Vault Review: Clone Wars
Undead Geonosian

The Geonosian also comes with two pieces of clothing which can be taken off. There’s a loin cloth with its own detailed sculpting and a little paint. Then there’s his chest harness which is molded gold with a painted red jewel. The harness sits in the figure’s chest in a small peg hole and can easily be removed. What’s interesting is that the first harness sits over another harness which is sculpted and painted onto the figure. This again gives you the chance to mix up the figure and making him more unique in a horde of these zombies. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the square peg hole is clearly visible.

The paint on this guy also goes a long way into portraying a deathlike state. Most Geonosians are green or brown, but this guy’s gray. That ain’t normal. Interestingly, even though the figure is mostly dark, he’s actually molded in a light gray color. The dark gray is a wash that covers his body allowing the lighter color to pop through in random speckles throughout. Most companies would have just made him one color and added details here and there. But Hasbro took it a step further, which had to have cost a little more money. So props and kudos to Hasbro for doing what looks better over what saves them a few more cents.

The Undead Genosian’s articulation is way better than I expected. His head, shoulders, and hips are ball joints. His elbows, knees, and ankles are swivel/hinges. While his mid torso and wrists are swivels. This gives him a huge range of motion to be put in some very nice poses. Also, he’s made of a very sturdy plastic so there’s no posing or leaning problems like with The Vintage Collection’s Grievous. The only thing that would have improved is if his torso joint was also a ball joint. This would have allowed him to hunch forward or lean back, giving him a more lifeless look.

A byproduct of giving him so many ball joints is the bonus an action feature. The back of his card points out that you can remove his arms and legs for battle damage. Another great idea on Hasbro’s part. Not only can you refine his look to be more unique, but he can take literal battle damage since he’s dead.

Aside from his wings and armor, the Undead Genosian also comes with a sonic blaster weapon. It’s molded in gold and painted with a neon green in the front. He looks fine using it, but since when do zombies need guns? Mine’s posed to look like he’s just dragging it around.

Since’ he’s part of The Clone Wars line, he also comes with a stand, one die, and an info card for the Galactic Battle Game. I’m not sure how high stat numbers in the game go to, but this zombie has a 17 in luck. That seems a little high for something that doesn’t even have control of its own body anymore.

Overall I really love this figure. He’s a perfect mix of zombies and Star Wars, so what’s not to like? I’m actually tempted to buy a few more just to have a small horde for my Jedi and clones to fight off. The only problem is finding him first. I got this guy at Toys R Us, but they only received one case so he was the only one on the shelf. The price point wasn’t too bad either, retailing about $9 after tax. Which is a lot better than The Vintage Collection figures that I can’t stay away from.

12 thoughts on “Vault Review: Clone Wars
Undead Geonosian

  1. Nice review!

    I liked Legacy of Terror too and was looking forward to this guy ever since this guy was announced. I’m glad the figure turned out well and will get it as soon as he comes out.

  2. Good review.

    In your comparison pic, it looks like the new one should be telling the old one he doesn’t look so good. That’d be hilarious!

    1. He’s a definite buy for a Geonosian fan. I don’t even care about them and I love the figure.

  3. I haven’t picked up any Clone Wars figures, but I was really tempted by this one. After reading the review I really wish I had.

    I thought it was odd how the package said removable limbs, instead of “This is the best ball joint we could make for this guy”

    Great Stuff!

    1. Thanks, If you still want him, check your local Wal-Marts. Mine has the clone figures on sale for $6. It’s hard to turn down a price that good.

  4. Another great review, Vault, you’re making me want to start picking up Star Wars figs again. That and the awesome stupid expensive vehicles. 🙂

    But pardon me for my ignorance, but…why? Why zombie bug people? I mean, they’re bug people. In bug fashion aren’t there a few billion eggs just sitting around to hatch new dudes? Seems like a ‘fish needing a bicycle’ kind of thing to me.

    1. You should check out the episode they’re in, it’s pretty good. The Queen Geonosian uses these zombies as her personal slaves/guards. They show in the episode that the worms can infect normal people also. Besides, zombie bugs are like ten times worse than normal zombies. 😛

  5. *sigh* I originally only bought one of these.. just for the novelty.. once I saw it in hand.. I bought 4 more… *sigh* I love the customizability and just the sheer coolness of them.. I’ve only opened 2 so far.. but seriously, it was all I could do to stop at 5…

    1. lol, you sound like me. I was at WalMart last night and they had at least five on the shelves, on sale for $6. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any money to begin with or I’d be walking out with my arms full.

      Now if they’re still there when I get paid again…

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