Scarabus “Dark Deities”
Pre-Orders Begin Sunday!

The 2nd Scarabus variant multi-pack, “Dark Deities“, will go up for pre-order this coming Sunday (April 17th, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet – Store Horsemen. The “Dark Deities” multi-pack will feature three Egyptian inspired variant versions of the dark lord of Gothitropolis – Anubos, Thothos, and Horos! All three figures available at one time, and all three feature full articulation, spectacular paint applications and tons of accessories, including special war armor for Scarabus’ evil little minions, the Time Keepers!

The “Dark Deities” multi-pack will be available for pre-order for $90.00 (plus shipping & handling).

Please be aware that this is a pre-order, but the figures are currently in production and we expect them to arrive in our warehouse by early June, if not sooner. Also, please be aware that your account will be charged at the time of placing the pre-order or within a day or two afterwards.

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One thought on “Scarabus “Dark Deities”
Pre-Orders Begin Sunday!

  1. can’t wait till “horos” goes up for sale singly, cuz i think he looks really tight. all three look good, but as someone who’s to prioritize for budgetary purposes, horos is my man.

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