Vault Review:
Transformers Axor

The last thing that sets Axor apart from Lockdown is his color scheme. He’s mostly molded in a light gray plastic with gold highlights, while his thin extremities are a dusky blue. The color scheme works really well with the body mold. Where Lockdown’s black colors ate up the detailing in the sculpt, Axor’s colors work with it, making the details pop.

Axor also has a silver/gold painted EMP Generator/motor. The extra addition of metallic silver paint goes a long way in giving the device an actual machine-like feel. Lockdown’s was simply molded in gray plastic. His looks more like a toy trinket than Axor’s metallic kick butt weapon.

The articulation on both figures is the same. Axor retained that incredible triple ball jointed neck, which also adds a lot to personality. His shoulders and elbows are also ball joints. The base of his neck and thigh cuts are both swivel joints. His hips are swivel/hinges. While his wrist, waist, knees and ankles are all hinges.

Axor’s vehicle mode is also the same as Lockdown. But I think Lockdown has the better paint scheme here. Axor has too much gray. Even though the gold highlights and blue spikes add a lot to the car, he still just feels blah to me. Less of a Jason Statham post-apocalyptic Mad Max feel, and more of a car covered in primer while waiting for its actual badass paintjob.

I do love this figure of Hatchot Axor though, even with his boring car colors and tiny axe hand. In robot mode he has a terrific and downright evil look that could even intimidate his mold-buddy Lockdown. I picked mine up for full price, about $12. at my local Wal-Mart. It’s worth it to me because he’s the only one I’ve still ever seen. Plus, when a figure is this fun, I don’t mind paying full price.

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Transformers Axor

  1. axor? so hasbro has decided to employ the motuc naming convention now for TF? funny.

    of course, then what do they call optimus when he’s sporting the energon axe?

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