A Personal Appeal from Evil Warriors Founder Skeletor

I got a lot of funny looks years ago when I started talking to people about taking over Eternia. Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion that outcasts from all across Eternia could come together to create a remarkable power base – all for the simple purpose of glorifying me.

No Kings. No Council. No He-Man.

Years after its founding, tens of thousands of people prefer the Evil Warriors to it’s competitors, the Horde & the Snake Men.

It is the most popular group for evil on Eternia – but Evil Warriors isn’t anything like an evil empire. There’s no military organization with an evil Prime ruling for light years away. There’s no eating people whole and shedding skin everywhere. No, Evil Warriors is a grass roots organization, created by volunteers working one plan at a time. As an Evil Warrior, you are part of our community. And I’m writing today to ask you to protect and sustain the Evil Warriors.

Together, we can keep its ranks full and outnumber the other factions. At this time, I’d like to reach out and ask you not to add more He-Men, Heroic Warriors, or other villains to your collection in this gap between Whiplash & Panthor.

If you value the Evil Warriors as an organization – and a source of hope for those tired of Randor’s rule – I hope you’ll choose to not buy the upcoming Heroic Warriors right now. I’ll see you in April when you it’s time to pick up Panthor.

All the best,


Founder, Evil Warriors


6 thoughts on “A Personal Appeal from Evil Warriors Founder Skeletor

  1. Awesome. Two thumbs up for evil.

    (But you’ve got “outcats” instead of “outcasts.” Although “outcats” sounds kind of cool, too.)

  2. too funny!

    you really need at least 5 more banners that rotate, all featuring glamour shots of Skelly voicing his personal appeal.

  3. That’s a cool idea reminding the whikipedia appeal but I want every figure of every faction as soon as I can get so I will buy all the figures between whiplash and panthor… I already bought some but there’s a catch… As I started collecting motu classics later I will buy more evil warriors on e-bay too to balance the things.

    Hail Motu Classics (all factions)

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