Costume Consensus:
DC Universe Classics Huntress

For 2011, we’re kicking off a new feature here at IAT to replace the semi-retiring Request column. On Thursdays (usually), we’ll be polling our readers about which costumes deserve the plastic treatment. This column will be open to any character in any toy line. And, as always, we’ll be taking your submissions.

For Costume Consensus, we’re going to show you some pictures, provide a little background, and then ask you what you think. If you have a suggestion for a future edition of this column, drop us a line at Submissions@ItsAllTrue.Net .

For our first Costume Consensus, we’re picking on a character that we’re surprised isn’t already in DC Classics, Huntress. She’s been a prominent member of the Bat franchise for over thirty years and has worn a handful of different costumes in that time. For the ease of voting, we’ve whittled it down to the three major looks that’s she sported throughout her appearances.

1. Huntress first appeared as Helena Wayne (daughter of the Earth-2 Batman) in 1977. Her original costume was designed by artist Joe Staton and would go relatively unchanged until she (along with all of Earth-2) was erased by the Crisis on Infinite Earths. If we got this version in DC Classics, it would help fill out an Earth-2 Justice Society team and the Infinity, Inc. team. This costume has received a figure from DC Direct.

After Crisis, Huntress was quickly reintroduced as a new character, Helena Bertinelli. This version of Huntress is typically depicted at odds with Batman for being too violent and unpredictable. Originally, her costumes were limited to variations on the theme of her original E-2 appearance.

2. But in the mid-90s, the modern Huntress received a new costume unique to her character. This version in DC Classics, would help fill out the 90s Batman roster, but would most likely be used for a Morrison JLA. This costume has received a figure from DC Direct as well as a Total Justice figure from Hasbro “back in the day”.

3. Jim Lee redesigned Huntress for the Hush storyline and that costume has stuck (more or less) ever since. There were some minor variations where the thighs and stomach were covered in recent years, but, with the relaunch of Birds of Prey, Huntress is back in the Hush costume that she wore during her first BoP tour. This costume has also received a figure from DC Direct.

Below you can vote for which of the three costumes we’ve selected for the poll or you can write-in your own if you would’ve preferred one of her other more brief looks. After you’ve voted, let us know why you chose the way you did in the comments section below.

39 thoughts on “Costume Consensus:
DC Universe Classics Huntress

  1. I voted for the classic costume because I just can’t stand the ridiculousness of the new one with the open torso and thighs.

  2. While her current costume (#3) is hot (drool) I think the 90’s costume makes more sense and would look cool figure wise. Plus i think so far the clothed females have looked the best in DCUC aside from Wonder Woman.

  3. I voted for number two. I don’t like the exposed skin on number three. The middle one looks functional as a crime-fighting outfit.

  4. I took advantage of the “other” option.
    I’d like the costume seen in
    Robin III “Cry of the Huntress” miniseries.

    It is kind of a cross between 1 and 2.
    3, while okay, really is my least favorite.

    Incidentally, I’d still like a Spoiler.

  5. Number 2! Jim Lee’s version looks idiotic for someone who goes out and fights crime. Like Dick Grayson as Robin.

  6. I want the Nicola Scott redesign of her modern look, where the random patches of skin are covered. I’d also accept #2, though that and #3 are the choices of characters who bear about as much resemblance to the Helena Bertinelli I came to know in Birds of Prey as #1 does.

  7. As a bit of a BoP/Huntress fanatic, I’d like to point out that the image shown for #3 is the (in my opinion) far superior Ed Benes redesign of the Jim Lee suit, which was much more symmetrical than the Lee outfit (especially in terms of the belts/straps/pouches) and eliminated some of the goofier flourishes Lee put in there (like the spiked knee pads).

    If you could tell, #3 got my vote. My second choice would actually be the Cully Hamner design from the Question co-feature that ran in Detective Comics a little while ago, which featured more skin coverage and some stylized shoulder pads in place of the cape. That worked much better for me than the Nicola Scott suit, which was essentially the Lee/Benes suit with the tummy/thighs covered, and looked like it.

  8. #1 for my JSA goodness. Though, #3 came close just so I could have a lady friend for The Question.

  9. I voted for the Morrison/JLA because Batman would prefer it. After Jason, He modified the costume for Robin so he could have more protection. And it is also a very dark costume. Wich suits better for the Gotham Knights. XD

  10. Two! TWO!

    I hate that modern costume. Ever since it first appeared in Hush, I’ve thought it was stupid.

    Two looks like something you might actually wear if you were expecting to be involved in hand-to-hand combat. Three looks like something you might actually wear if you’re a stripper.

    I have no strong feelings on #1, but it’s a little too superhero-y for my interpretation of the character.

    1. AGREED!
      and, as Rich noted below, this does help finish up the TJ/JLA line of toys if they’re done with copying Super Powers!
      (now we need a Zauriel poll: FA TOGA or that insipid ‘god’ armor!)

  11. Number 2!

    Number 3 is terrible…she was one of the few female superheroes that had as cool of a costume as the men and looked like she could kick ass. Her new costume is as tasteless and demeaning as most female superhero costumes…

  12. Can I just let out a big old “MEH….” ?

    I have always thought she was a boring useless character….not quite Batgirl, not quite Catwoman.


  13. I think the first costume should be used. No disrepect to the writers of the current storylines but the name of series is called Classics

    1. And no offense to you, but the “Classics” moniker really doesn’t have any bearing on eras or costumes.

      It’s obviously just a branding play off of “Marvel Legends” and serves as an all-encompassing banner title to differentiate itself from the Bats and Supes-limited “DC Superheroes” line.

      But for the record, I think the 4H would make nifty Huntress figures out of any of the costumes!
      Whether or not Mattel’s factories can faithfully recreate said figures, is another story. 😉

  14. I voted for #1. I loved that version from the moment she appeared, because she gave Earth-Two some development, rather than just being ‘that thing that Earth-One was based on’. Not to mention she’ll give Power Girl someone to pal around with.

    I can also see #3 being a possible variant with #1, so two Birds with one stone.

    But nothing wrong with #2 either.

    Oh, Mattel, just make something.

  15. We have so few Morrison/JLA people right now… #2 would be very very welcome, as well as to round out a Total Justice wave!

    By the way, this is an excellent new feature, guys. Great idea!

    1. We’d still be a little ways off from completing a TJ lineup, even if they did the #2 Huntress. Off the top of my head, I know we’d still need Kyle Rayner in his original outfit, hook-hand Aquaman (how do we have 5 different Aquaman releases and still no hook hand?), Parallax, the Connor Hawke Green Arrow, a Wally West Flash, and a Professor Zoom (they’ll re-release Barry until the cows come home, but God forbid they utilize that same mold with some different paint to make it one of two incredibly obvious variants).

      1. I’ll take ALL of those, thankyewverrymush!

        and again, we still need Zauriel as well, and I’m hoping for his FA toga, this time!
        Hawkman base, new head, a couple accessories and BOOM! the JLA’s own Guardian Angel!

  16. I’m voting for the classic costume.. But still hoping Mattel make all of it.
    After all, i like costume varieties on DCUC..

  17. I love the modern look, but I need me some more Morrison JLA something fierce. Either of those two would make me happy, though.

  18. I find it fascinating that so many of the comments here are in favour of #2 (my preference), while the votes still tally for #3…

    1. Good ol’ vocal minority. Nothing like it for skewed perceptions.

      I suspect #3 would win a poll just about anywhere. It’s what she’s wearing now, and she’s worn some variation of it for several years, as well as on JLU. It’s the costume most associated with the best years of the character’s history, her rise to respectability in BoP and her TV role as renegade Leaguer and Question’s better half. #2 is from a period of less prominence, a niche choice. #1 is a different character, so it’s limited to Earth-2 fans with some crossover from Bat-BatB.

      I figure, best case scenario, we get #3 with a less racy variant (wishful thinking) and #1 in a two-pack or something.

  19. As stated above on several occasions, #2 appears to be the most functional/practical.

    And I think the masks on #1 and #3 just look too silly.

  20. I’m going with the functional number two, though that big heavy cape looks like it could use a trim.

  21. @ Lay Ze Man, I can’t argue with your point about classics being all encompassing on different eras but like Rod said there’s was more development pre – crisis. My second choice is the Morrison JLA version.

  22. I voted #3. Simply because of character recognition in order to push sales.

    #1 is a bit too classic to be recognisable anymore and design-wise looks like the long-skirted and caped Catwoman.

    #2 is my personal preference for what a real crimefighter would wear but for a toy, I think it lacks the eye appeal needed to make it stand out among the ranks of toys competing for your dollar. Compared with the costumes of Wonder Woman/Artemis (classic colors), Starfire (even more risque) and Hawkgirl (striking palette, wings), this version of Huntress would be about as exciting as Donna Troy (read: dull).

    #3 works because it is quite striking (bar the stupid open stomach panel, which I don’t mind losing but I’m fine with the open thighs) and is the current incarnation of the character seen in the comics and graphic novels. I’m just concerned that DCUC haven’t shown us that they can get a female buck properly done without major problems like T-Rex arms. Yes, Katma Tui and Starfire – I’m looking at you.

    I do believe that the Huntress design works better without the cape though.

  23. I voted #3 because like Rogue Leader said: character recognition. While I agree the stomach panel and thighs are crazy for fighting crime (I’m in a cold, cold place right now as I write this), I think it’s the version I can identify with the most. Also, I’m kinda meh about the way DCUC flesh tones on females have come out so far (except Powergirl). But in general, I’d like to see a newer, better buck and better head for females.

    But Rogue Lead, bro, I love that Huntress has a cape!

    Ok, so someone remind me why I voted for #3 again…

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