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DC Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part II)


Sorry for the late update everyone, I’m running a bit behind today. But the website must go on, and before we start talking about Toy Fair, I’m finishing the second half of the giant Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack review that Noisy started

Outer Space Men Wave 4 Review
& Toypocalypse News! (20+ Pics)

With Toypocalypse just a few days away, the 4H have announced an OSM poster featuring all thirteen characters… could it be that the final three will be unveiled at the show? I’m getting a little ahead of myself though- I still need to review Wave 4 featuring

DC Classics.Com Legion of
Super-Heroes Review (Part I)

Today we’re knocking one of the bigger items off our backlogged review list: the DC Universe Classics Legion of Super-Heroes 12-pack. To help ease the burden of reviewing a twelve-pack, Vault and I have split the review duties. Today, I’m reviewing six of the figures, while Vault

Marvel Legends (Terrax Wave)
Iron Man & Variant Review

I didn’t intend to purchase many new Marvel Legends. I wanted 2012 to be a year of cutting back, selling. But, the figures are getting better – the Seventh Market is expanding, Mattel’s still got their hand in my wallet, and Hasbro? Well, they went and stepped

Outer Space Men Wave 3 Comet
& Mystron Review (20 Pics)

It looks like we made it! No, I’m not singing along with Barry Manilow (not that I’ll admit to anyway), but Review-A-Palooza concludes with our tenth review and we saved a pretty sweet set of toys for last: the Infinity Editions of Outer Space Men Wave 3:

Vault Review: Batman Legacy
Series 3 Catwoman & FA Batman


I’m rounding out my week with a couple of figures from Batman Legacy wave three, which finally started poping up at stores here and there. Noisy was lucky enough to snag the First Appearance Batman and Earth 2 Catwoman, but I get

Spy Monkey Creations Armory
Series One Review Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t frequent some of the greatest toy sites on the net), there’s a plethora of positive talk about Spy Monkey Creation Series One! We’ve rounded up links to the reviews – and just in time too because the

MOTU Classics.Com:
Demo-Man Review

I know I’ve gotten behind on more than a few reviews lately, but this one isn’t my fault! In fact, the turnaround time between when Mattycollector finally got him to my house and this review is actually pretty decent! Yes, Demo-Man was delayed, but he’s here now