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Spy Monkey Creations Armory
Series One Review Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t frequent some of the greatest toy sites on the net), there’s a plethora of positive talk about Spy Monkey Creation Series One! We’ve rounded up links to the reviews – and just in time too because the

MOTU Classics.Com:
Demo-Man Review

I know I’ve gotten behind on more than a few reviews lately, but this one isn’t my fault! In fact, the turnaround time between when Mattycollector finally got him to my house and this review is actually pretty decent! Yes, Demo-Man was delayed, but he’s here now

Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 6 (+ Decoder)

LEGO Minifigures Wave Six has been showing up all over the last couple weeks. Thanks to my local ToysRUs I was able to snag a complete set with relatively little hassle this time around. We have our decoder ready to go, but this time it’s we’re doing

Outlandish Mini Figure Guys -
OMFG! Series 1 Review (30 Pics)

We should all love Kickstarter. It’s a great service that connects folks with ideas with people willing to invest of them. I’ve invested in a few Kickstarter projects, but the one I’m happiest with is the one I’ll be reviewing today: Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (or OMFG!

Ask Matty February 1st
Link Roundup

DC Classics.Com Young Justice
Superboy Review

Young Justice. We meet again. This is one of those reviews were I passed on the figure initially, but repeated trips to the store and a lack of resolution about collecting the line ultimately led to picking up the figure. Not my favorite, but not bad, here’s

Vigo Review

Review-A-Palooza chugs on with a short review on a much-anticipated addition to Mattel’s Ghostbusters line, Vigo! I’ve put this off review because I wasn’t sure what tone to take with it. Do I get hung up on its limitations? Focus on what I like? Ideally, this review

Vault Review: MOTU
Star Sisters Three Pack


Because of the delays in December, we received our Demo-Man and Star Sisters a few days apart. So January felt like a typical month. It’s almost fitting that it should work out this way since all four characters are on the fringes