just because she had a five o’clock shadow, lol.

  6. Anyone know if an Ultimates Thor will be coming?

    I don’t really follow MU.


    1. I hope they make more Ultimates in general. Thor would be a nice touch, but all those alternate realities have some pretty cool characters.

  7. Compaired to the MLS version of thor, this one is miles behind. I was very disapointed in this figure when I got him. I do like the fact the hammer has the writing on it, but it also looks like it should have been washed in cold (shrinkage).

    Also agree on enchantress, not sure what the designers were thinking but it fell way off the mark. Add that sub-standard articulation of the female mold and you have a vast loser. I got it but only because I figure she will never get an upgrade and I wanted an Enchantress.

    1. Yeah, the sad part is she probably won’t get another release. So even if the female figures get better bodies, we’ll still be stuck with this sad thing.

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