Vault Review: Persona 3’s
Metis (Figma #085)

Metis comes with two faces (happy and determined) and ten hands in various positions, allowing you to change her look easily. She also comes with a Figma stand for those flying or jumping poses. But like Aegis, her feet are molded in a position that doesn’t allow her to stand without two small translucent struts.

Her main weapon is a long metallic mallet that resembles a cross. The handle of this weapon is extremely thin and two of her alternate hands are specifically designed to hold it. I was worried at first that this would break easily, but luckily the handle is designed out of a thin metal wire. Kudos to Figma on this bit of great engineering.

Metis also comes with a bus stop sign for bludgeoning her enemies. This weapon also has two alternate hands for holding it. I’m assuming she uses this weapon in the game at some point, but I prefer the sleeker look of the mallet.

The most impressive accessory Metis comes with is another character from the Persona games, a dog named Koromaru. Figma did a great job sculpting this figure. There’re tons of little details all over him like wrinkles and seam lines on his shirt, the sculpted texture of his fur, even his collar has a translucent blue sphere on the side. But what surprised me the most is that his head and tail are on swivel joints, which is great because this gives him more personality than just a statue. Also, who doesn’t love dogs with little angel wings?

I was really happy to see the wonderful work done on the Aegis figure duplicated with Metis. Together with Koromaru they make for a great display. One thing you’ll want to take note of is that Metis’ face shield, armlet, and skirt have a less sturdy feel to them than the main figure, so be gentle when positioning them. Other than that, I feel this figure is definitely worth the $25 or so that I paid.

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Metis (Figma #085)

  1. I didn’t think she was as much fun to play with as Aegis, but Aegis is really hard to beat in the playability department. Metis felt more flimsy to me but I love her design and her doggy. ^^

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