They’re Back! Mel Birnkrant’s
Newest Outer Space Men Exhibit

Hopefully, you’ve all taken the time to explore the wonderful MelBirnkrant.Com since the Outer Space Men returned to Earth for last year’s San Diego Comic Con. It was always a great resource for the history of the Outer Space Men, but Mel has put together a new exhibit that celebrates their return and looks to their future!

MelBirnkrant.Com first came to my attention last year shortly after the Four Horsemen announced their licensing of Mel Birnkrant’s classic toy line. It was an invaluable resource for me when I wrote IAT’s Who Are the Outer Space Men Truetorial and I’ve been happily keeping tabs on it as Mr. Birnkrant’s been adding new updates covering his time with Colorforms or his hand in creating a line I had fondly forgotten, The Trash Bag Bunch (I had a ton of those – I can’t believe I’d forgotten them), but his newest exhibit is one of my favorites. It celebrates the new line, what’s been made so far, what’s in the works, and hopefully where it can go if all those stars in the heavens align (and it’s looking like a lot of them are populated by some other space men).

Take a close look at the pics in that bulletin board above to get a taste of what Mel has put together. The exhibit features links to reviews of the previously released figures, work in progress shots of past and future figures, tons of photos, and some sketches of possible new characters that could be worked into the line with little to no new tooling. There’s one thing for sure, it not only makes me really want to get all thirteen of the original characters, but it makes me very interested in seeing the line continue beyond them. There’s plenty of cool stuff to look at, so why are you still here? Check out MelBirnkrant.Com’s The Return Exhibit today!

6 thoughts on “They’re Back! Mel Birnkrant’s
Newest Outer Space Men Exhibit

  1. Good God those are awesome!

    I really love the characters like B.L.Z. Bub and Alpha Series with all those variant parts. And the various faces for Ohpromatem are downright creepy.

    These are the kind of variants I’d really love to see in the line.

  2. Really cool. πŸ˜€ I like the idea for Alpha and his stackable eyes. ^^ Plus The Fire King is neat.

  3. mel is a mad friggin genius. we should convince gary busey to go on celebrity apprentice next week and change his charity to mel… w/ busey, anything is possible.

    that’s POSSIBLE


  4. I’m also very much looking forward to all 13 Outer Space Men and beyond!
    They are awesome πŸ™‚
    And thanks for mentioning the Trash Bag Bunch!
    I thought I didn’t know them and probably didn’t have them, but when I looked at the website, I instantly remembered I had Klutch!

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