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Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar

Wreck-Gar’s bot mode is appropriately junky. Despite the colors not being a proper homage, a lot of design elements are there, like the two tires on his left, the shoulder blasters, and the dead-on head sculpt. He’s got a goatee that might rival Scourge’s and his grin gives him some real personality, something a lot of TF toys lack. I pretty much like everything on the sculpt itself. The odd transformation comes in handy in his bot mode because he genuinely seems like a pile of parts. The license plate ends up being a knee cap, the front of the bike his left foot, and the two tires give him a really asymmetrical design which makes him particularly unique among his Transformers brethren.

I would like it if his head could pop up a little higher, but that’s my only real quibble.

Wreck-Gar’s rear wheel/tail pipe also pops off to give him his classic bladed weapon. It looks cool as a weapon and blends in well in his alt mode which is probably the peak performance of any TF accessory. It also features that now pervasive c-clip. I still haven’t experimented with the clips to mix and match the parts, but I appreciate the implications.

The articulation is really nice. Ball-joints on the head, shoulders, hips, & ankles, swivels at the biceps, hands, waist, & thighs, and hinges on the elbows & knees. He’s got a lot of great movement and that’s going to come in handy when he’s riding… himself.

While I don’t like all the color choices, I got good paint on Wreck-Gar all around. The forearms seem to have a thicker paint on them that may scratch easily, but I haven’t had any issues with that yet. The flames are all nice and sharp as are the important facial details.

Overall, Wreck-Gar’s out-of-scale alt mode becomes a lot less important when you get him in hand and play with him. Any drawbacks about the scale quickly fade away when you toss one of the other Generations TFs on his back. I keep using Scourge because I like the biker gang aspect and Scourge fits that for me. Wreck-Gar’s bot mod could’ve used more classic colors, but the design of the toy is great despite the colors. And he looks appropriately crazy when wielding his axe. In the end, Wreck-Gar is a really fun Transformers and that’s perfect considering his character.

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17 thoughts on “Transformers Reviews
Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar

  1. Thanks for all the great Transformers reviews this week, guys! Hope to see that Jazz review sooner rather than later!

    1. I’ve got some MU & DCUC to do, but it should be too bad. I’m not nearly backed up after the last few weeks of reviews. I am a little burnt out though… lol

  2. Awwww! Sad Jazz!

    Great review as always. I love all the trash laying about in this review. I spot some cool stuff like Chronohammers and a Gobon back there! Why are those in the trash??

    I haven’t found the Wreck-Gar wave anywhere yet. It sucks because that was a highly anticipated wave for me. Even the classic Bumblebee in movie colors.

  3. Great review. I’m not a Wreck-gar fan, but I dig this figure. I have actually bought him twice, mulled it over, and returned him twice now. Maybe if I find him on sale I’ll keep him (if any of the TRU near me had him during their $7.99 week I would have definitely snatched him up), but I’m having a harder time spending $13 w/ tax for deluxe figures.

  4. Great review! I love the ghostbusters sign at the end with Jazz. It’s little things like that I love about IAT.

    I still haven’t found this wave or the Tracks/Jazz wave at retail yet and it’s making me grumpy. I haven’t had any trouble with the red carded stuff at all, but the yellow cards have been non-existant after the first wave.

    1. Buster is sad for Jazz too. 😉

      I’ve only seen Wreck-Gar once & Perceptor once. I didn’t grab the ‘Bee or Prime and haven’t seen them since (I don’t know if I really want those two anyway), so I’m definitely with you in the yellow cards being more of a pain than the red ones. My Jazz & Tracks came from Walgreens of all places.

  5. The character is a pile of crap (sorry Guys and Gals, most of the movie ones were….) but this is a very sharp and downright essential toy – leaving aside the dodgy undertones for a moment my Jazz has a ride now and how feakin cool is that?!!!!! Terrific Bot mode and I can forgive the Italian ‘tache because he’s so poseable. More like this please Hasbro…..

    1. Awww, no love for Wreck-Gar? LOL

      I love that he can give rides to the other transformers! Though now we need an Astrotrain that all the other TFs can fit in…

  6. Good review, but like everyone else – the right foot is supposed to be turned around, so that both feet look the same. Oh well, I guess noone looks at the instructions anymore.

    1. I forgot to mention that! I was going there with my pile of my parts analogy. I did it the “proper” way the first time, but upon subsequent transformations I stopped because I think the feet being opposite give him more of that mismatched parts feel. Good catch, though!

  7. I only just recently bagged a Wreck-Gar and a Scrapheap, and I love ’em. But one horrible thing I noticed was that if you try to clip their axes into their hands so that they’re not holding onto the very end of the handle, you get big, nasty, worrying white stress-lines that make it look like the fingers will snap off with any further provocation. Bad bit of design there, methinks.

    I’ve gone and ground down that raised, angled ridge near the end of the tail-pipe / axe handle so I can slide the axes further into their hands for a better grip. Now, if only those secondary market add-on parts-makers will make some replacement hands for Wreck-Gar and Scrapheap . . . .

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