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For the other half of this review, we venture to the post apocalyptic world of the future known as Earth A.D. (After Disaster). What was this Great Disaster that destroyed life as we know it, leaving humanity in ruins? No one knows, but there is hope. Before the Disaster an elderly Buddy Blank (OMAC) was able to save his grandson, taking refuge in a bunker labeled Command D. Through the years the young boy learns of the pre-Disaster world through his Grandfather and various micro-film and videos.

But even tragedy can strike in what we think are the safest of places. One day the boy’s Grandfather is killed by a wolf, and the young boy known as Kamandi emerges from the bunker in search of other humans. Armed with only a sidearm and his bravery, Kamandi discovers a world now run by talking bipedal gorillas, tigers, rats, and even snakes (they use robotic arms, of course). Leaving Kamandi, and the few friends he can find, to try and survive in this harsh world that despises humanity.

I love Kamandi. He is my favorite character out of all of Jack Kirby’s creations and one of my favorite DC Universe characters. So I was pretty stoked when they announced him as a DC Classics figure. If you’ve never read the original Kamandi series, I strongly suggest you do so. Not only is it some of Kirby’s best work, but the series is just genuinely a fun read. Think Thundarr the Barbarian meets Planet of the Apes with way more anthropomorphic animals, violence, and craziness. What’s not to love?

Kamandi features an all new teen body type. Standing about the same height as the DCUC Superboy, Kamandi is half a head shorter than the average DC Classics figure. I feel like this is the perfect size for teenagers in this line, and looks much better than the Kid Flash buck.

Kamandi’s design is incredibly simple, yet well done. His shorts have been sculpted to look torn and ragged at the edges. His boots have a square look and sculpted zippers running down the sides. His belt and holster are soft plastic, with the holster being easily removed if you prefer him not to have it. His hair is also soft plastic and has a terrific messy jungle-boy look to it.

One thing that does bother me a little is that his eyes are painted looking up. It’s not so bad with Kamandi because he can be made to hunch over a bit and look like he’s about to pounce at something. But this is a trend that Mattel has been doing with some of the figures lately, and it doesn’t usually look that great. It leaves figures like Starman and OMAC like they are either rolling their eyes or thinking about being somewhere else besides your toy shelf. I don’t know about you, but I want my figures to look like they want to be on my shelf..

Interestingly, Kamandi comes with three guns as accessories. I never mind when one of Mattel’s DC figures comes with any kind of accessory, because it’s so rare. But I do have to wonder why Kamandi really needs three guns. I wish Matty would think a little more outside the box and give us classic DC items like the HERO Dial, Phantom Zone Projector, or Spear of Destiny instead of the somewhat redundant extra guns.

Aside from that, the guns are nicely done. This is where the Four Horsemen shine when it comes to these small details. Like Starman’s gun, Kamandi’s two extra firearms come directly from the comics. You gotta love that.

All together I’m pretty happy with both Green Lantern and Kamandi. It’s always nice to see another JSAer make it onto the shelf and Alan fits in perfectly. As for Kamandi, I don’t think they could have done a better job. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing too many more characters from Earth A.D. (maybe Atlas or the Atomic Knight), but I’m super happy to be getting a figure of the last boy on Earth. Now they just have to make the first boy on Earth.


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Kamandi & Alan Scott Review

  1. you know, i’d never noticed this before… but kamandi would make a fine base for a custom millenium prince adam…

    1. I had considered that, too.

      I’ve been wanting for a while to try a 200x Adam from the longhaired Aquaman, actually, since I think Kamandi is maybe a little TOO scrawny compared to the MOTUC buck.

      But since it’s essentially confirmed that a 4H MOTUC 200x Adam is coming, I think I’ll just wait for theirs.

  2. The whole thing with Buddy Blank being Kamamdi’s Grandpa is retconning from…well, I don’t know where. Given that both OMAC and Kamandi were ended in a way that was, well, abrupt, who knows what Kirby would have done with them. *sigh* If if if.

    I’m actually surprised he comes with guns. Given how things seem to be, I’d thought they’d give him something ‘safe’ like a club or some techno thingie.

    I still think a Ben Boxer figure is a no-brainer for Mattel. Take the standard buck, maybe even an existing head, do the paint apps, done. Super cheap, with a built in chase option!

    Now where are the Forever People? Bring them!

    (seriously, I would buy the living daylights out of a 4th World line. I would.)

    Great review as always, Vault!

    1. If Kirby had stayed on the book, he was going to have Kamandi be Jed Walker from his Sandman series. But after he left I guess they decided to make it OMAC instead. I don’t mind that decision so much, especially after Neil Gaiman wrote Jed into his Sandman series.

      I would love to get more Earth AD characters, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. For all the talk about making obscure characters, Matty hasn’t actually made anyone truly obscure yet. (Not that I blame them. I don’t think Captain Compass is going to jump off the shelves.)

  3. I had the paper residue/paint chip problem with my GL too, but your Kamandi surpasses mine in one important way: yours has two different hands. 🙁

    1. That really sucks. Did you order him online? I really wish quality control on this line wasn’t so logistically impossible.

  4. Whenever I see the Kamandi figure I immediately start singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in my head.

    Love the Alan figure, especially his height. homeboy is huge!

  5. Good review. Glad we have Kamandi… never even thought about Atlas.!! I would get him… and the Kirby 1st Issue Special “MANHUNTER”, ….AND SANDMAN and SANDY… and The Challengers of the Unknown… Green Arrow and Speedy….The “new” SANDMAN(would love to see the 4 Horsemen do that costume), Blob and his pal, Brute….and any Kirby character I missd.

    Interesting review. Life would have been better if we had gotten Ben Boxer and Flower…and some of the others.

    Still, I’m very happy to get the Last Boy on Earth!!

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