Vault Review: Star Wars
The Clone Wars Ahsoka

I walked into my Toys R Us this week not expecting to really find anything, and was pleasantly surprised by a nice little haul. Not only was I able to pick up the DCUC Golden Pharaoh and Jemm figures, but TRU also got in one case of the new wave of Clone Wars. So I was able to snag myself the new Ahsoka.

The Clone Wars is on its third season, and I have to say I’m a pretty big fan. With the exception of a few of the more boring Senate episodes and a couple of cliché plot lines, I’ve been pretty entertained by the series as a whole. It’s definitely more violent than I expected, but in a good way. I’ve come to really like the Clones as characters. Plus, the added relationship of a Padawan for Anakin adds much more depth to the character than the movies even came close to.

It’s kind of funny though. With as much as I like The Clone Wars, this is only the second figure I’ve bought from the toy line. One reason is because of the noticeable difference in style. The aliens and robots, even the clones to a certain extent, can kind of fit in with the more realistic looking figures, but the human characters just don’t blend as well.

Like the zombie Geonosian, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this figure on the peg. I’ve been waiting for a decent figure of Ahsoka. The first one was ok, but I really didn’t like the look on her face. She had these half closed eyes that made her look either tired or stoned. It just wasn’t a good look. So, I’m glad Hasbro decided to make a figure with a new head sculpt.

This new Ahsoka is far better. The figure is based off of her new third season appearance. As the series has progressed, Ahsoka’s character has gotten a bit older. She’s not quite an adult, but there’re definitely some older teenage qualities: her face isn’t as round, her hair tendrils are noticeably longer and pronounced, and her body is undeniably more mature looking. The sculptors did a great job capturing this new design, and I really appreciate the fact that her eyes are fully open this time.

One of my favorite parts of the character’s new design is her costume. She’s definitely showing a lot less skin, but the overall feel of the look is much more adult and even a bit sexier. What’s really interesting is how much darker her look has gotten. The whites are gone entirely, while the light tan colors have been replaced with various deeper shades of brown. It’s not just the colors, though. Her costume now consists of various arm straps, a double belt, and even leggings with diamond shaped holes that reveal her skin. I’m kind of curious; is this darker tone is a foreshadowing of things to come? Continue to Page 2…

8 thoughts on “Vault Review: Star Wars
The Clone Wars Ahsoka

  1. Wow, she does look very nice.

    You got to hand it to the writers. When the “Clone Wars” movie came out, I remember a lot of people hated Ahsoka, but she’s developed into a pretty interesting character.

    Part of me still wonders if Ahsoka’s reverse-grip fighting style inspired Vader to teach it to the Secret Apprentice.

    1. Yeah, I am really liking her character development.

      I’m really interested on how they’re going to end the show because it really can’t turn out well, especially for Ahsoka.

      It also makes you feel bad for the clones. Their added characterization makes the sting much worse when they turn on the Jedi, most of whom are their friends.

  2. excellent review – totally agree on the subject of articulation, the lack of ankles (for no other reason than pure cheapness) on the current Anakin, Obi-Wan and now Ahsoka is beyond annoying. We all know Hasbro CAN do ankle-joints well on Star Wars figures, not doing them shouldn’t be an option on Jedi-Type characters. Ditto the ball-joint hips, this is a Company that’s been making Joe-type bodies since the 80’s but can’t come up with a hip-joint for Star Wars that works? I think not.

    Other than that the reverse grip fighting style – I know somebody out there will correct me that some badass-worrior-Kung-fu Clan of Killers has been using a reverse grip for centuraries but with a freakin Lightsaber it just seems like the biggest self-amputation waiting to happen since the Yakuza all got the Big-Bosses’ Sake temperature wrong at the same time.

    1. Thanks Motor. I’m hoping as the Vintage line progresses, we’ll start seeing more of that articulation trickle over to the Clone Wars line. And you’re entirely right about the GI Joes. This should all be old hat to Hasbro.

      In the various bios I’ve read for Ahsoka, it mentions that Anakin disapproves of her reverse grip style and is trying to break her of that habit. So even in continuity it’s not the best attack stance. But I have to admit it does look cool, lol.

  3. Great review! I, too, am a huge fan of Clone Wars but have not picked up any figures, as I don’t really collect Star Wars. I really debated getting the first Ahsoka but ultimately passed due to the too small arms and not close enough likeness. After reading this review, I will definitely be on the lookout for this figure. She looks great!

    1. Thanks. I had the same feelings as you. The first figure just didn’t look quite right. I think you’ll be much happier with this version of her though.

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