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Vault Review: Anguirus
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #021)

I figured Anguirus would have about the same articulation as Baragon since they are similar in design. But like Moguera, he actually surprised me with the amount of movement he can pull off. His head, lower neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, tail, hips, knees, and ankles are all revolver joints. The only joint on him that isn’t a revolver is his jaw, which is a hinge. Even with the limits of his body structure, this amount of articulation gives him a huge range of poseability.

Something that also adds character to the figure is that his super long tail is bendable. Because of its length and the soft plastic skin, his tail is easier to move and looks more realistic than Baragon’s.

Anguirus comes with his nameplate and only one other accessory: the Moonlight SY-3. This rocket ship was used in Anguirus’ second movie, Destroy All Monsters, to help defend Earth against the evil Kilaak invaders. The ship itself has a great sculpt. The large booster rockets on the bottom and the small ones on the top by the tail are all separate pieces that were glued on. With the silver body highlighted in red and blue areas, the ship also has a great paint job for something so small. Even the designation SY-3 is printed on the side.

The ship can be displayed like it’s taking off with a burst of smoke and rocket fuel that attaches to the rear. Kaiyodo always does a great job with these effects. The rocket blast has been colored a gradient mix of gray and white while the flames are given a glowing red effect.

I was a little disappointed Anguirus didn’t come with a few more accessories, although I don’t know what they would be. I guess I’m just getting spoiled by figures like Moguera that come with a ton of stuff.

Like most of the Sci-Fi imports, Anguirus will run you about $30. I really love this figure more than I anticipated. He’s got a lot of personality to his look and he’s really fun to pose and play with. So I think the price is worth it. Plus, he looks fantastic in my ever growing kaiju collection. With his addition, I’ve realized I’m starting to run out of room in these group shots. Maybe it’s time to build my own Monster Island playset for these guys to hang out in.

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12 comments to Vault Review: Anguirus
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #021)

  • Way I figure it, there’s a couple of potential holdups with making a Godzilla.

    A. Toho wants tons more of the license. After all, he IS the key star of the Toho Kaiju galaxy, right?

    B. Just WHICH look does one pick to make the one Godzilla? I’d vote something around the ‘Destroy All Monsters’ period but I know the ‘Vs. Mothra’ folk have a loud voice, and then of course the more ape-ish First Godzilla.

    I have lots of faith the Revoltech guys could find a way to make a fusion of all the Showa era Godzillas that would rock. 🙂

    • AdventureVault

      When all is said and done, I think I’d like a Godzilla figure from the Showa, Heisei, and Millennium series. That way we can get his different looks over time. Also, and this may sound blasphemous to some, I’d like to get a version of Zilla, the American Godzilla. Zilla has her own unique look, plus she was in Final Wars and one of the video games if I remember correctly.

      • Oh, in a perfect world I’d love every variation of Godzilla made. 🙂

        I don’t know what it was about the MM era but the only memorable look for Godzilla for me was Final Wars. he just had that completely ripped bad-ass look going on, like Hulkster in his prime. Throw anything at him, he didn’t care!

        *ahem* sorry. I know Final Wars is a point of contention to some but I thought it was pretty cool. ‘Course, they could have canned about 80% of that mutant nonsense and given us more kaiju…

        BTW, I didn’t say it, another excellent review. I suspect you are the first person ever to put the Markalite in a monster’s hand and have him go ‘Pew! Pew!’. 🙂

        Also, I suspect the Revoltech King Ghidora would be epic.

  • dayraven

    i want the matt broderick movie version!

    • AdventureVault

      Me too. Zilla gets too much hate. She may not be Godzilla, but she’s still a kaiju in my opinion.

  • Dorkey

    Based on what little I remember about my conversation with the guys at Kaiyodo’s “Tokusatsu Revoltech Team” last summer:

    Godzilla is in the works, but Toho is reluctant to issue a license for their most precious property.

    Toho wants to avoid any confrontations with Bandai – the largest and most powerful toy manufacturer in Japan. Other manufacturers that have released Godzilla products are either small enough not to have been caught on Bandai’s radar, or they have actually been granted a license by Bandai.

    Kaiyodo has made other figures (such as Transformers) under license from TakaraTomy, but Bandai isn’t as willing to share their licenses with other major manufacturers.

    To date, all of the Godzilla monsters released by Kaiyodo have actually had movies of their own, without Godzilla. This technically makes them non-Godzilla monsters, not requiring any Godzilla license for Kaiyodo and no obligation for Toho to grant such license.

    With the release of Gaigan in February as well as Jet Jaguar planned in the near future, it is thought only a matter of time until Megalo and Godzilla licenses are granted. My guess is that Bandai never got the license for that particular movie, or they let that license run out (I think I used to own a vinyl figure of Jet Jaguar, manufactured by Popy – which was bought out by Bandai).

    My guess would be that the first Revoltech Godzilla would either be a vs Megalo version or a conglomorated Showa hybrid.

    • AdventureVault

      That’s pretty interesting. Hopefully at WonderFest they’ll have some good news to report. Megalon is a must. I wouldn’t mind that version of Godzilla, but I’d also like to get his other looks.

      Do you think they’ll be able to make unique characters from the Godzilla Island TV show like Firefighter and Medical Jet Jaguar or unique characters like Gororin (even though he’d be super lame)?

  • Smalltoycollector

    Sir Reviewer, what material is the SY-3 made out of? Soft PVC/rubber, or hard ABS plastic?

    • AdventureVault

      Sorry about that, I should have mentioned it in the review. Both the SY-3 and the smoke trail are made out of hard plastic.

  • RageTreb

    I recently got Anguirus as well and I love him. So far the only Kaiju Revoltechs I have are him and Gamera, but I really want Baragon and the rest. I also have Gigan pre-ordered because he’s by far my favorite. I assume you’ll buy and review him too?

    • AdventureVault

      Definitely getting Gigan. He looks fantastic already. Baragon’s pretty cool too. I like Anguirus more, but Baragon has this doofy look on his face that I love. That’s why I have him waving hello in those group shots. He’s like a big dumb happy kaiju, lol.