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Vault Review: Transformers
Reveal the Shield Lugnut

Transformers Reviews
Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar

Transformers Week Reviews
Reveal the Shield Perceptor

I was hoping to get this review up much earlier today, but I got a bit behind. So for those of you who have been waiting, I apologize for my tardiness. But in my defense, part of the blame sets on the strangely articulated shoulders of today’s subject. Perceptor is a diva.

Transformers Week Reviews
Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks

Transformers Week continues with today’s look at Turbo Tracks from the Reveal the Shield line. Don’t let that yellow fool you, Tracks is right at home with your Generations line toys. Tracks proved a bit difficult for me to find at first, but I had to have him. He’s always been one of my favorites Transformers.